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  1. nuke1

    Thread Why WM6.5 SHOULD have Multitouch!

    Firstly, I've been following the leaks so far, and so I don't want to hear, oh there won't be a multitouch. The bottom line is, we don't know what the final product will be. Secondly, it goes without saying, that I support any efforts by MS to incorporate capacitative screens. Currently, there...
  2. nuke1

    Thread WM6.5 rom [Leaked]

    There is a leaked partial beta ROM of WM6.5 in the Blue Angel section. Can someone retrive it? Thanks in advance. NOTE: THIS ROM IS CURRENTLY NOT FOR DIAMOND. UNLESS YOU ARE EXPLORING WAYS OF BRICKING YOUR DEVICE, DON'T FLASH IT! EDIT: Here are two links. Both are QVGA, and not for Diamond...
  3. nuke1

    Thread [DONATION] 3D Accelerated PSone Emulator FPSEce

    Ok so we've managed to raise $275 for our good friend GSLEON3. Excellent stuff. I hope he has good days to come. So I was wondering could someone reliable spearhead a campaign to raise money for this excellent emulator FpseCE so we can enjoy PSone at excellent speeds on TPs and all other...
  4. nuke1

    Thread Worth buying? Does 3D work fully?

    Okay, very sorry to start a new thread, but I did try searching :p. Anyhow, after maybe 2 months of to-and-fro, back-and-forth, I've finally decided that I should buy a HTC Touch Pro. My only issue is the 3D drivers, and I've heard that all Qualcomm chipset phones are marred with this problem...