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  1. m4heshd

    Thread [NEWS] WhatsApp desktop latest version includes a hidden dark mode (beta)

    Hello everyone, I'm the developer of WhatsApp desktop dark mode you might have been using for some time now. While i was going through the source of the latest WhatsApp desktop build (v0.4.930) for the release of next WADark, i noticed that they have actually included their official dark mode...
  2. m4heshd

    Thread [MOD][THEME] WhatsApp desktop dark mode

    I know this is not related to mobile but thought I'd share this here with everyone. I've been so sick of the eye burning light colored UI on WhatsApp desktop for so long and decided to come up with a dark mode myself. Here's a screenshot of the result. It was very satisfying and thought...
  3. m4heshd

    Thread [Q] Nexus Root Toolkit trouble

    Hello people, I'm trying to Unlock the bootloader of my Nexus S (SHW-M200K) with Nexus Root Toolkit. But the problem is that i need the Modified boot image named "modified_boot_sojuk_4.1.1_JRO03E.img" to do that & I can't download it from Goo.im :crying: . WugFresh is not replying my comments...