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  1. tolga_1

    Thread Question Poco F3 NFC payments don't work properly.

    I've been doing almost all my payments with Nfc for a long time. Ever since I got a Poco F3, I've been going crazy. I now have problems with Nfc at the same places where I shop.All settings are ok and I checked everything. When I approach the phone to the pos device to make a payment, a reading...
  2. tolga_1

    Thread Question Poco F3 Vibration Strength

    Hello to everyone What do you think of the vibration strenght of the Poco F3? I switched from the Galaxy Note 8 to this device, and the vibration is simply "outrageous." I don't feel anything when the phone rings and the notification comes in. I could feel it on my feet when the Note 8 was on...