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  1. 117micc

    Thread How to relock the OnePlus 8 5G bootloader?

    I upgraded to the Note 20 ultra and I want to relock my OnePlus 8 5G bootloader for resale. I did unlock the sim as it was originally for TMobile. But when I recently relocked the bootloader it basically was soft bricked, and wouldn't boot past some weird error message about something corrupt...
  2. 117micc

    Thread [APP IDEA] 2 smartphones, but the main phone shares its screen across both

    I have an idea for an app, LG is already basically doing this with their dual screen phones. Essentially, they use an accessory screen / case combo, that connects the main phone and shares its screen to the secondary screen built within the case. My idea would be an app that is installed on two...
  3. 117micc

    Thread How to tell the difference between the 2012 - 2013 models

    I just got a nexus 7 tablet for $25 and I want to put a custom rom on it but I'm confused I think mine is the 2012 model. But how can I tell for sure? The model number is ME370T Sent from my SM-N975U1 using Tapatalk
  4. 117micc

    Thread Fire TV stick 4K, set up to turn in tv at specific time and start a specific app

    My question is how to set up my firestick to turn on my TV at 4:30 a.m. to either watch the news or get the weather. I do have an Amazon echo plus and a few smart devices connected in my house. And I am trying to set up a routine or activity to start my TV to wake me up in the morning. Sent...
  5. 117micc

    Thread Pixel XL 128 GB non cellphone use

    Hello Pixel owners, I just upgraded from my Pixel XL to a Note 10+ but I want to use my Pixel XL for something. Possibly something in home automation, smart home kinda stuff, IoT device. I am open to hear and research/ look into any ideas you can come up with. I don't have much smart home...
  6. 117micc

    Thread [Bounty] SM-N975U1 Note 10+ (USA unlocked version) bootloader unlock and root method

    I wanted to start a Bounty for a root method in the SM-N975U1 unlocked US model of the Now 10+. Bounty will be awarded to the first CONFIRMED successful method to unlock the bootloader and root SM-N975U1 unlocked US model of the Now 10+. Xda rules state: No money can be collected or pooled...
  7. 117micc

    Thread (Discussion) MIUI on Marlin

    I was just thinking about how I like MIUI and was wondering if any developers were planning to try it out. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  8. 117micc

    Thread Usb connection options doesn't pop up when connected to PC

    I have google this for hours with nothing! I connect my Nexus 6P to my PC and it doesn't recognize it and not only that but the usb connection options doesn't show up on the phone either. I am completely lost! I have installed the drivers multiple times, i have looked up the mtp inf drivers and...
  9. 117micc

    Thread Moderators, please help! Mixed topics, clean up...

    I have been browsing the droid turbo forums ever since I upgraded my gfs phone for vday and I am getting very confused to why the droid maxx xt is mixed in with the turbo topics. I saw a root method for the maxx that does not work for the turbo, someone could easily end up downloading it and...
  10. 117micc

    Thread ~ Ubuntu Touch ~

    I was browsing xda and ran across quite a few devices that have ubuntu touch os in development/working on their devices! I forgot how gorgeous it looked when the developer preview came out, I was truly looking forward to a working daily driver, back when I have the vzw Samsung galaxy S3. Never...
  11. 117micc

    Thread T-Mobile Note 3 working on Verizon wireless?

    Can this be done? I currently have Verizon, and a Verizon Note 3. Unfortunately, we can't get aosp because of the locked bootloader, which so far hasn't been unlocked, that's if it will ever get unlocked. So I was considering trading my Verizon Note 3 for a T-Mobile note 3 if it will work on...
  12. 117micc

    Thread OTG Cable, Broken screen, Nexus 7 2012 edition

    Ok, so as the title says, I have a nexus 7 16gb 2012 model with a broken screen. I purchased a 2$ OTG Cable online and bam it works, plugged in my logitch wireless mouse and a little cursor popped up ;) took me forever to get the key board to pop up but it involved pushing Swype to it and...
  13. 117micc

    Thread Crying inside

    I just went to both the T-Mobile and Sprint forums, just for kicks, to see what they have to choose from. And what do I see, everything I want!!!! I'm so sad, why can't Verizon stop being douche bags and let us unlock our bootloaders!!!! Like htc, they log who had unlocked it so even if we...
  14. 117micc

    Thread Uccw theme ~ Chrome OS ~

    So this is my first app. Thought about selling it on the play store, but a close friend told me to get some feed back and make some more free apps first. So here is my first app. I'm basing it off chrome os bottom bar. You can change pretty much everything, including the hotspots, you may need...
  15. 117micc

    Thread My S3 is Power Cycling and won't turn on

    Ok sooo basically I flash phones on the side for extra money. I was flashing an S3 and it was on the MD4 baseband and android 4.1.2 so I had to downgrade the moden the LJ7 and downgrade android to 4.1.1 so I can get the MSL, I did that and the flash when perfect, but I kept getting an update...
  16. 117micc

    Thread [Q] Note 2 Kernels

    So I am new to the Note 2, Coming from the galaxy s3. I knew a lot about my s3, what to flash, and what not to flash. I knew what kernels where good and which aren't. I am hoping someone can point me towards a good kernel for asop. Well I am running the new Paranoid Android Rom for the...
  17. 117micc

    Thread (req) Beats audio for the note 2

    I saw they're was a thread on here but the links are dead. Was hoping someone could help me find a beats audio flashable zip mod. All help appreciated :) Sent from my SPH-L900 using Tapatalk 2
  18. 117micc

    Thread Wrong Sized Twrp theme FIX!!!!

    Ok so I am going to start by saying I screwed up. But I fixed my mistake. I was trying to find a white holo theme for twrp 2.5.0 and I found one but it was for a tablet. So I didn't use it, I ended up loading it to dropbox where I forgot about it. Then today I found it again but forgot it wasn't...
  19. 117micc

    Thread A series of unfortunate events blah

    so thought i would just share this little story with you guys. my weekend started like always work till 8pm Friday and coffee home to my gf and new born ugh... lol... try to play some mw3 if the baby isn't awake... Saturday get off at 3pm, but wait the girl that is supposed to come in and work...
  20. 117micc

    Thread [Q] Evo 3D screen :/

    I have an Evo 3d and was working great, but up until recently like 1/4th an inch of the right side of the screen doesnt have any touch capabilities :/ I touch and and nothing happens and it sits right over top of the back button when typing so if i mess up a word i have to reload the app and...
  21. 117micc

    Thread New to SGSIII coming from HTC EVO3D

    So I am getting a samsung galaxy s 3 in the mail any day now... I plan on rooting it and throwing a custom rom on it as soon as it comes out of the box :) thing is I am coming from the EVO3D. I want to know which is the best/stable/great battery life type of rom for it out there, I have...
  22. 117micc

    Thread keymapping problems or something else?

    woke up this morning and everytime i hit my right directional key it pops up my dialer and dials t6bt6b idk if its a hardware or software problem.... hoping is just software cuz i really dont wanna open up my dash again please help thanks
  23. 117micc

    Thread Cpr and xml tutorial

    I'm new, not sure if im breaking any rules... but i was wondering if any of the "gods of customization" lol, would put together a tutorial for us noobs... I do have a lil experience on editing my cprs, but not much on xml's. Thanks for any and all help thanks