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  1. devilex94

    Post Phone randomly reboot

    New. I have done factory reset now. Yet to have another random reboot. Played 7-8 pubg matches. Will stress teat today too. Fingers crossed hope it's fixed. Forgot to add that before Factory reset random reboot happened once again while playing pubg
  2. devilex94

    Post Phone randomly reboot

    Nah match just started. I was n't playing at all before. How long has been since you got lg g7?
  3. devilex94

    Thread Phone randomly reboot

    It's been just 5 days since i bought it. Today after just my first pubg match started blackscreen and then phone rebooted. It didn't happen again so i don't know what to do Should i worry?
  4. devilex94

    Post [ROM][BETA] PrimeOS: Android for Laptops/PCs - V0.5.0

    Graphics bug in i5 8250u. Pubg grass,trees look very weird
  5. devilex94

    Post [ROM][BETA] PrimeOS: Android for Laptops/PCs - V0.5.0

    Any direct link for 0.3.5 version?
  6. devilex94

    Post [KERNEL][LOS-N/O] 28-06-2018 AGNi 🔥 pureLOS-N/O v13.0

    How are the general UI frame drops compared to stock kernel.
  7. devilex94

    Thread Current Status of different oreo roms on 15/7/2018

    Okay so nice people, we have a lot of casual people asking this lately which oreo rom is most stable/smooth/status about known bugs. So please if anyone who has recently tried roms or even has knowledge about the status of these oreo rom and the known bugs in them, please share your thoughts. So...
  8. devilex94

    Post [ROM] [DEPRECATED] LineageOS 15.1 For Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Snapdragon

    I can help with flashing the fastboot rom. TWRP route to flash MIUI rom is pretty dicey and i am not experienced with it as well. 1. Get MiFlashTool and install it. just google it 2. Extract the file i provided with the help of 7zip(It's a tool like Winrar but better) -> https://www.7-zip.org/...
  9. devilex94

    Post [ROM] [DEPRECATED] LineageOS 15.1 For Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Snapdragon

    Hope this helps Here, Global Stable link. http://bigota.d.miui.com/V9.5.3.0.MHOMIFA/kenzo_global_images_V9.5.3.0.MHOMIFA_20180405.0000.00_6.0_global_7b6353b764.tgz
  10. devilex94

    Post [KERNEL][Kenzo] FrancoKernel ⚡️- r16 - 18th April - LineageOS & Oreo

    duck the antutu. It's just a cause of random reboot. Something other than antutu might also result in random reboot due to same underlying bug :/ So that's why I wanted to point out the bug. Was log unhelpful in pin pointing the logic error in code?
  11. devilex94

    Post [KERNEL][Kenzo] FrancoKernel ⚡️- r16 - 18th April - LineageOS & Oreo

    franciscofranco What about this? :( https://github.com/franciscofranco/kenzo/issues/2
  12. devilex94

    Post [KERNEL][Kenzo] FrancoKernel ⚡️- r16 - 18th April - LineageOS & Oreo

    franciscofranco yo franco, did you take a look into this issue? https://github.com/franciscofranco/kenzo/issues/2
  13. devilex94

    Post [KERNEL][Kenzo] FrancoKernel ⚡️- r16 - 18th April - LineageOS & Oreo

    He already said no to that. Because he only focuses on battery life mainly and other typical tweaks and features and keep remaining as stock as possible. So probably T2W is not gonna be implemented
  14. devilex94

    Post [KERNEL][Kenzo] FrancoKernel ⚡️- r16 - 18th April - LineageOS & Oreo

    Requesting your attention Franco, please take a look at issues list on kernel source page. I have listed a kernel panic issue with console-ramoops
  15. devilex94

    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][7.1.2][kate/kenzo] LineageOS 14.1

    On LineageOS 14.1, I am unable to complete antutu benchmark on lineage os stock kernel. The phone reboots in middle of 3d performance test for me. Can you check that for me on your phone? I tried Franco's r18 there's no problem there. So looks like franco kernel is more stable
  16. devilex94

    Post [KERNEL][Kenzo] FrancoKernel ⚡️- r16 - 18th April - LineageOS & Oreo

    franciscofranco interested in xbox controller support?
  17. devilex94

    Post [Official from Honor] What Scene Should be Added to Honor View 10's AI Camera?

