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    Post Question Bad battery

    I applied for bl unlock, and will switch to xiaomi.eu these days. This battery drain is killing me
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    Post Question Bad battery

    same problem here
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    Post Themes / Apps / Mods Filmic Pro

    LOL ?! And you need to pay for it..... Im gonna stick to gcam...
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    Post Send SMS With Brand(AnyNameYouWant) To AnyOne On In The World

    Is there ANYONE that got this working ? xD
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    Post Micro SD 128GB

    I have the same card and it works without any issues.
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    Post [Android 10] Buffer fix by nullby

    Dont get me wrong, but are you blind ? Don't know how to read ? Read the first post dude.
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    Post [Android 10] Buffer fix by nullby

    Does it work on 10 beta weekly from xiaomi.eu ? I tried flashing via twrp but no succes, lagg is still here
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    Post why is nobody talking about mi 9 lite's frontal led and some other stuff

    You can chose LED color in whatsapp as far as I know
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    Post Usb-C Audio output

    Sound is the same, I tried with usb c adapter from htc u11.
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    Post Usb-C Audio output

    Yes, just tried with usb-c ----> 3,5mm adapter.
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    Post GCAM for cc9

    Until we get level3 api, there will be no better camera than the stock one ! Makes no sense of trying this 20% usable gcam ports
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    Post 12Mp Sensor in 3rd Party apps? Unlike others

    same here, showing 12mp without model
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    Post [ROM] [UNOFFICIAL] [9.0] [pyxis] LineageOS 16.0 - Treble

    Can someone post screenshot from camera 2 probe, I would like to know is it full or level 3 api2 . Thank you
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    Post Miui Camera Hidden Settings

    This is gimmick, nothing special about it
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    Post [APP][5.0+] Camera Bright Night 3.03 **100 Promocodes to remove Ads**

    Can you send me a promo code ? Thanks
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    Post [ROM][Stable] MIUI 11 EEA

    What's the difference between this and pfccnxm ?
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    Post Mi9 Lite ROM for CC9?

    We need level 3
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    Post BEST GCAM [MI A3] [Android 9/10/11]

    can some of you guys please upload files '' camera.qcom.so'' ''com.qti.chi.override.so'' They are in root/vendor/lib/hw. I want to try a3 libs on my cc9 cuz we dont have buffer fix . Thank you
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    Post GCAM for cc9

    I have unlocked BL and rooted cc9, there are rumors that I we replace camera libarires with ones that have buffer 3 enabled, it will work ? Anyone with any suggestion ? I'm willing to test it on my device. Already tried magisk module and libs from some russian forum
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    Post Mi9 Lite ROM for CC9?

    Is google camera working ?
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    Post Mi 9 lite build props? can anyone post?

    +1 for ''camera.qcom.so '' and ''com.qti.chi.override.so'' They are in root/vendor/lib/hw
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    Post Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite (CC9) Google Pixel Experience Rom W/ Working GCam

    Camera modules are the same, but camera lib's are different ( cc9 doesn't have support for full buffer 3 )
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    Post Xiaomi redmi note 8 pro or xiaomi mi cc9 (9 lite)

    Note 8 pro. CC9 doesn't have support for google cameras ( buffer 3 )
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    Post [rom] miui 11 beta

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    Post [rom] miui 11 beta

    If someone can upload it somewhere else, feel free to do so and share link here
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    Thread [rom] miui 11 beta

    https://sourceforge.net/projects/xiaomi-eu-multilang-miui-roms/files/xiaomi.eu/MIUI-WEEKLY-RELEASES/9.9.26/xiaomi.eu_multi_MI9LiteMICC9_9.9.26_v11-9.zip/download Closed beta
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    Post GCAM for cc9

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    Post GCAM for cc9

    so in telegram group for mi9se there is newer ver 2.2.2beta2.190903.1130 , try to find it and download. then go to hdr+ control and raise non-ZSL frame count to '' up to 45'' and colors will be great
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    Post Working GCam Mod?

    there is ''enable aux button '' under options
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    Post Working GCam Mod?

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    Post GCAM for cc9

    Ok, as we are typing there's a new gcam for mi9se thst works on our cc9 ( mi9se lacks buffer raw too ) https://www.celsoazevedo.com/files/android/google-camera/f/changelog682/
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    Post GCAM for cc9

    Not possible I think Which one ?
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    Can you give me a promo code ? thank you
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    Post GCAM for cc9

    Yup, night shots were better on my redmi note 7 with gcam than on cc9 stock
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    Post GCAM for cc9

    This makes no sense, I'm selling my cc9 and going for something else, can't stand that there is no gcam.
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    Post GCAM for cc9

    In stock camera, I cant seem to find what for is the bottom lens ( closest to flash ). When I cover bottom lens, all modes, 0.6x 1x and 2x work. Tested outside on a sunny day.
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    Post GCAM for cc9

    No offense, but did you read this thread? Mi a3 and cc9 have same cameras, but mi a3 has enabled buffer 3 and raw, while cc9 doesn't have and that's why gcam's dont work.
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    Post CC9 stock ROM on CC9 Meitu Edition?

    I can confirm you that banking apps work on chinese rom
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    Post FM radio support

    Just tried, it works, you must have your headphones attached.
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    Post 4g problems?

    I woudn't bought it if all bands from my provider aren't supported, but that's just me.
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    Post GCAM for cc9

    Already tried that version , it's the one from my link with basic functions
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    Post 4g problems?

    There will be problems, I chosed this phone cuz my operator ( tele2 croatia ) uses b1 and b3 ( both supported by cc9 ) check it out on kimovil . com
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    Post Mi 9 SE Camera 2 API enabled

    Its missing buffer 3, thats why most gcams dont work on mi9se
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    Post GCAM for cc9

    http://c.mi.com/thread-2386702-1-0.html Vote yes :)
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    Post Google play services error

    Make sure to give all google play apk's that permission, it solved mine play services error