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    Thread Novice developer's diary

    Hi all, I am a junior programmer. I come from a Sony Xperia 2012 device that use the dead ST-Ericsson platform. I write this diary for note my progresses and for create a reference for other devs. So stop talk about me and start talk about my project. I want create a usefull, fast and stable...
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    Thread Looking for devs

    Hi, I am looking for some guy in order to speedup the develop my project. It consist of port most usefull features of CM, Omni, etc to AOSP. The goal is create a stable, optimizied and maintainable ROM for daily use. Minimum skills: - Have a brain and know how use it - Git - Linux - Java - C/C++
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    Thread AOSP Xperia U/P/Sola/Go

    Hi all, I am a developer working on Xperia U. Recently with munjeni we have fixed Bluetooth in CyanogenMod 11, then Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi direct. Currently I am working on (Xperia U) ambient sensor light and FM radio (that will work also on P/Sola and Go). I open this thread because our CyanogenMod...
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    Thread Android Wi-Fi system

    Hi guys, I am playing with Wi-Fi on CyanogenMod 11. In detail I try to enable Wi-Fi direct. But from jellybean to cm-1X.X are changed many stuffs. Can someone explain me why are used -O/data/misc/wifi/sockets and [email protected]:wpa_wlan0? In many devices githubs I can not find wpa_supplicant.conf...
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    Thread Bluez 5 on Android 4.4

    Hello, I am porting CM11 on Xperia U(P/Go/Sola). Since the switch by Google from Bluez to Bluedroid the bluetooth was no working. Recently the Bluez team release a version for repleace Bluedroid. Currently I have a full working driver + kernel bluetooth subsystem + Bluez (v 5.12). All the Bluez...
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    Thread [HELP TO DEV] Quick start for Wi-Fi configuration

    Quick start for Wi-Fi configuration* After spend some days on CM11 Wi-Fi I want share with the community my new knowledge in order to simplify the life to who develop after me ;) For make it (very) simple, Wi-Fi envirorment in CM11 is structured in driver (make hardware exploitable) + Android...
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    Thread [Q] Compile error iw tools

    Hi all, I am on CM "jellybean" branch and want compile iw from source in order to get a p2p0 interface. My goal is use precompiled libnl.so provided by my vendor (Sony). I add iw sorces in external/iw directory and modified Android.mk of external/libnl-header in order to create the module...
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    Thread [Xperia U] Novice developer's diary

    Hi all, I create this thread for annotate my progress in debugging FXP's CM10 munjeni CM11 and for create a guide to new developers. So.. Let's start :D Quick start: Get all necessay software in order to compile CyanogenMod's source code: here there is a very good guide by elia222, I have no...