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  1. EpicGtab

    Thread [Q] Changing Baseband SU640 SG

    Hei guys, I have a LG SU640. An I live in Singapore. I know this phone is capable of using the 4G. But the problem I'm facing is I can't find any 4G network even if I'm in an area with 4G. My teleco is Starhub and I just sign up for a 4G plan. an this phone is rooted. So I would gladly try...
  2. EpicGtab

    Thread [Q] 3800mAh Extended Battery

    I recently bought a spare battery for my phone knowing that the original battery sucked. But the problem is I can't get it to work :crying:. Whenever I plug it into the wall charger. The front 3 touch buttons starts to flash but nothing happen. I tried booting the phone up and still nothing...
  3. EpicGtab

    Thread Help: LG Optimus 4G LTE SU640 Root ICS 4.0.4

    Anyone has an idea of how to root this phone cause truthfully I've searching around and no luck. :crying:
  4. EpicGtab

    Thread Help! A1 Kernel cant work with CM9 Nightly

    Been trying for days & searching for days regarding this problem. The problem is that when I flash the A1 kernel into my tab it shows no signal & wifi won't turn on. So I wanna know anyone out there has a solution to this. Please help:crying: