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  1. joelzombie

    Thread [Bootlogo] PlayStation (ps1) logo (Bootloader unlock warning replacement)

    I'vee seen other PlayStation boot logos for other devices, but they are made with unclear, low quality, resized images, this is my version, hi-res (1920x1080, black backround, sharp edges... well, the best i could). Tested on my Moto X Play (TWRP, CM13) Flashable zip via recovery Made with...
  2. joelzombie

    Thread [Q] Re-install Bokeh LWP from previous Sense

    Greetings! I miss my old Bokeh Live Wallpaper from previous versions of HTC Sense. Exploring the files from my Clockwork backup I found a file called Mode10Wallpapers.apk, this is the LWP I was looking for, but for some reason I can't install it... I don't like the ones in the Google Play...