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    Thread Is my stock phone bricked?

    It's a stock phone, unrooted bootloader locked. The phone was updated to the latest firmware a few days ago and was working well since. Today I left the phone on the desk for a while. When I came back, the phone had rebooted and was in the fastboot mode screen. I tried to restart but it just...
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    Thread Loosing batery @ 1%.H when powered down

    My device is draining battery at almost 1%/h when it is powered down i.e. complete shutdown. Isn't that abnormal? I went to the service center, but they are not ready to accept it is a defect!! What should I do? The model is SM G920I S6 Flat
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    Thread Custome Ringtone not showing in the list

    I have copied custom ringtone files (,ogg) to system/media/ringtone folder through root explorer. However, it does not show up in the list when I open the sound settings Even add file option in the ringtone list, does not add the file. I am on G920i Xtrestolite 3.3.1 Thanks
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    Thread CyanogenMod 12.1 notification tones storeage?

    Where are the notification tones for CM12.1 stored? If I want to add third party tones, should I add to the default folder or on the SD Card? Thanks
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    Thread Battery drain?

    Does this device consume too much of battery? I have checked for apps consuming battery when device is sleeping, but could not find any app keeping it awake. Data 2G and wifi,when on, consumes too much battery, it seems to me. Thanks
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    Thread No Command

    I have unlocked the phone successfully and flashed the TWRP image with partition mismatch error. However when I go into recovery, I get the NO COMMAND screen :( Tried pressing the power and volume up, but no success. Thanks