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  1. Duncan1982

    Thread OneUI 3.0 Beta Coming Soon

    The official roadmap just dropped and we're supposed to be getting the official in January. A little outside the discourse but at this point I figured I'm going to wait and skip dealing with the beta and others might have a similar plan knowing it's going to hit relatively soon.
  2. Duncan1982

    Thread NewPipe For YouTube

    For all that might be missing Full Screen YouTube, I'd highly suggest using NewPipe, it works and fills the screen nicely (without to much of a crop). I can now fully enjoy the large canvas ......? https://mega.nz/file/nEYwzT5S#OFZXVyoP_MKYDOATKRhQvM8s-q75IdRbVPGAQuS6p6c
  3. Duncan1982

    Thread Anyone Interested.

    7. Do not sell or trade on the forums. If you wish to advertise a product, simply contact us. We can provide ads but you are not permitted to just post it in the forums. If you do, it will be removed and you're likely to receive a ban. The buying, selling, trading and / or exchanging of any...
  4. Duncan1982

    Thread persist.img

    Can anyone help with the persist.img for EU Rom 10.5.8? Yip I forgot to backup & apparently read before using MSM tool, yes my fingerprint reader is now not working, not a big deal, but I do like having everything functional.....:p Any help would be greatly appreciated.....:good:
  5. Duncan1982

    Thread Lew Later Case

    After waiting for about 4wks due to the current situation, it has arrived....:good: For those that like slim fit this is the one to go for or the Pitaka, the feel on this one is different and must say absolutely fantastic.....:good: Highly recommended.
  6. Duncan1982

    Thread Positivity For the 990

    Whilst I am NOT defending Samsung and believe there is much to be improved, I do have the Mi 10 Pro with the Snapdragon 865 for a reference point. The Mi 10 Pro as you will be aware runs at 90hz and for me and my observations battery life is comparable and I'm running the ultra at 120hz. As for...
  7. Duncan1982

    Thread Information!

    Just got my 10 Pro delivered yesterday and for the most part it is absolutely fantastic. However for those in the UK like me considering (wait for the global) I say this as on the Chinese version Band 20 is disabled and you won't be able to get 4G. Having bought many Chinese devices Vivo, Oppo...
  8. Duncan1982

    Thread Realme Customer Service EU.

    Well despite repeated attempts on sending emails (yes plural) not but one reply. This is an absolute disgrace, they provide contact information but it’s absolutely pointless using it, my guess is that no one monitors it and therefor you won’t get a reply. As great as the X2 Pro is , based on...
  9. Duncan1982

    Thread OnePlus 7T System partition size

    Hi my friend is having various issues with his 7T I am able to help him, but as the title suggests, what is the system partition size? For him when he factory reset the system is showing its taking 30gb from his 128gb. As I have the 7 Pro and not the 7T I don't know if this is normal? Any help...
  10. Duncan1982

    Thread Samsung Note 10 ....Giving Up....or.....?

    Before I get started I have ordered my Note 10 5G in Aura Glow, and I'm happy with the design changes. Ok so we all know or perhaps knew the Note line as being the one Samsung would test or perhaps throw in all the goodies into.....as it is known as the "Power House Device" or "Power Users"...
  11. Duncan1982

    Thread Antutu Benchmark

    Although I rarely use said app, I do like to run 1 test on each device I get (then forget about it). This is a very fine result......I'm impressed.......:good:
  12. Duncan1982

    Thread Project Treble & S10+

    So I have spent a bit of time testing out project treble roms, cant get any to boot unfortunately. It might be a twrp thing who at this point knows? Hopefully some Roms & possibly kernels will pop up In the coming weeks or months :p Was worth a try, if anyone has had success with GSI's and...
  13. Duncan1982

    Thread TWRP (ianmacd) First Aid thread.

    This is NOT my work (Ianmacd) and guide is written by Mr Pickles all credits to him for his install method. Also this is just a copy and paste but the guide is well written and TWRP should cause less issues. I'm sure Gieti94 is just perhaps busy with other commitments, credit also to him for...
  14. Duncan1982

    Thread TWRP (Ianmacd) Images, New Space.

    This is NOT my work (Ianmacd) and guide is written by Mr Pickles all credits to him for his install method. Also this is just a copy and paste but the guide is well written and TWRP should cause less issues. I'm sure Gieti94 is just perhaps busy with other commitments, credit also to him for...
  15. Duncan1982

    Thread Ultrasonic Positivity

    So one of the new features of the S10 & S10+ has come under quite some criticism from users & youtubers alike. Whilst it's fair if you haven't had a positive experience and perhaps your not used to the placement perhaps, other factors come into play, my personal experience after nearly 1 week...
  16. Duncan1982

    Thread UK Pre Order-Waiting Room

    So I ordered through Mobile phones direct, expected delivery is the 8th, contacted them today and they are saying they will begin shipping on the 7th. This is no use to me and I won't be getting mine on Friday as I live in the northern parts of Scotland. However it is an indication that others...
  17. Duncan1982

    Thread HDR10 No one talking.

