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  1. hdtechk

    Post [Discussion] SAYGUS V2

    Also a year and a half since I got my refund. I'm looking for my 4 phone since that time. They would have to drive to my place of work and give it to me free to except one now. And it's only 22miles. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. hdtechk

    Post [Toolkit] Wug's Nexus Root Toolkit v2.1.4 [Updated 01/16/16]: Nexus 6 Thread

    It's already up for N6 and flashed to my N6 thanks to NRT
  3. hdtechk

    Post [KERNEL][N6] FrancoKernel- r78 - 23rd March - compatible with Oreo and Pie

    All is working well but getting tired of message
  4. hdtechk

    Post [Discussion] SAYGUS V2

    Not to persuade you decision. But snap dragon dropped production of original 810 with heat problems they only sell a version 2 of the 810 no more heat problems.
  5. hdtechk

    Post US Carriers Not Ruled Out (I Think)

    I refuse to buy a phone through a carrier. So no disappointment hear
  6. hdtechk

    Post Will there ever be a 25W Turbo Car Charger?

    Only reason there rating higher wattage is more device's can be plugged in at same time
  7. hdtechk

    Post Moto X has become too large.

    I love both my N6 and mxpe only reason I carry both is only one sim card slot. I'm way shorter than the average man like 3" I use both phones one handed no problem. Lady's I can see saying its to big. Men not if I can do it.
  8. hdtechk

    Post [Request] Droid Ultra circle widget/launcher

    There is one in nexus 6 thread I don't have Time to look for it
  9. hdtechk

    Post Moto X 2015 Pure XT1575 Disassembly Teardown Video

    I looked inside sim tray slot for hardware for second sim don't look like it's installed
  10. hdtechk

    Post Project Fi on Moto X Pure works

    Hear is a link but someone don't know the can use airplane mode to test WiFi calling. http://www.droid-life.com/2015/09/11/moto-x-pure-edition-project-fi/
  11. hdtechk

    Post Lenovo guts Moto

    I don't know what articles everyone else read but the one I read said Lenovo is dumping Lenovo line of Phones and Motorola is taking over all there Phone manufacturing.
  12. hdtechk

    Post Pure Edition and Google fi

    I will try when it gets here 15days and counting. I don't expect it to work tell Marshmallow but Motorola has the knowledge to make it work (N6)
  13. hdtechk

    Post Moto X and Google fi

    If not it's built in on Android M and all the frequency are there so sooner or later it will. But as soon as it's available I will find out
  14. hdtechk

    Post [Discussion] SAYGUS V2

    I already requested refund so this is not an attempt to defending Saygus. If Saygus was doing frequency tuning then yes they are working with FCC certification labs. And if you read about testing facilities on FCC Web sight you will know that "you might not see anything on there sight before...
  15. hdtechk

    Post [Discussion] SAYGUS V2

    Saygus won't contact FCC. They will hire one of the 5 private fcc testing facilities hear in Utah they will do testing and report to FCC. That's how it works. FCC doesn't do any testing themselves.
  16. hdtechk

    Post Moto X Style = Unlockable Bootloader?

    If you dig in to Motorola website deep enough you will see that Style and Pure edition will both be sold in US. Style probably only through carriers(locked) and Pure Edition from Motorola only(unlock-able)
  17. hdtechk

    Post Monthly OTA updates from Google

    It is possible. Get notification from XDA users down load ota file someone has probably posted someplace plug in to computer and side load. It usually 1 week faster than waiting your turn to receive ota from carrier's
  18. hdtechk

    Post Too late

    I would buy both. but that's just me. I can't resist Motorola phones or Nexus
  19. hdtechk

    Post Alternatives to the V²

    Wow phone with a battery http://www.phonearena.com/news/Doogee-stuffed-a-6250mAh-battery-inside-a-smartphone-and-called-it-HomTom_id72098
  20. hdtechk

    Post [Discussion] SAYGUS V2

    Won't work at all tell tuned
  21. hdtechk

    Post [Discussion] SAYGUS V2

    Check out SayGus's Tweet: https://twitter.com/Saygus/status/618873977683881984?s=09 looks like saygus is done with frequency tuning
  22. hdtechk

    Post [Discussion] SAYGUS V2

    Wireless chargers all work the same some may have different out puts but all work the same
  23. hdtechk

    Post [Discussion] SAYGUS V2

    Don't know but if I didn't already have a NEXUS 6 I would get a refund so I could buy one. I guess I could have 2
  24. hdtechk

    Post [Discussion] SAYGUS V2

    I'm I missing something? Every removable battery Phone I have ever had if dropped the back cover would come off.
  25. hdtechk

