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  1. J

    Thread Never received the 11.0.1 OTA

    If I go into my settings it still says build number Oxygen OS 11.BE86AA and my Android security patch is from 06-01 not updated to 08 yet like in 11.0.1. So I'm guessing if I was on 11.0.1 it would say 11.0.1.BE86AA right? Stupid question I know 😂
  2. J

    Thread Bought a used N10 off ebay with a pin code

    Hey guys just wanted to post this thread in case anybody else ran into the same issue but a couple days ago I ordered an N10 off ebay. It came yesterday with a pin code on it so I rebooted to recovery and tried a factory reset through there but as I figured that didn't work, google's FRP wouln't...
  3. J

    Thread Cracked my screen

    Well today in school my op3 fell out of my pocket and hit a chair and cracked the screen, at least my digitizer still works though. I was extremely mad and almost threw my phone across the room lol. Anyways what would you guys suggest to do, get an op5 or replace the screen? I looked and they're...
  4. J

    Thread Is it safe to flash this?

    I have problems on my internal sdcard where I cant write to some folders, they are read only. No idea how this happened... Here is the permissions fixer I was going to flash: http://forum.xda-developers.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=3761904&d=1464187934 I just wanted to make sure its okay to...
  5. J

    Thread Don't have access to a folder on sdcard

    On my internal sdcard I have a folder called stuff that I made to put rom zips in. For some reason I cannot create new folder's, delete files or anything. The only way I can modify what's in that folder is to go into TWRP and do it through there. Anyone know a fix?
  6. J

    Thread Fingerprint Sensor going off in pocket

    Is there a fix for the fingerprint sensor going off randomly when its in your pocket? I feel it vibrate when its in my pocket, its sort of annoying.
  7. J

    Thread Touchscreen issues

    Sometimes I have touchscreen issues were when I swipe down in chrome it only scrolls slightly, I also have trouble unlocking it because sometimes it doesn't register me swiping up on the lockscreen. I was on Temaseks Cyanogenmod, and also on Bliss and both roms did the same thing. I restored my...
  8. J

    Thread There is a dent in my volume buttons

    So somehow I got I dent in my volume button. They work okay but volume down is a bit hard to press. I watched a video on YouTube on the dissasambly and assembly. Would it be hard to open my phone up and bend the button back straight? Or should I buy a whole new metal cover which includes the...
  9. J

    Thread How to remove sms limit on 6.0.1

    Does anybody know how to remove the SMS limit in 6.0.1? I tried this app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mittelmanapps.smslimitunlock but it didn't work. Any help is appreciated.
  10. J

    Thread Headphones easily pull out of Audio jack

    My headphones pull out of my audio jack very easily, too easily. I also tried cleaning out my audio jack too, but it didn't help very much. Any suggestions on what to do about this problem. Anybody else experiencing this?
  11. J

    Thread Help flashing twrp on 6.0

    So when I got my k1 yesterday it was on 5.1.1. I unlocked the bootloader and also flashed twrp and rooted. I then let the ota file download and then I tapped on flash, it then rebooting into twrp and flashed it. My k1 rebooted with 6.0 then, but my root was gone. I tried to reboot into twrp to...
  12. J

    Thread Rom Development

    Why aren't there many roms available for this device, and a lack of cases?
  13. J

    Thread Stock 6.0 AOSP Rom

    Is there a completely stock 6.0 AOSP (no CyanogenMod based) ROM for the m8?
  14. J

    Thread Flashing Red Box in Chrome

    II get a flashing red box in chrome around the border of the screen. Strict mode is not rnabled. Yes I have tried different roms I have tried Xenon ROM and CyanogenMod the newest snapshot. Chrome was working fine until I rebooted in CyanogenMod then it started again. Any help is appreciated...
  15. J

    Thread WiFi hotspot

    Hi, i was trying to find out if I could be connected to WiFi with ny nexus 7 and then use a Hotspot to broadcast the WiFi I am connected to. The reason I want to do this is because my ps4 is blocked on the router so I wanted to try this to get around it. Any help is appreciated.
  16. J

    Thread [Q] 5.1.1 Volume Boost

    How can I boost my heaphones volume? I have tried editing mixer_paths but it doesn't seem to work anymore. It used to work on just 5.0 and now it doesn't seem to work.
  17. J

