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  1. heavencanwait

    Post [ROM] [6.0.x] VibeUI Lite v3.5

    Hey. Where do I find the setting for background data? I looked for it in Data usage, also in Accounts, nothing. I tried another ROM, it sucked and when I flashed my backup, Snapchat is not working, it's stuck on Verifying device. I searched for help, it says find Background data and it should...
  2. heavencanwait

    Post Flashing Stock Rom Via SP Flash Tool[Lenovo A7000]

    Please fix the links, I'd like to try the stock rom again. :)
  3. heavencanwait

    Post [ROM] [6.0.x] VibeUI Lite v3.5

    So now that I've got all my programs and data, I have to make Titan backup of the programs and contacts, boot into recovery, wipe system, cache and dalvik, re-install ROM, immediately after that install Gapps, then install Titan and restore applications. A fun Saturday, no doubt. But for this...
  4. heavencanwait

    Post [ROM] [6.0.x] VibeUI Lite v3.5

    Hey. This is a sweet ROM, great overall. I have one issue though, when I install Gapps and boot, they start to force close and not work, I can't do a thing. And I have to restore backup. Any input is appreciated.
  5. heavencanwait

    Post [Rom][Unoffical][4.1.2]Shendu OS For LG Optimus 4X HD [Final]

    Looks slick. Going to try it.Thank you for the work and dedication!
  6. heavencanwait

    Post [ROM][4.3][CM10.2][OFFICIAL] Mokee OpenSource

    I am using this rom. It's amazing - smooth, fast, aosp based, battery friendly. I haven't changed the kernel or anything. All in all I highly recommend it. In fact I couldn't be happier with my phone. I update it once a week and that's all.
  7. heavencanwait

    Thread [Q] Can someone recommend me a black startup screen?

    Well the whole story is as follows. Is there a kernel or something to flash that will make the first screen black? I am talking about the screen where it says HTC Quietly brilliant. On my current galaxy this is the screen where the kernel name is shown. Is there something similar for the...
  8. heavencanwait

    Post [ROM] [MIUIv5][3.6.21][I9300][JB 4.1.1][NOTE2 EDITION][MW, Camera & Keyboard note2]

    Hello! I am not sure the touch CWM is the problem for not flashing zips. I am using a touch CWM and everything I've tried flashes correctly. I see there is an issue but it's definitely not the touch CWM or at least not only that. As for the free RAM I don't see the issue on not having free RAM...
  9. heavencanwait

    Post [ROM] [MIUIv5][3.6.21][I9300][JB 4.1.1][NOTE2 EDITION][MW, Camera & Keyboard note2]

    Are you serious? The calculator has 2 words on it, scientifica and basica, is that your problem with the ROM? The developers spend hours of free work and you ***** about 2 words...
  10. heavencanwait

    Post [ROM][4.2.2/4.3][OFFICIAL & NIGHTLIES]MoKee OpenSource Project

    Thank you for your hard work porting this ROM. I've got a question though - how to make the interface white like in the video? I couldn't find it in settings and I'd really want it to be white like in MIUI.
  11. heavencanwait

    Post [APP][2.1+][29 JAN 2015] Ultimate Caller ID Screen HD [HD Caller ID/Video ID]

    Oh no, thanks, I don't want to be a developer. :) Do as you please with this theme, repack it, rename it, whatever. I don't need credits or anything, I just made it for me and decided to share it. Thank you for the great app and have fun!
  12. heavencanwait

    Post [APP][2.1+][29 JAN 2015] Ultimate Caller ID Screen HD [HD Caller ID/Video ID]

    Hello, UCS HD users. I edited the Elegance orange theme to make it look more MIUI like. I wanted it to complete my current setup. Here's a screenshot. You have to click the link though... https://www.box.com/s/qbglfyyc768vfrzymu54 Here's the actual apk. I haven't changed the title in the...
  13. heavencanwait

    Post [THEMES] WidgetLocker Theme Collection

    Here's one from me: Widget locker Slider Wallpaper Please put the slider in /sdcard/data/com.teslacoil.../themes Then go in WL, longpress to add slider, in Theme drag down to refresh themes and pick miuiv5_1.
  14. heavencanwait

