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    Post screen turning on in my pocket

    Have any of you tried this setting in accessibility? Easy screen on was my issue.
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    Post Want to install a home launcher but

    Nova Launcher is great for gestures. Double tap for messages, swipe down for notification bar, 2 finger swipe down to lock screen. Once you go Nova, no turning back.
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    Post Best price for Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Charging Convertible normal $ 89.99

    That's not bad, still pretty high for a charging pad...
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    Post Double Tap to wake

    To turn off the hard press unlock, search navigation bar in setting and turn off unlock with home button. Hope that helps some people.
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    Post Case with ring attached, can anyone recommend one that's also good protection?

    Have you checked aliexpress? I just looked and they have some good looking ring cases. For the price I'd try.
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    Post Keeping the Verizon Note 7 alive

    Sim swapping doesn't work for me. Seems it's over folks.
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    Post Keeping the Verizon Note 7 alive

    Went the whole month of February suspended, then I activated a s7 and switched the sim over to the n7. Been working since the first. Returned the s7, holding out til the s8 plus has been out awhile before jumping to that. ---------- Post added at 11:28 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:27...
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    Thread Disabling no sim icon in notification bar

    As the title says, how do I disable the sim icon. I just want to use the n7 as a media device, I have a s7 on its way. Keeping this n7 as a fu to Verizon and Samsung.
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    Post [Q&A] Noob -Friendly Q&A Help Thread - Ask Your Questions Here!

    I want to download some new edge panel apps. I have disabled updates and have package disabler installed. When I try it asks to update Samsung billing. Will this mess things up? Any help would be appreciated.
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    Post DONT UPDATE Package Disabler Pro if you want to AVOID the OTA

    Can I get the apk plz. Thank you. I've paid for it.
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    Post Pre-orders & Shipping Dates

    Same exact situation. Canceling and waiting til the new Samsungs in March. Google lost this sale. Hopefully the Note 7 will last til then.
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    Thread Dbrands exchange for free!

    I just got done chatting with dbrands and they will send you a new wrap for any phone you choose if you purchased a Note 7 wrap, only need to pay shipping. Send them an email if you're in this situation. Shipping is $3.95.
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    Post Free Verizon note 7?

    That's an expensive box.. Giggity
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    Post Free Verizon note 7?

    Upgraded to the Pixel Xl and this popped up. WE DON'T GET TO KEEP THE NOTE 7 FOR FREE!
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    Post 32gb or 128gb

    So the limited edition blue is only in 32gb size... Guess I'm going black 128gb. Need it for Google music and Netflix.
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    Post What Now?

    (https://twitter.com/arter97/status/786002483424272384?s=09) it's an internal design problem, the curved edges can put pressure on the battery and cause a meltdown. So if it is hit hard on the edge or something it could cause thermal runaway. That's what I surmised from a lil research.
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    Post Good Lock now supporting our Note 7

    Yes, with the latest update it is a MAJOR battery drain. I uninstalled it after it knocked 90mins off my sot. I really like the app just not the battery drain.
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    Post Gear/sd card promo

    Heard people in Italy are getting g the icon X earbuds as their promotional item. I want the earbuds! How much can we get for one of the SD cards on ebay or some site?
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    Post Gear/sd card promo

    My vr shipped today, SD card approved and waiting.
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    Post Gear/sd card promo

    Sign in to the my Verizon account on the full site not the app, go to bills then receipts. You'll have a couple from the exchange. The first receipt is the one they want. I've been approved for both the s7 edge loaner and my replacement note 7. The vr headset and a SD card are waiting to...
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    Post new note 7 battery life

    Replacement has been awesome on battery. I used package disabler pro. Gotta be careful which apps are disabled. Will post screen shots of my usage tonight. Yesterday I got 7hrs sot.
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    Post Verizon NOTE 7 [s] *AVAILABLE MONDAY*

    Just exchanged my loaner s7 edge. Got the call right after my workout that they got black in stock. Raced down there and did the switch. The guy didnt check for accessories in the loaner box, which didnt have a charger or headphones. So I have a second set now which is awesome! Kept my s pen...
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    Post Reasons to not buy the note 7?

    The lack of IR blaster is very disappointing. The credibility of Samsung after the recall. Question of future updates. Light leak under the curved glass. Saying all that I'm still waiting patently for my replacement..
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    Post Verizon NOTE 7 [s] *AVAILABLE MONDAY*

    One day in with the S7 Edge and I wanna go back.. it's kinda cool to have a new toy for the weekend. Especially with the iPhone release, like having a superior phone in my hand and an even better one otw.
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    Post 256GB SD Card Promotion

    Just checked my status and I was approved for the SD card with my exchange. I'll reply when I get a shipping email.
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    Post What's everyone gonna do?

    I exchanged for a S7 Edge yesterday. The rep Jesus was nice and said I get 2 free exchanges basically. Took the phone and only the box in to Verizon only issue was the charger.. He took the charger from the new phone which seems lame since it's a recall. He didn't say anything about the...
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    Post Keep Note7 In-Box Accessories When Exchanging for Recall?

    I will be returning my n7 tomorrow. I don't "have" any of the accessories except the box and paperwork. That is the main reason for the return, I use a 3rd party charger. And somehow the frigging s-pen disappeared. ????. I will fight my hardest not to pay a restocking fee. Will return with...
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    Post What's everyone gonna do?

    So I've decided to trade my fireball in for a s7 edge until I can get a non xplody n7. Noticed that a new Samsung promotion just started, so hopefully with the new s7 edge I can get a 256gb card to go along with my fit 2 I just received in the mail. Is any of this Note 7 plus rumor true...