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    Post Development [ROM][11][Sweet][Sweetin] Pixel Experience [OFFICIAL][AOSP]

    The download speed on the official Pixel Experience node on Storj is horribly slow, I am getting 256kbps max download while my connection is a 100mbps. Anyone else experiencing the same?
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    Post General Screen on Time (SOT) - Note 10 Pro Max

    That is incredibly good. I haven't gotten that kinda SOT with 120hz y let. My phone's continuously connected with a smartwatch as well. But even at 60Hz, the trade off is fair enough.
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    Thread General Screen on Time (SOT) - Note 10 Pro Max

    I am at over 9 hours SOT with more than 10% battery intact yet. 😱 Mostly run at 60Hz, a fair trade off for that kinda SOT.
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    Post Question Does flickering issue exist on everyone?

    The flickering is in most probability a software issue. I figured that it was due to the Auto color scheme in Settings > Display. I would recommend changing the colour scheme to your preference under Settings > Display and disable auto Coloring. Hope it helps!
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    Thread How To Guide Solution to Attachment Issues

    I finally found a solution to the attachment issues between apps in MIUI 12 on my new Redmi Note 10 Pro Max. While installing Vanced MicroG & YouTube, I was advised to disable MIUI Optimisations in the developer options. That was creating issues. I re-enabled the Optimisations and voila, the...
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    Post [Discussion]Android Lollipop for S3 International. Will it be possible?

    I just read news that Samsung Poland has confirmed lollipop update for the Note 2. It is pretty commendable for Samsung to update a two and a half year old phone when their update cycle tops at 2 years. Coming to the point, a N7100 port is very likely. As a long term Galaxy S3 (upgraded to S5...
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    Post [TUT] {EASY!} Batch APK Install WITHOUT Prompts

    For people experiencing installing difficulties. Add double quotes to the file names since sometimes there is a space between file names which causes problems parsing the name in adb install command. Otherwise very good tutorial. :D
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    Post [HOW TO] [TUTORIAL] S3 Replace Cracked Glass Screen

    I have read thoroughly throughout the thread. can someone give me a comprehensive guide on using OCA Tape? I have S3 shaped adhesive. It has a double sided OCA tape in the middle and a frame outside which is all one piece.
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    Post [ROM][Note 3 Port][Canvas 4] KRoM v1. MultiWindow, S-Note, S-Health, Fast and Smooth

    Its 4.2.1 but its buttery smooth. Try and report back. ;) PS: v2 coming up soon.. Zipaligned all apks. De-Odexed and Rooted Now.
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    Thread [ROM][Note 3 Port][Canvas 4] KRoM v1. MultiWindow, S-Note, S-Health, Fast and Smooth

    * KRoM v1 * - by kalpak2021 I have managed to port the Note 3 clone ROM from MTK6589 to our beloved Micromax Canvas A210. #include std_disclaimer.h; /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because...
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    Thread [CWM] N9006 1:1 ClockworkMod Recovery (MTK6589)

    Hey, I am uploading the CWM Recovery for N9006 1:1. It should work with all clones of N9006 running MTK6589. Your phone should be rooted. Use Mobileuncle MTK Tools to install the recovery after rooting your phone for which you can find the guide online. 1. Root your phone. Find the guide...
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    Post **[4.4.2][Linaro][O3] Team Asylum Omni 4.4.2 Naughties™: Slim, Fast and Black Rum™**

    Running Successfully. I have been running the Asylum Omni on my phone for about an hour now. With mini modular package (do not like bloats). And, the only issues i came across was the keyboard slide not working. Installed Google Keyboard via apk and it was fine. Pretty smooth operation overall...
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    Post Galaxy Tab 10.1 shows only 13gb instead of 32gb

    I have tried multiple roms.. I have tried flashing pit too. The only hope was to extract the pit using Heimdall and flash it via odin or heimdall itself. Tried both but I get a red colored message on my screen which I'm guessing is due to a locked boatloader. So I will have to go to the service...
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    Post Galaxy Tab 10.1 shows only 13gb instead of 32gb

    the sad thing is i dont have one. any other suggestion mate?
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    Post Galaxy Tab 10.1 shows only 13gb instead of 32gb

    no mate. i haven't found any solution yet. i am planning to take it to service center as a last resort.
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    Post Gal Tab 10.1 I/O WIFI - shows only 13gb instead of 32!