    Post ☎[Rom][28.05.13] IPBGHD Rom 7.0.6 XXUFME3 [4.2.2][Aroma][SMOOTH★FAST★NO FC's]☎

    Usually I don't like Sammy based ROMS but this is an exception! Thank you, guys!
  15. heavencanwait

    Post [CM11][4.4.2][i9300][ROM][KERNEL][FEB26] temasek's UNOFFICIAL Build - V50

    Uum, of course it's not 200 hours with a single battery charge, one charge can last for about 48 hours. I meant that the phone is running 200+ hours and I've never had to reboot it or that it has rebooted spontaneously or had something like BSOD. And I've had no issue with the ROM for this time...
  16. heavencanwait

    Post [CM11][4.4.2][i9300][ROM][KERNEL][FEB26] temasek's UNOFFICIAL Build - V50

    Hello! I am using this amazing ROM by temasek, I've been a fan of his work since I had LG Optimus 2x. Everything is working so good, 200+ hours uptime so far and not a single issue. I can't say I am expecting more from my phone. I just want to ask is it possible to have a call answer screen...
  17. heavencanwait

    Post Post your Phone Home Screen **BE APPROPRIATE**

    Hello! I am kinda happy with this layout and I wanted to share it with you. This L I N K leads to an archive with the wallpaper, icons and widget locker lock. Here's the setup: So it's Widget locker, Apex launcher and miui v5 icons I got from a MIUI ROM. The screen with the icons is actually...
  18. heavencanwait

    Post [ROM] CM-10.1 AOSP 4.2.2 Jellybean [KANG] [Aug-6]

    Flashed this ROM 3 days ago after a full wipe. Everything is working awesome, speedy and fluent. It's fantastic. Thank you, albinoman! And the new features are very good too. I am already so used to the tiles layout that I am not switching to pre 4.2 rom.
  19. heavencanwait

    Post ASR-DROID MIUI JB/ICS Beats 4.3.1 V5 & JB 4.2 | iOS Style |The Best MIUI Ever|

    I just flashed v3 and I wanted to say how amazing it feels to be using good old MIUI once again. I don't like AOSP MIUI and I don't like Sense very much. But your Sense based MIUI has it all - sense camera without the ugly environment plus the beautiful simplicity of MIUI v4. I am in love with...
  20. heavencanwait

    Post [2.3+][UPDATE May 3rd] Swapps 2.3! All Widgets, Shortcuts, Apps, Everywhere!

    Hello! Took me a few minutes and here it is. In Bulgarian (Български) language, attached to the post. Now, can someone post just the *.apk as I don't have google apps and I don't intend to. Thank you in advance.
  21. heavencanwait

    Post [ROM][RC]AOKP "Initiate Your Swagger"[4.1.2][Mar 3][OTA][Playstation][AC!D][OTG]

    samaraki, you're not dumb. The link is hidden and not available now. BAZINGA! ROM LINKS
  22. heavencanwait

    Post [THEMES] WidgetLocker Theme Collection

    Hello! Here's one locker from me. It's called a MIUI locker because I replicated it from a MIUI theme, I did not create it, just a replica. It's sense based. D O W N L O A D ---------- Post added at 05:40 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:38 PM ---------- Another one, again sense...
  23. heavencanwait

    Post [APP][2.1+] DeskClock (KitKat Clock Alternative) :D

    Hello! HTC Sensation with CM 9.1, working flawlessly. Thank you!
  24. heavencanwait

    Post [APP][2.1+][29 JAN 2015] Ultimate Caller ID Screen HD [HD Caller ID/Video ID]

    Let me explain... When you set up the UCS and there is a page where the user is prompted to choose between rotary, slider, buttons. I am proposing you to offer yet another choice to answer call for users, like in the picture: I think this is the most classy way to answer calls and I am using...
  25. heavencanwait

