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  1. focusbra

    Thread How return to stock rom

    Hello guys, I was using CROMi-Xenogenesis 4.6.9 but I'll sell to person my TF700t and want to install the strock rom. Can I just download at asus the new firmware and installed using twrp 255 ? Or Did I do something extra ?? thanks for help me guys
  2. focusbra

    Thread How to change model number name ?

    Hello guys, Anyone knows how Do I change the name of my TF700t ? Thanks
  3. focusbra

    Thread [Q] which rom is better?

    Hello guys, which rom you belive is better cm10 or CleanROM Inheritance 3.x ? thanks
  4. focusbra

    Thread Polaris Office Asus

    Hello guys, Where can I download Polaris Office that come with asus tf700t ? I've installed CM10.1. thanks