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    Thread How to un-encrypt my Tablet

    My tablet is encrypted and I wan't to have it decrypted. I installed Magisk Manager and unticked the preserve force encrypt. But after installing the patched boot.img image the tablet is still encrypted. What can I do to have my tablet decrypted? Thank You, Device Module: Pipo N7 running...
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    Thread Ematic EGQ375 Review

    The Ematic EGQ375 is a good low end device. It works well and looks nice. I am very happy with this device. You have a lot of space for added apps and can expand the storage with a MicrSD card up to another 32GB. If you are looking for a cheaper tablet this is the way to go. These are the...
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    Thread [ROOT]PIPO N7 running Android 7

    Here is how I rooted my Pipo N7 running Android 7 Warning! I take no responsibility on this, You do it at your own risk. 1. Dump the ROM Files. See this guide [Tutorial] How to use Wwr_MTK + SP Flash tool to backup Mediatek rom. 2. Save the boot.img in the download folder on your device. 3...
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    Thread iRULU eXpro 5 Android 7.1 Root

    I'm looking at buying this device but want to know if this device has an unlocked bootloader and/or if it can be rooted. Thank You,
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    Thread Cheap 7" Tablet that can be rooted

    Would anyone know of a cheap 7" tablet that can be rooted. I don't need it to have any phone capabilities. I'm looking not to pay more then $60 put preferable under $50 Thank You,
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    Thread Ematic EGQ375 Help with Root & Bootloader Unlock

    I just bought a Ematic EGQ375 tablet and I'm looking to root it. These are the specs of my device: Model: EGQ375 Android Version: 7.1.2 Android security patch: January 5, 2018 Kernel version: 3.10.104 [email protected] #1 Thu Feb 8 17:26:56 CST 2018 Build number: EMATIC_EGQ375_20180208 I searched...