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  1. ChaosClown

    Thread Volte on foreign mobiles

    You can follow this method on pretty much any Samsung mobile As some of you may aware that jio won't support volte on mobiles that brought outside of India even though it has all the 3 necessary bands (3,5,40). To enable volte on those mobiles you need to update the csc to INS. What is csc...
  2. ChaosClown

    Thread Volte is not working properly

    Hello, guys volte flag is appearing at my notification bar on my J710F mobile, yet I'm Unable to make calls /receive them please help
  3. ChaosClown

    Thread Custom roms for J7 2016

    Can you guys help me to find the thread for this particular mobile SM-J710F/DS *Root *Custom roms
  4. ChaosClown

    Thread nothing

  5. ChaosClown

    Thread [Q] hide extsdcard from gallery

    hlo frendz i need a gallery app that ignore my extSdCard pls hlp me:good:
  6. ChaosClown

    Thread External>Internal (Working) bug fixed

    hi frendz have u facing problem inefficient storage:confused: dont worry just swamp ur external as internal i am not joking:D U need A mobile (grand quattro) rooted :good: A micro sd u can use 8 16 GB i prefer 32 gb with class 4 6 i prefer 10 A app external2internal (attached) :good...
  7. ChaosClown

    Thread whats happening to google play

    1 s upon a tome i go to play for download utilities i got shocked wn c on paid apps categories>>>:cyclops::confused: there is an free app on paid categories:p
  8. ChaosClown

    Thread Sim 1 hate

    hlo frends i bought grand quattro i start using sing sim there is an icon on status bar it showing [1] symbol any body know how to remove the icon when iam putting single sim :confused:
  9. ChaosClown

    Thread [Q] How to port a kernel

    How to port a kernel for our i8552
  10. ChaosClown

    Thread [Q] S tweaks working kernel please

    Ha I brought grand quattro someone suggest me a s tweaks working kernel to use my sd card my internal storage i am facing a problem like in efficient storage to install application my phone is rooted someone please help me to make my sd card as internal storage and sorry for my bad english
  11. ChaosClown

    Thread [Q] If my phone bricked

    hello frendz>>i bought my grand quattro on Saudi but iam living in india>>if my phone bricked what official firmware i need to download India(INU) or Saudi (KSA) plese help me