    So I have watched a quite a few YouTubers doing their camera tests, comparisons and I'm guessing most attended the Samsung unpacked event However not one has tested HDR10, yes perhaps it's a non starter as well we don't have HDR10 certification on our devices, perhaps answered my own...
  18. Duncan1982

    Thread Galaxy vs the Competition

    So the S10 quad (excluding the fold) has been launched, pre orders are being placed daily, has Samsung got the 10th Anniversary of the Galaxy right? Ok ok we haven't got our hands on the device yet, this is all early assessment, however going by what you have seen, is it enough against what's...
  19. Duncan1982

    Thread Samsung UK pre Orders & Deals

    So my order went in quite fast for the S10+ 8/512gb in Ceramic white. I like what Samsung have done this year especially with the 5G variant coming soon. I'm currently with Vodafone (not the best deal) at £77pm, there are better deals to be had with I believe Sky offering the best? All...
  20. Duncan1982

    Thread Twrp Backup Restore

    So I made a Twrp backup, however when restoring I get a 255 error, is there any specific procedure. I'm not a Noob....lol just Twrp varies from device to device and Twrp back ups might not be functional?
  21. Duncan1982

    Thread Bounty

    I personally would donate £25 so that we can get somewhere positive with our Oppo Find X's. This is an incredible device however totally let down by colorOS so if there is anyone out there willing & able to get us Fastboot enabled, so that we can flash twrp without the need to jump through...
  22. Duncan1982

    Thread Just Purchased

    So after months of debate I finally got round to purchasing my Oppo Find X. Sold my Note 9, although a great device, I'm a tech junkie and always looking to try the next. The X was always on my radar so I made my move. In regards I'm not seeing any development, I'm guessing the bootloader is...
  23. Duncan1982

    Thread Huawei Nano Memory

    Just received my Nano memory card, a bit pricey for a 128gb, but you pay extra for new tech. Working well and delighted.......:good:
  24. Duncan1982

    Thread Exynos pie (Pending Release).

    As there is no dedicated thread here is one for the hopefully (Soon to be released Exynos pie). https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bgr.in/news/samsung-galaxy-note-9-may-soon-join-android-pie-beta-program-reveals-test-firmware/amp/ Will update when released.....I'm constantly checking any...
  25. Duncan1982

    Thread On the fence?

    So as the title goes are you on the fence in your decision to buy the Mate 20 Pro? Let's see if I can help in anyway with my honest review and thoughts about it. Display: So this is a tense subject as you have probably read already that it has some issues (for some). Now I have a BOE display...
  26. Duncan1982

    Thread YouTube Pinch

    Is it just me or had Huawei blocked the ability to pinch to zoom/fit the whole screen?
  27. Duncan1982

    Thread Tech21 Evo Tactical

    What a great Company to deal with & fast delivery, I speak highly and fully recommend having a look at their web site and range of great cases :good: I purchased the Evo Tactical case and is a very nice fit and great design to. Care is placed into each case and presentation is great to. Check...
  28. Duncan1982

    Thread Nav Bar Gone (clean Look)

    Most will be advanced to know about build.prop edits, however for those that don't. Here is a little guide to get rid of the nav bar completely & use swipe gestures. DEVICE MUST BE ROOTED. 1)Download Swipe Gestures (Google Play) & Enable. 2)Head into build.prop and add this line (at the...
  29. Duncan1982

    Thread Pixel XL 2 Vs Galaxy S9+

    Well I will have my S9+ on Monday (will it dethrone my pixel as my daily?) Will take some effort as this device is fantastic :good: So with that said if anyone might be interested outwith review videos & looking for the user comparison then I'm in a position to compare the two. My obvious main...
  30. Duncan1982

    Thread UK S9+ Waiting Room

    Here is a space to discuss best deals from various Networks, also to see if pre orders are shipped early as expected. Discuss anything related to the process of ordering & delivery, free gifts and colour choices. Carphone warehouse are offering up a free 128gb Micro SD card with the S9 & S9+...
  31. Duncan1982

    Thread Call Problems

    Anyone know why or have a fix as to when I receive a call it automatically comes through the speaker & not the earpiece? Doesn't maker if I press the speaker button during call nothing changes. Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks Graeme.
  32. Duncan1982

    Thread The Latest with Sky Mobile

    The latest information i have from the reps is that they are passing on today our note 8's for delivery, just curious if anyone else has ordered through sky mobile and has tracking as yet?
  33. Duncan1982

    Thread The Case thread, Review & Recommend.

    Well as the title says you can use this thread to review & recommend all cases. Obviously presumptuous at this point as it's not yet released, but cases are available. I usually opt for UAG cases as i like the style, but also quite like Caseology .... So this will be my first case the UAG...
  34. Duncan1982

    Thread Colour Choice & Shipping.....