    Post [APP][2.1+][29 JAN 2015] Ultimate Caller ID Screen HD [HD Caller ID/Video ID]

    Hello! Is there a way the ANSWER call to be made like in MIUI rom - with a slide down gesture to answer and slide up for reject? I am aware UCS supports these gestures and I am using them and there is no turning back but it would be amazing if it there is a visualization for them.
  26. heavencanwait

    Post Sensation Homescreens - post your here too

    If someone requires something, please ask.
  27. heavencanwait

    Post [ROM 4.1.2 - 4.2.1] JELLYBAM - v4.1.0 [17/01] [Pyramid] [PA.AOKP.CM10]

    Hello! I've been playing with this ROM since yesterday and it's very nice. Just one issue though, when I plugged in USB cable I got systemUI.apk force closing on me. I checked USB debugging and it's not closing. But now when I expand notifications and tap USB storage again systemUI.apk force...
  28. heavencanwait

    Post [ROM] JBMIUIv4.1 #3.3.1 | AOSP-CM10 | s89 production | Pyramid [02.03.2013]

    lifeisfaked, that's great, stickman should be quite satisfied. I advice you to send it to him as a PM or a link just to be sure that he is able to read it and not miss it in the thread. I am not a developer but logcats from users like us are the best way for developers to see what's wrong and...
  29. heavencanwait

    Post [ROM] JBMIUIv4.1 #3.3.1 | AOSP-CM10 | s89 production | Pyramid [02.03.2013]

    Hello! Been using it for a few days. Everything is flawless. I just did a S-Off, root device, flash 4ext recovery, downloaded ROM and a clean install (formatted sdcard before all then downloaded zip, wiped data, cache, dalvik, battery stats, format /system) and all is OK. I've had some app FCing...
  30. heavencanwait

    Post [Discontinued][ROM][MIUI V4][ICS] HyperMIUI

    Ok then which kernel do you propose? And I am really concerned by the S-On, when flashing kernel it's going to flash it in the unlocked partitions, isn't it? Not going to try to do it on the partitions protected by S-On and brick my phone somehow? Also, I really can't stand sense that's why I...
  31. heavencanwait

    Post [Discontinued][ROM][MIUI V4][ICS] HyperMIUI

    Hey! Fresh and clean install and wow! This is so good to use and look at after the imo horrible sense. One thing though - I am with baseband that ends with 24A.3504.31_M and can't connect to wifi. Data is OK, calls are fine but wifi just hangs on Turning on wifi... I restarted but the same thing...
  32. heavencanwait

    Post [Discontinued][ROM][MIUI V4][ICS] HyperMIUI

    Hello! Fresh new Sensation owner here. I searched the thread but got no results. So I dare ask. I am thinking of rooting my phone without gaining S-OFF. Then I can flash recovery from ROM Manager. Can I then flash this ROM with a S-ON bootloader? I don't see why not because as far as I know...
  33. heavencanwait

    Post [ROM][JB][16 FEB] MIUIv4 3.2.8 (unofficial) for old/GB bootloader

    People, for the launcher, install Mi Home from Google play. Should be themable and all. :)
  34. heavencanwait

    Post [ROM][JB][16 FEB] MIUIv4 3.2.8 (unofficial) for old/GB bootloader

    I didn't mean to offend you. If I did this, please forgive me. I am mostly troubled by the call bug. I had CM10 nightly and I had the bug. Everything else was working great but a phone without a proper phone function is just a small tablet. When LG release proper documentation and it's...
  35. heavencanwait

    Post [ROM][JB][16 FEB] MIUIv4 3.2.8 (unofficial) for old/GB bootloader

    Sick! Thanks. I'll wait for official release and sources and some bug squashing before trying it though. I really want to but I have to have a stable phone now. Anyway - thank you for your hard work, Rugglez!
  36. heavencanwait

    Post [ROM][CM10] ParanoidAndroid v2.23 Hackfest JB [build8]

    tonyp, you know, I've wondered... Your PA build 8 based on CM10 pre-nightlies version doesn't have the call bug. When P990 nightlies appeared so did the bug. I guess you've thought of that but isn't it somehow possible to just grab the software blobs for the hardware acceleration and to have PA...
  37. heavencanwait

    Post [ROM MIUI][ GB | ICS ][ | WIUI | ][ 2.10.7 ] - MULTiLanguage | 21+ |

    Yes, I have an idea. Flash another kernel. I used Symbiosis and it worked just fine. This is a known default kernel issue.
  38. heavencanwait

    Post Do you hate/love your Optimus 2X? why?

