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    Thread Can the Fire HDs 8 Plus be rooted?

    Im planning on getting this one since there is vay small difference between this and the other model. Im new to Fire tablets so i dont know if it fits the same things as the Fire Hd 8 regular tablet So can it be rooted and remove its ads? Thanks!
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    Thread Should i spend extra $800 dllrs for my own country version?

    So Im thinking on getting the Note 10+ international version at almost $700 dlrs but I would like to use samsung pay in my own country which is Mexico. I have read that there is a way to use it if you change the csc and i dont know if i would need to root the phone which i hope not and also im...
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    Thread Permanently remove apps to SD card?

    So yes you can move apps to external memory but when you update them they go back to internal so this becomes pretty useless. Have they come out with a solution to make this permanent??
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    Thread Best music app for AHU that will not lose sync with USB stick

    So i just bought this Seicane unit and been trying out different music players but most of them lose the playlists and songs from usb stick connected to my unit The only one that keeps up when turning car on and off is POWER AMP and it takes a couple of seconds to get the library back and for...
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    Thread Any thoughts of anyone using this chinese android head unit on a Mini Cooper?

    I already bought this but im hearing some mixed reviews for this brand even thought theyre from older models http://www.ebay.com/itm/112468504680?item=112468504680&viewitem=&vxp=mtr Anyone has bought one of these? Messed around with firmware , etc?
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    Thread App for disabling Hardware Keys per-app?

    So i mainly bought my SM-p580 tablet for drawing on it but im running on a recurrent problem. When i lay my arm to rest so i can draw i keep pressing the BACK hardware key or the recent apps key and its very uncomfortable Im already using All in one Gestures but still i keep pushing it even...
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    Thread Since this watch has WIFI , will 3rd party watch faces work on IOS?

    I just bought this smartwatch but unfortunately my phone died and had to replace with an iphone and discovered that if you sideload apps and faces you can get almost all of the third party faces from the google play store. But read that since many of these faces neet connectivity (weather, news...
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    Thread Has anyone noticed the new update? Grace UX!! (kinda)

    So i im in stock unrooted and just received the new update with UI element from Grace UX. I havendt find the EDGE shortcuts but it seems just like a Note 7 port!!
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    Thread Best way to protect your phone when you´re rooted?

    So after years of rooting my devices I found out that (obviously) you are not as safe with your data as you are when you have an unrooted device and now I have asked in a couple of forums without getting a real answer on my question How do you get an almost safe as unrooted device when rooted...
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    Thread 3G not working correctly after rooting and installing custom recovery

    So I rooted my Note 5, installed custom recovery twrp and kept stock rom on my marshmallow phone. The thing is that after i use wifi and turn it off , I get the 3G icon of connectivity but its not connecting. I have to manually shut down Mobile data and turn it back On so it works again. Has...
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    Thread Samsung keyboard always goes to ENGLISH language

    So guys I have the international SM-N920S version and since bought it and now that formatted the phone Im getting this bug where the keyboard is ALWAYS in english language, even after changing to spanish (which i mostly use) so every time i change an app it reverts to english for some reason I...
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    Thread Any way to store multiple networks logged in?I

    I was wondering if there is a way to skip network registration everytime we switch places so that each network could be stored and just connect and play?
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    Thread Audio keeps playing but the video stops and the image is frozen in recorded videos

    Didnt notice that every video I record after my last update , can only record audio and video the first minute or less and then for some reason playback stops but you can still listen to audio. This has happened to all my recorded videos. Read somewhere on the internet that you have to delete...
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    Thread MINI On Track apk please?

    Im trying to download the MINI On Track app from Google Play but i have a country restriction, can someone upload it the apk for me please? thanks!
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    Thread Google Play Books taking too much space

    Is there a way to move my downloaded books to my external sd from the Google Play Books app? As it is , the books are on the internal storage any way to do this? [email protected]
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    Thread Google Play Music data move to external SD?

    So i found many posts on how to move your music on the Google Play Music app from the internal memory to the external SD card but they were only available for the Galaxy S2 only. So does anyone know how to do this on the Note 2?
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    Thread NDS4DROID working games list on the Note 2

    So i was trying out the NDS emulator nds4droid on my note 2, and tried Zelda Spirit Tracks on it. Of course gameplay was bad and so most of the game but then i wondered if there were other any playable games that could be loaded on the emulator with the Note 2. What about a list of games that...
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    Thread Any rom with skins/themes similar to MIUI colors and calling screens?

    hi guys i was wondering if any of the most popular roms like villainrom or revolutionron have any kind of themes or skins that change the design of the rom like MIUI does, i really hate the contact screen from factory android and i also lile the white design from MIUI but wanted to ask first...