    Thread [Q] Black dot when I take pictures

    Why is there a black dot in the same exact place when I take a picture. It doesn't matter what camera app I use. I'm thinking that its someting under the camera lens. What should I do?
  18. J

    Thread [Q] mixer_paths.xml

    Is there's way to edit mixer_paths.xml like on the nexus 7 so you can boost the headphone jack output? https://docs.google.com/file/d/0BxwctkW79popOEdWV0ZIRjBjd0E/edit?usp=docslist_api
  19. J

    Thread [Q] Screen Randomly Locks

    I have a Nexus 7 Flo and when updated the bootloader to 4.04 and then flashed a Lollipop ROM the screen started to randomly turn off. I then decided to try and fix it by going back to 4.4.4. So now i am on Dirty Unicorns and it still does it. It only does it when I'm in an app like chrome or...
  20. J

    Thread Random screen lock

    I have a nexus 7 flo 32gb running cleanrom 5.0.1 with elementalx 3.4.0. The problem is that my screen will randomly lock andrandom times and then i will have to unlock it which gets very annoying. It never locks while watching movies or youtube.
  21. J

    Thread Sound ouput volume low

    I wanted to know how to make my sound output louder, I have Viperone Rom with viper4android and Harmon kardon . I also checked the option when installing Viperone to install volume boost hack which didn't seem to work.
  22. J

    Thread [Q] headphone output volume low

    I have an AT&T M8 running CM11 with viper audio and have the volume the whole way up and it isnt loud enough so i was wondering if there was a headphone output volume mod or something.
  23. J

    Thread Speaker boost

    I was wondering if there was a speaker boost for the m8, I know on the nexus 7 you could change the values in Mixer_paths.xml in system/etc but changing those on the m8 doesn't work.
  24. J

    Thread Htc one m8 or Galaxy S5

    I wanted to know your guy's opinion on if i should trade in my S5 for a Htc one m8. Im not really fond of the S5 because i cannot have a pure android rom since i h ave an S5 at&t which means a locked bootloader so only touchwiz based roms which i dont really like. So what do you guys think...
  25. J

    Thread HTC one m7 or oneplus one

    I'm getting a new phone which one should i get?
  26. J

    Thread [Q] Alcatel sonic lte

    I wanted to know if you guys could add the device Alcatel sonic LTE to the forums and if there was anybody out there developing roms for this device.
  27. J

    Thread [Q] New lcd color problem

    I recently got a new lcd and Digitizer for my Galaxy s3 and now everything that is supposed to be gray has green tint to it. I fixed the problem though with cyanogenmod's screen calibration under display and lights in the settings. I wanted to know what is causing this problem and maybe if...
  28. J

    Thread [Q] Cyanogenmod color calibration

    Could someone port me the color calibration in the settings under display and lights to an app. I need it for my s3 because I replaced the lcd and gray has a green tint to it. The only reason I want this is because so I could try out roms other than cyanogenmod without having a green tint. Thanks.
  29. J

    Thread Android L Flashable zip for Flo

    Hey guys I recently found an android l Flashable zip for the Nexus 7 flo and I wanted to share it with you. You flash it just like any other rom but there are no gapps. This zip also works with multirom which you can find here http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2457063 Download...
  30. J

    Thread [APK] Boom Beach

    I present to you Boom Beach apk + obb. This isn't warez because its free so don't delete this post! The only reason im uploading this is for people who want to play earlier since Supercell only made it available to Germany and Finland 1.Download Boom Beach zip from here...
  31. J

    Thread [Q] Wont install

    Xposed Installer wont install the framework here is what it says: SD card: /storage/sdcard0/Android/data/de.robv.android.xposed.installer/files Copying Xposed-Disabler-Recovery.zip... Mouting /system writable... cp: write error: No space left on device Failed to create a backup of...
  32. J

    Thread [Q] Switch from amazon in app store to google's

    I recently used amazon to buy some apps and when i want to use in app purchases it comes up with amazons in app purchasing system not google's. I was wondering if there was a way of switching the app to google's. Thanks.
  33. J

    Thread Dark Meadow Graphical glitches

    Dark Meadow the game has weird white streaks randomly. I'm running cm 11 snapshot m2. It doesn't show up in screenshots so.... Please help please.
  34. J

    Thread [Q] Flappybird apk wont install

    Ok, when i try to install flappybird apk it says: app not installed. i have never installed this yet i just got my brand new nexus 7 today. Help Please.