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  1. inside!out

    Thread [TOOL] Huawei Multi-Tool v8 by Team MT

    Huawei Multi-Tool by Team MT Download Link: Project downloads Description: The application is based on working with fastboot and adb modes of Huawei and Honor smartphones. Allows you to perform many actions with any device on the processor Kirin and Qualcomm. If you are new to Huawei...
  2. inside!out

    Thread TWRP. Sminki'S repack + TWRP3.0.0.0 by jemmini

    I slightly modified sminki's TWRP. Removed obsolete prompted to install SuperSU, which kills the system from software version B140 and above. Decompile, delete old SuperSU and compile. I'm not a kernel developer, no wait new features and tweaks. Just use it and enjoy I tested TWRP by jemmini. He...
  3. inside!out

    Thread [PLK-AL/TL/UL/CL] Rollback from EMUI 4.0 to Stable or Dev EMUI3.1

    These rollback I took from Honor's 7 - Firmwares thread blue forum Extract from zip for your model id update.app to %sdcard%/dload and flash via 3 button method Then flash update.app from full package B190 or 5.12.16 DEV (GEEK) BETA B321-360
  4. inside!out

    Thread Dual Recovery for Honor 7

    It's very simply! We have 2 recovery partition. First - Recovery, Second - eRecovery. eRecovery isn't useful. I tested flashing TWRP in second partition. Its work! Fastboot flash recovery2 yourTWRP. Img For enter to eRecovery power off the Honor, hold vol up and connect to pc Or type adb...
  5. inside!out

    Thread Honor 7 Multi-Tool

    Download Honor Multi-Tool NOTE: Honor Multi-Tool is dropped now. All functions are available now in Huawei Multi-Tool by Team MT What Multi-Tool does: -SelfAutoUpdate Function -Unlock/Relock Bootloader. -Flash TWRP/Stock Recovery. -Rooting -Unbrick from bootloop. -Install ADB...
  6. inside!out

    Thread Bootanimation Sony_Strong by Inside!out

    Hello guys! I made new boot animation from sony's official teaser xperia M2 specially for men. Without this sweet smoke! Installation 1 WAY Install in RECOVERY SONY_Strong_bootanimation.zip file (from attached files) and reboot! 2 WAY Put bootanimation.zip file (from attached files) in this...
  7. inside!out

    Thread [D2403] Easy ROOTing and Safety unlocking bootloader

    My method is completely safe and tested repeatedly. Thanks to my friend and kernel developers Freack_v from XDA, I can provide you with a working kernel unRIC for D2403 with CWM recovery. Original thread on 4pda.ru/forum What you need: Download stock JB 4.3 for D2303 (don't worry). Download...