    First of all, thank you replying. And showing concern. Appreciate it. I would request you to take a look at my thread and let me know if you can help me in anyway mate.
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    Post [Q] Upgrade from Honeycomb?

    i dont know if you would want to upgrade from Honeycomb cuz the battery in ICS is terrible terrible. I am considering downgrading, yes you heard it right, downgrading cuz of the battery woes i have. If you really want to, i would suggest, try this...
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    Post Gal Tab 10.1 I/O WIFI - shows only 13gb instead of 32!

    I have something similar going on with my tab and I can't figure out what to do. I have reported the problem in the Q&A section and it can be found here. I have tried everything I possibly could but to no avail. I hope someone can help me find a solution to this problem. It is the retail...
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    Post Galaxy Tab 10.1 shows only 13gb instead of 32gb

    Some Progress Some progress guys. Here's a report. I have been trying for over three hours to get the .pit extracted from the tab and after three tiresome hours (and a little backache), i have successfully extracted the .pit from the tab. So here it goes, first i tried to run the heimdall...
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    Post Galaxy Tab 10.1 shows only 13gb instead of 32gb

    i would like to apologize for such a delayed reply. i am trying to extract the pit file using heimdall but i am getting a "Failed to initialize protocol" error. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Post Galaxy Tab 10.1 shows only 13gb instead of 32gb

    Thanks for your reply. But i tried using fdisk and pit magic (could not understand anything) without much help. fdisk -l shows nothing. and i did an fdisk /dev/block/mmblk* -l and i'm quoting the results. Disk /dev/block/mmcblk0: 15.7 GB, 15756951552 bytes 4 heads, 16 sectors/track, 480864...
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    Post [Q] Unacceptable battery drain on GT-P7500.

    i have reverted back HC 3.2 and battery is like crazy good. ICS ruined it all. on ICS the tab would turn off in two days on standby. now, my tab was on standby for 4 days and battery was still at 58%. :D. i can live with HC for now. :P
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    Post Galaxy Tab 10.1 shows only 13gb instead of 32gb

    I am surprised no one else is facing a similar issue. Can anyone please help me? I am running stock 3.2 right now. My sdcard partition is 16gb and my data partition is 16gb again so please help me regain my space back.
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    Thread Galaxy Tab 10.1 shows only 13gb instead of 32gb

    Hey Guys, I have read all over the internet for a possible solution and have not been able to find one. I will list the things i have tried: I own a Galaxy Tab 10.1 3G. a) Return to stock 4.0.4 and factory reset. b) Flash .pit file. c) Return to stock 3.2 and factory reset. d) Flash stock...
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    Post [ROM][4.2.1][UNOFFICIAL][Slim Bean 4.2.1 RC2][GB Bootloader][2013-FEB-13]

    Try formatting system from your recovery. Should help.
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    Post [KERNEL][stable: M1 ( - exp: Alpha 31 (3.1.10)] Kowalski Kernel

    i have massive wi-fi drain. Overnight about 60%. Deep sleep does not put wifi off. Just reporting. Hopefully it will be resolved soon. Great battery without wifi though. 2% drain overnight. :D! Great work. :good:
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    Post CLOSED

    For people with wi-fi tethering not working, try barnacle. It did the trick for me. you could try. anyways, i have wi-fi drain problem, it drains my battery from 100% in the night to ~40% in the morning, its hard to even use the phone without it being on charge all the time. Plus, using the...
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    Post [DEV][WIP] Ubuntu Phone Preview for LG Optimus 2x (alpha)

    I tested the build. boots properly. BUT only touch works right now. Nothing else. Kudos to you Rugglez for the amazing work! Can't wait to see it as a daily driver. Looks very promising and new. :D! Thanks for your hard work.
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    Post [ROM][JB] [4.2.2] Avatar ROM for LG Optimus 2X (p990) - Updated[Nov 30, 2013]

    I have freeze issues. It doesn't wake up from sleep at times. i have to re-insert the battery and reboot.
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    Post [ROM][JB] [4.2.2] Avatar ROM for LG Optimus 2X (p990) - Updated[Nov 30, 2013]

    It wiped my internal and external memory. WTF? Don't install without backing up. I lost my data. PS: Sorry, i replied in haste. It does not wipe any data. Phew. Sorry once again.
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    Post [ROM][4.2.1][UNOFFICIAL][Slim Bean 4.2.1 RC2][GB Bootloader][2013-FEB-13]

    This usually happens if you flash the wrong Gapps like 4.1.2 gapps on 4.2.1. factory reset and re-install gapps.
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    Post [Q] Disable notification for delivery notification.

