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  1. imstill@g

    Thread 7T Pro 5G McLaren Speed Test( Location/LTE vs 5G/): possible after conversion to INTL

    As we get our new devices, we will have many conversations and opinions about 5G vs LTE, battery life on both protocols, previous speeds, etc. It's my hope to gather data about these topics. I propose we keep the following data sets available: Location: ( Ex: Vcitoria,Tx 77901) 4GLTE Speeds on...
  2. imstill@g

    Thread Verizon has the Pixel2's in store on the floor

    I just left the Verizon store in Sugar Land, they have Hands-On units to play with if you guys are interested.
  3. imstill@g

    Thread Tether Bypass Yet?

    I've tried all of my known methods, but with no success. Anyone been able to pull it off yet?
  4. imstill@g

    Thread Wireless Charging working?

    Hey guys, just picked up this bad boy, nice device. Problem is the wireless charging doesn't seem to be activating on any of my qi chargers ( 2 Nexus Orbs and one LG W300) Can someone test for me? Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk 4 Beta Current situation, In possession, 1 Nexus 7 2013 1...
  5. imstill@g

    Thread Simple but amazing Orb Car Mount (Too Many Pics)

    I would like to first like to state that I am amazed by the stability of the orb as a car mount. I have been searching high and low, thinking about settling on the Owl car mount, waiting on the Nokia car mount (going as far as purchasing the Nokia Wireless Charging Plate, for testing purposes...
  6. imstill@g

    Thread Combine cd slot car mount, with EVO 4G LTE Dock

    Okay so I purchased universal cd slot mount from Mountek. Then I purchase the suction cup mounted Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE car mount. When docking it, as you all know, the Car App starts. Undock, exits car app. This placement is the ultimate set up for me. It's not finished I still have to get a...
  7. imstill@g

    Thread Htc Replaced my motherboard and Receiver??

    I really want to know exactly what this means. If the motherboard is replaced, what is really left of the original device? What is the receiver? So basically I have a new phone minus the screen and the body of the phone? Thanks for any information you can give me.
  8. imstill@g

    Thread Video Touch Flo Work perfect in B&B v4.0

    I set up this for Tom, I am sure my space is about to have to add a server. Touchflo like never before Okay, I am going to let the cat out of the bag, I have been testing B&B 4.0 BETA'S for about a week. Tom is very particular about releasing his ROMS due to his desire for perfection, he...
  9. imstill@g

    Thread Lets get a head start on B&B 4.0 release issues

    I have been thinking about this for a while so I will go ahead and get it started. We all know that Tom_Codon is currently working on V 4.0, and as always he will thoroughly test it before release. I thought maybe we could, as a community, come to a conclusion on the fixes for the upcoming rom...
  10. imstill@g

    Thread P3300 shutting down after bbv3 upgrade??

    Has anyone experience their phone randomly shutting down after upgrading to this ROM? It just started this yesterday, did it twice, and today it has done it once... Kinda strange... Not at all blaming the ROM just probing for possible replications, anyone else experiencing this? Thanks
  11. imstill@g

    Thread Easiest way to Replace TomTom on p3300, after wm6 upgrade?

    The title says it all, I upgraded to wm6 with the help of you guys, Now I would like to have Tom Tom Back on my Device, What is the Easiest way? Thanks for all replies