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    Thread Dead HD+,Dead EMMC, OR??? HELP

    my nook hd+ had CW installed on emmc(it was done long time ago). All of a sudden it stopped turning on. See attached video file. I tried any combinations of buttons possible, tried to boot up from SD card but no luck. All I get is black screen and the charger light coming up for 2-3 second on...
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    Thread modem?/radio?/signal? problem

    I bought a phone from eBay and it has a bad ESN. I flashed the ESN from another phone I have with a broken screen, from Sprint. For some reason I'm not receiving a signal properly. I attached a video of it. I'm not sure if it's because I flashed it wrong, there's a problem with the ROM, or if...
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    Thread [Q] Help to get MSL SPC

    I have a Sprint Samsung Galaxy S2 previously flashed for Cricket. I am the second owner. Now I have decided to flash to PagePlus. I tried to find my MSL. I got one but the fist "digit" looks like a squared zero and the rest are normal zeros.I tried 3 different methods and got the same result...