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  1. heavencanwait

    Thread [Q] Can someone recommend me a black startup screen?

    Well the whole story is as follows. Is there a kernel or something to flash that will make the first screen black? I am talking about the screen where it says HTC Quietly brilliant. On my current galaxy this is the screen where the kernel name is shown. Is there something similar for the...
  2. heavencanwait

    Thread [ICONS][From a MIUI Theme]YES! theme Icons recreation

    Hello! I was using a MIUI Rom and I stumbled upon a theme I liked very much. It was called YES!. They look like this: So I decided to make a set of similar icons. As of today, 3 November 2012, I've made 8 icons for the programs I use the most. Here is my version in action: I am planning to...
  3. heavencanwait

    Thread [ICONS]Origami Icon pack version 1.0; Requests accepted

    Hello to the community! Here is the start of an icon pack I made. Origami icons: The story behind them is that I saw a picture of such icons somewhere on the net but there wasn't a download link. So I loaded my GIMP and made some for me. Their number grew to 27 and I think it's time to...
  4. heavencanwait

    Thread [theme]exDialer Gray theme

    Hello! I made a gray theme for the excellent exDialer and decided to share it with this wonderful community. Screenshot: Link to the apk: exDialer Gray theme Reasoning for theming: I am using THS's CM build, which is pretty amazing (if someone from THS reads this, may you know that you guys...
  5. heavencanwait

    Thread [ICONS]Two sets of Large (2x1) icons, v1.0

    Hello! I made those icons for me to use on my Galaxy S. There are two versions: one is colored, one is black and white. As you will see this is a work in progress. This small count of about 17 icons suits me fine but if there is interest I will add more. I've made a README inside the *.zip but...