    Well being in Scotland only two colour choices available (Midnight Black & Orchid Grey) and although the black does look sleek, the Orchid Grey has a very nice appeal so that was my choice..... Order placed as soon as i could & looks like a nice 20th of April shipping.. Looking forward to...
  35. Duncan1982

    Thread Stay Dirty

    Absolutely Fantastic work from the DU team, sad that things happened the way they did, as it's never a great thing to have all your efforts just wiped out by a Narcissistic individual..... But I'm not sharing any links or ROM.....you'll just have to use your friend Google.... But will add that...
  36. Duncan1982

    Thread Kernel Sources

    Finally the Kernel Sources have been released & the excitement can now grow as the devs build....[emoji1] https://github.com/OnePlusOSS/android_kernel_oneplus_msm8996/tree/oneplus/QC8996_N?files=1 Happy Days ahead......[emoji13] Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using XDA-Developers Legacy app
  37. Duncan1982

    Thread Nougat Stable (Official) Battery Life improvements...

    Like always battery life is subjective & can vary from user to user as there are so many variables. However this is craaaazy , thought I'd deliberately use my phone as heavy as I could, emails, YouTube, checking forums etc ...... And I have nearly 6hrs SOT with 47% left in the tank...
  38. Duncan1982

    Thread Poetic Affinity Case Review

    So i bought two cases the Poetic Affinity & the Tudia and both look great. However lets focus on the poetic for this review. The Poetic Affinity Case is just stunning, being a clear case but with some design (its unlike other clear cases, bland and boring) this one highlights both the design...
  39. Duncan1982

    Thread Resurrection Remix 14.1 Nougat Q&A

    Thought this would be a useful area to find solutions & share fixes relating to RR 14.1 ........ First of all this is early development brought to you by droid.riz who is doing a fantastic job so far.... However like anything things happen or not (all may be stable for you as you may never use...
  40. Duncan1982

    Thread Caseology stylish & functional

    I know many opt for UAG or Spigen but this Envoy series by Caseology grabbed my attention (This is someone who previously hated cases) but have ordered this and due to arrive shortly..... Will still grab some Dbrand skins but think I may grow to enjoy this one.... What are your views on this...
  41. Duncan1982

    Thread ROMs & More ROMs

    This is great to have a Sub section created for our X800's. But I suspect that development will be Much to non existent (no offence to Mr Rouche). The phone itself is already great so not a huge issue...however would be nice now if devs out there stumble upon this device and for their own...
  42. Duncan1982

    Thread Swappa Deal

    My apologies if this is against Xda Rules & Policy...as my phone is rooted this would be the ideal place to bring attention to it (as you all know the in's and out's) some general buyers may be swayed as they don't know. https://swappa.com/listing/FWV663/view If this is NOT allowed, I will...
  43. Duncan1982

    Thread ***Lights***Camera***Action

    Here are a few shots all Auto so you get an idea what you can get by just point & shoot.
  44. Duncan1982

    Thread Rha T10's

    These just go so well with the M9 Great highs, MIDs & lows with no cross over from either frequencies. The sound is just so precise and for the money paid£130, I would say best in this price range and even some higher priced buds. Highly recommend.
  45. Duncan1982

    Thread One M9+

    Should this of been what HTC launched as the M9? It would of been more of an incentive to upgrade going by the specs. What's your views on the recently announced M9+?
  46. Duncan1982

    Thread Why did you opt for the M9?

    So with the most incredible & ultimate mobile phone you'll ever ever experience (Galaxy S6 & Edge) according to most reviews why did you opt for the M9? Mine stems from the M8 and the experience I had with it, it was for a large part very positive, from the stunning design & build to the Audio...
  47. Duncan1982

    Thread S-Off Rant

    I know the only method for this is Sunshine's method to which he charges $25 roughly £12 ish. Now whilst he no doubt wants to receive cash for efforts there are many Developers, be it ROM, Kernel, or Themes that kindly do it free and if you can spare a donation have it as optional. This is not...
  48. Duncan1982

    Thread Weird Camera issue.

    I have the option to save my photo's to external SD which was working well until recently. So what is happening is, I take a photo and it appears in gallery but after reboot it is gone. I'm sure this is an easy one for you, but any help would be greatly appreciated. Kind Regards Graeme.
  49. Duncan1982

    Thread Giving Thanks

    I have been using XDA developers for a while now and it has got me out of a few sticky situations. The community has been for the most part very great and the mods do their up most to make sure it stays tidy and user friendly. The developers do all of their work part time and what I mean really...
  50. Duncan1982

    Thread Respect the rules & each other

    XDA is a fantastic source for mods & tech support. A community that shares the common interest in tech. Developers spare their time to bring roms, kernels, modems & themes for the community to use and its free. The latter part should be respected and although donations are welcome no dev...