    When you are in bar mode? club mode? neon lights mode like when Tokyo night surrounding is detected? recording digital screen mode? taking care of glass glare if people are wearing specs mode? Some make more sense then others but I guess they are really worthy modes IMO Now can you please let...
  18. devilex94

    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][8.0.0][kenzo] LineageOS 15.0 [17/10/2017]

    Actually thats not a bug. After you press power button phone is not locked until 5 seconds pass (So fingerprint unlock is not active because phone is not even locked in first place) . You can change this behaviour in settings>lockscreen. There is an option set it's value to immediately, default...
  19. devilex94

    Post MIUI Camera port [kenzo/kate]

    HDR/beauty mode don't actually work. they are toggle-able but no change in quality
  20. devilex94

    Post Am I the only one who still uses MIUI?

    I mainly used MIUI till last week because of camera. But I moved to lineage last week because the smoothness is unmatched by MIUI which constitutes to majority of everyday usage. I may move back when MIUI 9 drops.Till then I am on LineageOS 14.1
  21. devilex94

    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][7.1.2][kate/kenzo] LineageOS 14.1

    Guys how is the fingerprint sensor speed compared to stock rom?
  22. devilex94

    Post Post your Phone Home Screen **BE APPROPRIATE**

    What is that launcher? and how did you blurred the dock?
  23. devilex94

    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][7.1.2][kate/kenzo] LineageOS 14.1

    Can someone point me the reason why HDR in other apps on stock rom as well as HDR in any camera app on Lineage OS produce different results than HDR mode on MIUI stock camera app?
  24. devilex94

    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][7.1.2][kate/kenzo] LineageOS 14.1

    Does anybody have any idea about bad HDR mode in all 3rd party camera apps including LineageOS camera except for stock MIUI camera ? This is the only important thing that is keeping me off from lineage os ATM :crying: Someone please enlighten me why it's not working properly :rolleyes:
  25. devilex94

    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][7.1.2][kate/kenzo] LineageOS 14.1

    lineage-14.1-20170329-nightly-kenzo-signed.zip Latest official update dated 29/03/2017. Hopefully fixes flash and camera bugs
  26. devilex94

    Post Lava Pixel V1 Whatsapp ,Google+,Hangouts,And Other Social Support

    I am in a weird problem mate care to help? I just bought V1 for mother and it came preinstalled with 5.1 which is very stuttery/laggy . I want to upgrade the device to 6.0 to see if it stops lags or not But the ota file i downloaded from a post here gives error 7. So there is post here which...
  27. devilex94

    Post [GUIDE][COMPLETE] Build or Port MIUI ROM to Any Device

    Can we build for android 5.1 too or only 4.4
  28. devilex94


    This thread brings back nostalgia :highfive:
  29. devilex94

    Post [BOOT ANIMATION] [ROOT] [SHARE] Marvel DC Boot animation.

    Yeah its normal the first image is boot logo of xiaomi phones. And then the boot animation starts In sony phones Xperia boot logo is shown and then boot animation . So thats totally normal :)
  30. devilex94

    Post [BOOT ANIMATION] [ROOT] [SHARE] Marvel DC Boot animation.

    Its not my work either. It was originally a gif file by someone. I ported it to video mode for my mod. So no problem in resharing the boot animation as its not made by me :p
  31. devilex94

    Post [ROM][5.1 LMY470] FlexOS [64bit][18/4/2015]

    Tried clean flash still same result :(
  32. devilex94

    Post [ROM][5.1 LMY470] FlexOS [64bit][18/4/2015]

    Just installed latest build For me none of the stated bugs got fixed :( I upgraded directly over last build. 1. Clear all button in recent still disappears a lot 2. Enhance colors still doesn't work 3. App circle bar still fc's settings
  33. devilex94

    Post [ROM][5.1 LMY470] FlexOS [64bit][18/4/2015]

