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  1. forceu

    Thread HOWTO Install a custom cert without "Your network could be monitored" message

    HOWTO Install a custom cert without "Your network could be monitored" message As an app developer, I have various servers to process my orders / act as backups etc - to enable secure connections, I am using SSL, but it would be a waste of money to buy a certificate just for internal...
  2. forceu

    Thread nandroid Backup with encrypted tablet?

    So I am thinking of encrypting my tablet. One thing though that I was wondering is, whether it is possible to do a nandroid backup afterwards. The problem is that I cannot decrypt the tablet without performing a factory reset (which I don't want to do). Any experience with that yet?
  3. forceu

    Thread Official Statement from Dell: There will be no Gingerbread

    I just got a reply from Dell and they told me that there will be no Gingerbread Update released for Dell Streak 5 nor any other updates. On the question why a Gingerbread Update was released for the Korean market and not for US/EU, they said So, in conclusion this means, there won't be an...
  4. forceu

    Thread Gender and Country/Language Statistics from your Checkout Orders!

    Dear XDA developers, I've spent the last hours to develop a small Java Application (actually my first pure java app) that parses your Checkout Orders and then displays you your customer's countries, spoken languages or gender. And because XDA is awesome, I want to share it with you ;-) Usage...
  5. forceu

    Thread 1-star-reviews are bloody frustrating

    ARGH! It is so frustrating to code for Android, if people rate apps bad because they don't read the bloody description! For example, I have an app that mutes the media volume (and does not do anything else!) and somebody complaints that my app doesn't do anything then showing the android...
  6. forceu

    Thread [Q] How secure is in app billing in Android?

    Hey guys, I am developing a game and I would like to include some in-app purchases. I decided to store the purchased items in a database and adding some checks to it. However, there is still one problem: Wouldn't it be possible to simply disassemble the app, exchange the response codes (eg...
  7. forceu

    Thread [App][1.6+] Hack me if you can (easy-hard)

    Hack me if you can! Hey guys, I am proud to present you four apps you may legally crack ;) (Well kind of, the Market policy actually doesn't allow you to disassemble downloaded apps, but who cares). Each of these apps has a simple Activity asking you for a username and a serial. Your goal is...
  8. forceu

    Thread “Fake” a bluetooth call with RFCOMM

    Hey Guys, I also posted this question on Stackoverflow. okay, here's my problem: I am developing an app that reads out SMS while driving and therefore connects to to a bluetooth speaker (mono) using startSCO. However, there are some devices (especially car entertainment systems that lack A2DP...
  9. forceu

    Thread Gyroscope-based smartphone keylogging attack

    Source: Hackaday
  10. forceu

    Thread Samsung might release 5.3" phones in 2012

    According to this German site, Samsung is developing a phone with a 5.3" Super OLED display. Because it's not on the leaked roadmap, that would mean it won't be there before 2012. Sounds great to me - even though I am a somewhat new Streak owner, it would be great to have a phone with new...
  11. forceu

    Thread Galaxy Tab 10.1 injunction suspended for all EU countries except Germany

    Dutch website Webwereld, which also raised issues yesterday concerning pictures of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 presented by Apple to the Düsseldorf court, was first to break the news that the Landgericht (district court) Düsseldorf has temporarily -- for at least the time between now and the hearing on...
  12. forceu

    Thread Please remove.

    Please remove.
  13. forceu

    Thread [Q] Force Orientation for other apps (with root?)

    Hi, I know screen rotation was removed with 2.01+, but is there a way (with root rights) to force a screen layout? As I am currently developing an app that reads out text messages and sets media volume to max after entering car mode, it would be great to have it changing the layout. And even if...
  14. forceu

    Thread [App] 2 Factor Authentication for Windows alpha UPDATE: Now Vista/Win7 ready

    2 Factor Authentication for Windows alpha Hey folks, this is my alpha preview of my 2Factor Authentication App for Android/Windows. Disclaimer: By installing this app you will possibly harm your Windowssystem.Expect many bugs in the Phone app, but especially in the Windows app. Use it at your...
  15. forceu

    Thread Can't get recovery working after flashing

    Hello folks, I tried to flash a custom recovery on the Dell Streak (Stock, 2.2.2 351), and according to the fastboot output the image has been written to the partition. However, if I go into the recovery menu and select "Update from pkg", it still shows the stock Dell Menu. Am I doing...
  16. forceu

    Thread [App] Simple Media Muter

    Hello folks, this is actually my first Android app, however I hope it can be some use to you :) ***This app mutes media only, on some devices it won't disable the camera's shutter sound, I will publish an app for that very soon. This is a beta version, it might not work*** Simple Media Muter...