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    Thread What caused motherboard failure?

    A couple of weeks ago my S2 literally died when I tried to plug in the charger. Seems like it was a motherboard failure so I had to say goodbe to my favorite mobile phone so far. All I want to know is what caused that? Is there any possibility that rooting had to do with motherboards failure...
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    Thread My S2 won't turn on

    It turned off due to low battery, I plugged it in to charge, after 30' the screen flashed and showed "0% battery icon". Since then it won't turn on, it won't charge at all, I can't access download/recovery mode. Tried to jumpstart, nothing. What can I do? What's the issue? (tried another...
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    Thread I can flash my country's stock rom, but I can't flash XXLD3.

    Why is that? Any idea/solution?
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    Thread Can someone give me XXLD3 stock rom?

    All hotfile links are dead because they shut it down and I want to install Peter's Rom but I can't without S6500XXDL3. Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance.
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    Thread Can I take cm10.1's 07/07 kernel and flash it via CWM?

    I heard that cm10.1's 07/07 kernel has no whitescreens. I am using a newer version of cm10.1 . Can I flash 07/07 kernel on its own via CWM? If yes, how can I make it flashable? Thanks in advance.
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    Thread CM10.1 7/7 build available for jenad?

    I heard that in cm10.1 7/7 builde there's no WS but i can not flash it (status 7 cwm). I think it's because it is only for jena, not for jenad. Am I right?
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    Thread Solved Whitescreen problem (at least on my 6500D)

    As most of you, I was suffering from whitescreen problem and was about to return to stock when ,after a month of countless efforts, I managed to solve it. I don't know how but I know exactly what was my process. I was running cm10.1 and CWM 6045. I flashed CWM 6032 trying to solve the sdcard0...
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    Thread [Q] How do I upgrade cm10.1 to cm10.2 without losing my stuff?

    Is there anyway to flash cm10.2 "over" cm10.1 to avoid re-installing all my apps and adjusting my settings again? What do i have to wipe and what not to wipe? Thanks in advance.