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    Thread Tips to enable S-Pen features on CM/AOSP ROMs

    Guys, I'm sharing few tips to enable S-Pen features on CM/AOSP based ROMs for Note series devices (works like a charm on Note 4 & Note 3). The S-Pen feature is sorely missed by the users of Note Series and there are certain apps available on PlayStore which restore the maximum possible...
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    Thread Android Nougat [7.1] available for all Snapdragon variant Note 4

    Guys, Android Nougat 7.1 is now available for all Snapdragon variant Galaxy Note 4s (which of-course include N910P Sprint variant) and as a result, I'm sharing here the link of the thread from where you can get an insight about the latest development of the ROM & other things. The link is ...
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    Thread Galaxy Note 7 Port- X-ROM by anggara08

    UPDATE: The ROM has been updated to version 2 where lot of bugs have been fixed! First things first: The ROM is strictly for those who are using an unlocked N910P on a GSM SIM globally! This ROM has been ported by anggara08 for the Snapdragon Powered Galaxy Note 4. He is the creator of this...
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    Thread Steps to install other variant ROMs (Including Galaxy S7 Port ROMs) on N910P

    Guys, I'm making this thread for those people who are using Sprint's Note 4 (N910P) outside of US and are stuck with Sprint's ROM (or the ROMs that are based on it) and have certain issues in using the ROM. For instance, I'm using the unlocked variant of N910P with a GSM carrier, so I was...
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    Thread Steps to install Dr Ketan's ROM (for G Variant of Note 4) to Sprint's Note 4 (N910P)

    Thread has been moved to: http://forum.xda-developers.com/note-4-sprint/development/steps-to-install-dr-ketans-rom-g-t3379659