    Post [Discussion] SAYGUS V2

    Fractal antenna is not an attached antenna it's just a signal booster
  26. hdtechk

    Post [Discussion] SAYGUS V2

    That's just how many the sold since indigogo campaign started But if you read contributer list you can count all of us as anonymous
  27. hdtechk

    Post [KERNEL][N6] FrancoKernel- r78 - 23rd March - compatible with Oreo and Pie

    Has anyone on T-mobile tride turning WiFi calling off then back on then toggle air plane mode it use to help on 5.0.1 for VOLTE on Verizon
  28. hdtechk

    Post [Discussion] SAYGUS V2

    224 phones sold by saygus since indigo go campaign
  29. hdtechk

    Post [Discussion] SAYGUS V2

    The front logo never changed just the back logo
  30. hdtechk

    Post [Discussion] SAYGUS V2

    I agree it would be nice have newer processor but owning 3 phones already that have 801 the truth is its not lacking anything and will be functional for couple more years before it's to slow to keep up.
  31. hdtechk

    Post [Discussion] SAYGUS V2

    Saygus sold 153 phones in 24 hrs on Indigogo
  32. hdtechk

    Post [Discussion] SAYGUS V2

    As anyone actually read there email from saygus? Dual sim cards lollipop not kit Kat we will be notified of your shipment soon. Just curious no comments about anything that sounds good.
  33. hdtechk

    Post 3D screen for V² ?

    That's how I read it also.
  34. hdtechk

    Post [Discussion] SAYGUS V2

    If you read all the comments for that post it says filming begins give us some time for editing but it gives no date or time for finished video to be posted
  35. hdtechk

    Post [Discussion] SAYGUS V2

    If you have pre-order don't worry about it it's unlocked CDMA and GSM the only requirement to make it operate on Verizon is to have a sim card that is already activated "that means take sim card out of current phone put it in v² turn it on" Verizon verification is only for Verizon to decide if...
  36. hdtechk

    Post [Discussion] SAYGUS V2

    lukec36 Some corporations have more influence than they deserve.
  37. hdtechk

    Post [Discussion] SAYGUS V2

    Won't be looked but all the talk about dual sim
  38. hdtechk

    Post [Discussion] SAYGUS V2

    Why install an App that the developer doesn't keep updated 1 year is the cute off for me installing a new app but I prefer 2months or less for most resent update ---------- Post added at 08:05 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:53 PM ---------- Lollipop makes me wonder if Google looking for...
  39. hdtechk

    Post [Discussion] SAYGUS V2

    Don't say "boot loop" people might figure out the reason we have XDA.
  40. hdtechk

    Post Larger data partition - Data2USB for Nexus Player

    There is allot of downloadable windows programs to format ext4 time for Google search
  41. hdtechk

    Post [Discussion] SAYGUS V2

    It's not lying if you live in Utah. Utah people don't know the difference between a lye and what they imagine. How do I know spent 38 of my 53 years in Utah
  42. hdtechk

    Post [Discussion] SAYGUS V2

    Not really because testing is not done at fcc it's done at private companies (there is 5 in the state of Utah certified for testing) you never know if they said don't submit tell we say so.
  43. hdtechk

    Post [Discussion] SAYGUS V2

    Never thought about getting refund because V² was never going to be my daily driver. Need larger screen for this short person. But nexus 6 is on sale $150 off on Google play store https://store.google.com/product/nexus_6
  44. hdtechk

    Post [Discussion] SAYGUS V2

    Apple has always had some underhanded plans. That's why windows XP and earlier OS's started crashing as soon as someone installed iTunes or any other apple software on it
  45. hdtechk

    Post ROOT Nexus 6 - Android M Dev Preview

    Read the OP again it's easy to get reed of error
  46. hdtechk

    Post If the rumours are true, will be getting the next Nexus phone?

    People missing big pic painted by Google this last 6 months. 2 phones??? Maybe only one nexus like always but because of Project FI I would guess Google is going to sell about 5 different phone by this time next year. You have to have something for everyone. If Motorola makes one 99% chanse...
  47. hdtechk

    Post I don't know what to think about this Nexus.

    IKR I'm short person well below average. And I use 6in screen one handed no problem. Y is everyone so scared of it?
  48. hdtechk

    Post My second N6, the same problem

    I could be as simple as an app the developer has not updated since gingerbread or something stupid like that.
  49. hdtechk

    Post Android M back to L

    This is a NEXUS phone built by Motorola. It is not A Verizon phone built by Motorola. You can downgrade your bootloader. P.s. It's a Developer Preview not a black hole. Preview meaning when you have seen enough you can go back.