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    Thread Internal Storage shows 4GB instead of 8GB

    Hello, I hope, that someone is reading this. First I had rooted my device flashed (restored) the custom ROM of denny.hell. It worked. A long time I didn't use the phone. But today I wanted to use it and then I see the internal storage shows 4GB instead of 8GB when I'm going to TWRP. But when I...
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    Thread Will there come any custom ROMS?

    Hello, I wanted to ask, if the would be come any custom ROMs, especially Viper? Are there any plannings by the devs? I hope I may ask such a question.
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    Thread Which Gapps should I use?

    Hi, I'm a bit confused because of the different gapps. First, I'm coming from an HTC device. And there was gapps always included in the ROM. But on nexus device, I saw that gapps must be flashed separately. And there is always recommended gapps in the topics of custom ROMs. But what I need...
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    Thread Which RIL should I take?

    Hi, I'm using BCM ICS with the latest radio ( and RIL (2.2.0019G). Now, i wanted to know, which RIL should i take, when i want to use a non-ICS ROM, or it doesn't maetter? Or which RIL do you suggest for non-ICS ROM? And can I use this RIL (2.2.0019G) with Miui ICS?
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    Thread [Q] High Battery consumption?

    Hello, i hope you can help me. I'm using MildWild 4.3 based on Oxygen 2.3.2 with Thalamus kernel. When my desire is on stand-by modus, it consumes 1 % per 45-55 minutes. Because of that i'm very glad. But when i use my desire, p.e when iuse play store without anything downloading it consumes 1...
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    Thread Restorage after format sd card

    Hello, i'm new here and my English isn't so good, but i have any questions regarding the sdcard and flashing. i mean, i have now alex-v1.8 gb sense hd rom. But i want change to MildWild V-4.3Final Based on Oxygen 2.3.2. Now i want backup my rom with 4ext rovery and save the file on my...