    So Cool! By the way i just came up with new bug can you give it a look at it. I installed gapps then i installed google experience launcher . Now when i click on Mic on google search bar it gives me Unfortunately Google App stopped working It gives this messege majority of times but sometimes it...
  34. devilex94

    Post [ROM][5.1 LMY470] FlexOS [64bit][18/4/2015]

    Random reboot Pstore files attached Enhance color not working App circle bar in FlexControl force closes Clear all button disappears from recent menu But performance wise this is way better than stock
  35. devilex94

    Post [GUIDE]Set Video as bootanimation(Testers needed!)

    Try asking in your phone's specific thread there will be many guys that can help you .ask them for bootanimation file from stock rom or their phone
  36. devilex94

    Post [ROM][5.0.2][UNOFFICIAL] CyanogenMod 12 [tomato][WIP]

    What is the priority of MIUI? :p I guess its high :D ---------- Post added at 12:47 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:45 PM ---------- Which apps don't support Android L?
  37. devilex94

    Post [ROM][5.0.2][UNOFFICIAL] CyanogenMod 12 [tomato][WIP]

    Please do Ubuntu Touch Or any chances of Miui made from patchrom?
  38. devilex94

    Post [KERNEL] Xcelerate™ [Updated:04/11]

    Please implement last_kmsg feature. I want to track the reason of random reboots in yureka
  39. devilex94

    Post [XOLO PLAY]XyrusOS

    F*ck no! you will brick your device! Every phone is different!. You should never ever flash rom of some other phone on your phone
  40. devilex94

    Post [64-bit][KERNEL][11 May] ThunderZap 4.1 | ThunderPlug 2.5 | CPU-OC | Glove Mode

    Does this kernel generate last_kmsg when random reboot occurs? stock kernel has some issue with randon reboots
  41. devilex94

    Post Ask us anything : Official YU Response Thread

    I am getting only 24K in antutu 5.6.1 but others claim 31K . Should i ask for replacement or any way to disable thermal throttling in stock kernel. please help
  42. devilex94

    Post [KERNEL][3.10.45] Sandy Kernel V1.2 { Faux features } { Linaro 4.9 }

    Very unstable kernel. Reboot after every Antutu check. Is there any way to shutdown thermal throttling in stock rom and stock kernel. I am new to qualcomm devices. Help needed cause i am getting nearly only 24K score in antutu or i will ask for replacement to amazon
  43. devilex94

    Post TWRP for Xolo q1010i

    whole recovery with link to the theme you can use
  44. devilex94

    Thread TWRP for Xolo q1010i

    TWRP ported to Xolo q1010i :D To reduce the size of recovery the images are compresed a bit and 'black and white'-ed so the default theme looks ugly (or could be buggy) :p Don't worry about overlapping of recovery on other partition because the recovery is 2KB less than 6MB ( 6MB=6144KB...
  45. devilex94

    Post [APP][KK][XPOSED] GravityBox v3.6.2 - tweak box for Android 4.4 [23/04/2017]

    I have one simple request . When we select "Quick unlock" option in Lockscreen tweaks. After this option gets checked - will you add a tweak to hide the enter button in lockscreen because it has got no meaning when quick unlock is selected
  46. devilex94

    Post [ROM] PAC-man 4.4.4. dev release[UNOFFICIAL] [KK 4.4.4]

    Will you compile MIUI through patchrom for yureka. I am yet to get this device will get it soon (if i get lucky on amazon :p) Just want MIUI thats all. And does this PAC Rom supports both sim or single sim only?
  47. devilex94

    Post [Q&A] [CWM][TOUCH][Full Working]Xolo Play T1000

    Sorry bro.I can't but connect to TroubleShooter Ankur on facebook. He could help.
  48. devilex94

    Post Ask us anything : Official YU Response Thread

    Hey championswimmer leave the others comment .I dontknow how much they want at just 9K . They just don't understand that they can't get everything in small budget. I am gonna buy the phone soon. I wanna know some people are telling that YU's screen is too bluish . I don't have device to check...