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    Post Data Usage not Adding Up?

    Same here, seems to be a typical galaxy issue if you Google it.
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    Post Volume up sometimes doesn't work

    Same issue here :/
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    Post [ROM][CM11/CM12.1]_-Kali Linux NetHunter-_ [OnePlus One Edition]

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    Post [ROM][CM11/CM12.1]_-Kali Linux NetHunter-_ [OnePlus One Edition]

    https://www.offensive-security.com/kali-nethunter/nethunter-1-1-released/ NetHunter 1.1 Released posted on: 01-5-2015 With the opening shots of 2015 fired, we are happy to make some announcements in the NetHunter arena! One of the things that excite us the most about Kali Linux is how our...
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    Post Rooted Official Samsung frimwares

    Dropbox Mirror The Rom: https://www.dropbox.com/s/okvh337avgyc7jg/Rooted-i9300XXELK4_4.1.2.zip Dropbox Mirror The Mod: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7q1hdjetvimfbdo/I9300OXXELK4_MOD_v2.zip
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    Post Element Case for Galaxy S III

    I tried 3 of them, WebVision Ltd in hungary didn't sell element cases anymore, other 2 told me they only stocked mac peripherals :( Would love to get one but shipping is indeed a big amount on a case this price, I'm currently trying to get some S3 owners together to order together but not...
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    Post [GT-I9300] CyanogenMod 10 Discussion Thread

    change effect manager Sorry for wrong topic :) I understand that app is there but I'm looking to change the effect manager as the functions within the DSP manager app are not useful to me :) So how do you change the effect manager from "DSP manager" to for example "Noozxoide EIZO-rewire" ?
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    Post [ROM][GT-I9300][4.2.2] CyanogenMod 10.1 Nightly Builds

    Where can I find the option to choose the music effect manager? Normally it can be found; Settings > Sound > Music Effects > But this option is not found in CM10 nightly?
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    Post cracked screen

    Ok its not on stock at the insurance company so they will call me back in the next 2 days with more information. when it will be replaced, I could gonnan pickup another type straight away in the shop or a HD2 if they got it on stock but that's the problem everybody haves here now :( no stock :'(
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    Post cracked screen

    seriously thinking about it, only in doubt in concern with the waranty :( but it saves at least 1/2 weeks without the HD2 and I'm kinda addicted to it allready xD
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    Post cracked screen

    Got also a shattered screen :'( hapilly enough its only the glass and even the touch screen still works but only the idea allready that i'm gonna miss my hd2 for at least 2 weeks! :'(
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    Post Smear Campaign against HD2 + Windows Mobile

    LOL It is just freaking hilarious how not only on the forum apple fans bash the HD2, @ work (even a IT company so you would expect that they know somethings of it?) I have multiple collegaeu's that are walking around the whole day with the iphone like its a gold medal xD , when you want to make...
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    Post where to get a HD2 and how...

    Got a few days ago a update from a friend that works at a vodafone store, just after I got mine they were all called from the vodafone warehouse to HTC because they wanted to fix first some (in my eyes minor) bugs like the pink camera problem...
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    Thread Sounds problem (stopping while playback of mp3)

    After the first week I got the problem that while playing a mp3 and the device performance a action (like receiving a message/email or while unlocking for example) the sound stops for a wee second, this is pretty annoying so I decided to do a complete reset but this didn't solve it? Anybody a...
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    Post Possible to send all audio over bluetooth?

    Works fine with Jabra 3030, all audio over it, music, system sounds and calls.
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    Post anyone got a Facebook photo error?

    Same phot problem here, its indeed rubbish! Also video upload doesn't work :(
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    Post Who has a Leo screen protector and who doesn't?

    Not needed in my opinion after 2 weeks of abuse not a single scratch xD
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    Post where to get a HD2 and how...

    Just try some different vodafone stores, I went to 20 different and one could tell me 2 weeks ago that they would get one that afternoon so I directly reserved it. If you can't find any on stock the next shipment will come in on 17th of december (north ireland). Its free with a 35 pounds...
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    Post [2009/02/05 Update v1.4.6] G-Alarm (Alarm clock with lots of features)

    After recalibrating the sensor the games work (didn´t mentiond it yet) but the alarm still got the same problem. I uploaded the logs on http://www.69f.be/20090212_GAlarmDebug.txt Thnx!
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    Post [2009/02/05 Update v1.4.6] G-Alarm (Alarm clock with lots of features)

    Anybody else got the same problem and hopefully a solution for it? When I use the labyrinth game the tilt sensor doesnt work so the program is frozen, when I shut it down I must restart the device otherwise the program won´t start anymore. The other tilt programs work normally. Thnx GP (yes...
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    Post How-to: Program other function to the useless backlight key

    Does anybody have a reg file from "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Shell\Keys " please? (yes this stupid deleted it :roll: )
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    Post Is the stylus too damned thin? Both mine fall out instantly!

    I have my 6th stylus now in 2 months, So I think they come out by everyone very fast.
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    Post Qtek Exec and USB mini USB cable

    Yes it is a standard cable
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    Post Comparison photos: Universal vs Canon 2 MPixel camera

    I think that the camera is pretty ok with right settings...
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    Post turning of the shuttersound

    thnx, never look to the simple way but it works :p :lol: its a german MDA and my german is not so good so I overlooked it :oops: :oops: THNX :!:
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    Thread turning of the shuttersound

    turning of the shuttersound? anyone fixed this already?? tried to change the parameters in the registry from 1 to 0 and 2 but that doesnt do anything, when I delete the Shuttersound.wav in the windows folder the system freezes when making a picture and also when I replace it with a other .wav...
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    Post Your Bluetooth Headset?

    I use the jabra bt800, very easy to see the number without opening my universal, nice vibra function and good realtones andy_bez_wandy> Gives always number no names Max distance without walls etc. is 30 meter and at my work even with walls between the universal en the bt800 for 12 meter
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    Post T-Mobile MDA Pro SimLock

    Thnx Decebal, gonna call directly, didn't know that
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    Post T-Mobile MDA Pro SimLock

    The costs of the unlocking from a german T-mobile MDA pro is 99 Euro
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    Post Change Backlight Button to Camera flash light

    Realy hope anybody can find it out because this would be really great!!!