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  1. klutch

    Thread real stuck with a blank N6

    i am super stuck with my N6 no OS by mistake i wipe the hole system i can go to TWRP , fastboot dont work neather ADB not grabing on my PC i intalled all drivers possible does not connect at all tried diffrent USB cables what can i do ? need a super help here need to fix this ASAP please.
  2. klutch

    Thread Putting Music on SDcard

    well guys i been having problem and i still dont know why tho, i been putting music on my SD car the phone reads it and then deletes it, then some other dayz it stays there but if i do a reboot or leave it there randomly it still deletes it trying to figure why does it do that and wont stay...
  3. klutch

    Thread G shock

    does anyone know how to take that app from the phone as a APK file i was looking on the phone while rooted and it dont seem to appear in the app list and while its intalled, why is that? :confused:
  4. klutch

    Thread charges but then again no charge??

    ok so i saved my prime agian loving my tablet back to work now it booted up with CM9 everything good i charge i see its charging i unplug i see it sayz connect charger i do this leave it a few hrs same thing so i decided to put Jellybean 4.1.1 ROM from fresh yes i wipe partition ,factory,deb,and...
  5. klutch

    Thread Prime still Bootloop and to CWM and wont Mount

    so its been already 2 months no way i can fix this still doing the same thing turn on boots and then loops to CWM same thing over n over and no connection to my computer so basicly now i feel i waisted 500 billz and used it from feb till now and no way i can fix it no ideas and asking around how...
  6. klutch

    Thread TF201 stuck on CWM bootloops and wont mount

    its been weeks trying to figure why is still doing this, the problem is since the last time i updated CM9 it stared bootloop and then when i was to mount the tablet the computer didnt connect so what i did was i downloaded the universal Naked drivers twice and still no connect i am trying to...
  7. klutch

    Thread TF201 bootloop to CWM but wont mount

    hey guys i need some help or any idea, bout this but i was downloading the CM9 nightlys and of course i reboot to recovery, i install the nightlys and once its done i rebooted it n now we have the problem it reboots back, now i was bout to try to do the trick of one of the threads i read with...
  8. klutch

    Thread Tf201 screen or is it hardware n how can i fix this problem?

    So i just see this on my tablet saw it a few times i rebooted and it came off any ideas why it does that Sent from TF201 or Sensation using xda premium
  9. klutch

    Thread restoring it to stock fabric way

    so i finally got my prime back on track beacuse of the boot loop CWM if not mistaking but for some reason is still flicking youtube n some other stuff and i restore it with jermaine (STOCK ROM UPDATED)..is there a way i can take CWM out and the rest of the things back like...
  10. klutch

    Thread [Q] Stock Rom (Original)

    is there a way i can download or linked to the stock original ICS from the TF201 if so were or link it plz? need the help brothers