    But wouldn't that disable the new message notification also? BTW, im running the latest disaster rom! 4.1 2!
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    Thread [Q] Disable notification for delivery notification.

    Okay, let me explain what exactly i want. I want my delivery notification but i dont want my phone to vibrate every time a delivery confirmation is reported. Is there way to do that?
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    Post [Dev] [CM10] Fixing in call audio bug for CM10

    No bug encountered on 29/11/2012 build. I have installed the 29/11/2012 build by lipsak and haven't encountered the call bug, seems to have been resolved. I'll tell you what i did. I was running v28G. Coming from v28G: 1) Use the unbrick tool by progmaq to roll back to the old partition...
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    Post Weird problem with battery. I dont know what to do

    It rather looks like a battery calibration problem to me. Download this app called battery calibration from the play store and charge the battery to hundred percent and calibrate your battery. Should solve your problem.
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    Thread Amazing Camera Samples in Goa

    These are the pictures i recently took on my trip to Goa, i took the pictures using Camera 360 and applied the filters using the phone itself. Hope you like them. :). Never knew our phone was such a good camera, only thing required is a little software tweak. ;)
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    Post [CLOSED][ROM][OFFICIAL] CyanogenMod-10 for Optimus 2X - NIGHTLIES [Oct 30th 2012]

    Okay, i have read quite a lot and noticed no has faced this problem. The problem is that as soon as the battery shows 999%, the network stops working, as in the phone is unable to connect to the operator. Before that it works fine but after charging it stops. Also, i had no BSODs. But had to...
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    Post [Q] LG P990 Keep Rebooting before going Splash Screen

    Download this and use SmartFlashTool to flash this. It will unbrick your phone but beware you will lose all your data. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1715272
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    Post CM10 User Thread

    i can confirm that LGSU660AT-V20m-450 seems to be working absolutely fine. I've had horrible problems problems with battery though. 999%, really? Although, thank you so much RC for your hard work. A start is better than none. Hope to see it improving.. :)
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    Post Help i am stuck in Bootloop

    Here's what i would i do. Try and see if you can get into the recovery menu (Power + Left Volume Button). If you can, try and flash the CWM recovery and flash another rom and boot up. ;)
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    Post [ROM][THEME] P75xx Fluffy BUILD 4

    I have got it working on the tab 10.1 3G (7500). I haven't tested the 3G radio yet. And i won't be since i just use wifi at home, which is working/ ;) But this is what i basically did : 1) Made a NANDroid Backup (in case something goes wrong) 2) Connect the tab to the computer via usb/wifi for...
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    Post How to cook a rom for LG Optimus 2x

    Do the tools mentioned in there work for Optimus 2x?
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    Post [Q] Battery suddenly goes from 20-30% to zero

    As i said try Mondego r1.6.9 and install the R3 kernel over it! ;)
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    Thread How to cook a rom for LG Optimus 2x

    Can anyone help me make my custom ROM or at least where to start for the LG Optimus 2x?
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    Thread Mondego to FR19.

    Hey guys, Right now i am using Mondego 1.6.9 which has the FR18 core, do i have to make a full wipe before updating to the FR19, cuz i really wanna try it but i dont want to lose my apps and messages cuz getting it back is one hell ova headache! Regards, Kalpak Khemka
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    Post How to improve quality the photos via camera.

    The best camera app is Camera 360 pro. :) Best! Try it if you want to.. Theres a free version too...
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    Post [Q] Battery suddenly goes from 20-30% to zero

    I'm afraid in that case you probably have a faulty Rom installed.. try some other Rom! Is suggest the mondego firmware with the r3 kernel! ;-)! Since the mondego firmware has some issues as of now! Sent from my LG-P990 using XDA App
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    Post Over-exposed images.

    No.. I want to use the flash otherwise the images are really noisy in the dark at least! And, o hope LG fixes this in future! They need a better post processing system! :-\! Sent from my LG-P990 using XDA App