    I really love it. I don't care for official GB and ICS. Official roms are crap anyway. It does what it's supposed to do for me - accept calls, shoot video and photos, browse the net, read books, write emails, write some documents and that's pretty much what I want from a smart phone. I've...
  39. heavencanwait


    I just disable the haptic feedback in Menu -> Settings -> Audio -> Haptic feedback and that's it, no more vibrations for me.
  40. heavencanwait

    Post [ROM][Stock][ICS]LG P990 v28g Stock ICS flashable zip by harsh & tonyp [DISCONTINUED]

    tonyp and harsh, you guys have no idea how awesome you are! Almost like Narwhals. So here is a tribute to you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykwqXuMPsoc
  41. heavencanwait

    Thread [ICONS][From a MIUI Theme]YES! theme Icons recreation

    Hello! I was using a MIUI Rom and I stumbled upon a theme I liked very much. It was called YES!. They look like this: So I decided to make a set of similar icons. As of today, 3 November 2012, I've made 8 icons for the programs I use the most. Here is my version in action: I am planning to...
  42. heavencanwait

    Post ICS 4.0 Sources Out - All discussions here!

    How about that? Shot taken from RC's google+ stream:
  43. heavencanwait

    Post [ROM][CM10] ParanoidAndroid v2.23 Hackfest JB [build8]

    I've installed this yesterday and I am really happy with it. I am even wondering the following: It's just so stable and fluid. Thank you, tonyp!
  44. heavencanwait

    Post ICS 4.0 Sources Out - All discussions here!

    To all the people typing "LG never again!" and similar: try to get this: No, I mean really - no one gives a f*ck if you will buy LG so you might as well not waste your time and type it. Good luck and have fun!
  45. heavencanwait

    Post When the Official ICS Release for P990 by LG for other Countries

    Let me check my crystal ball for you real quick. No. Can't say a thing. Because there is no country called Europe. Geography tip: Europe, surprising as this might come to you, is a whole continent. Like North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Australia, Antarctica. It consists of 50 separate...
  46. heavencanwait

    Post ICS 4.0 Sources Out - All discussions here!

    Yeah, I guess not more than a few percent of android users actually root their phones. And even if someone roots it for them, they don't use/need it. My wife's galaxy is rooted and has MIUI based on 2.3.7 and she is perfectly happy, working like a charm, she says. It's rooted only because I used...
  47. heavencanwait

    Post To Anonymous who found leak ICS

    Anonymous , can you please find the cure for cancer and also if possible let's get rid of the world hunger issue... Wow, people will never be satisfied with what's given to them. Instead of being grateful for the O2x leak to the guy that most likely risked his job for doing this, let's go flood...
  48. heavencanwait

    Post ICS 4.0 Sources Out - All discussions here!

    Yeah, that would be smart on Google's part. Not to cooperate with a company that regardless of their obviously retarded update policy has sold over 35 million devices in 2012 thus far...
  49. heavencanwait

    Post ICS 4.0 Sources Out - All discussions here!

    The closer we get to ICS the thread is coming to this So a bit of friendly advice. As it seems CM10 for O2x lies in the hands of this man: And instead of encouraging him some people are trying to enrage him. Can someone smarter than me explain me the secret logic behind such behavior?
  50. heavencanwait

    Post ICS 4.0 Sources Out - All discussions here!

    So Q3 is upon us and still not ICS for O2x. So we're gonna have a lot of posts in the context of [email protected]#$%^&*&^%$%^&* LG! Here's my response for all of them: We'll get in when we get it, guys. :)