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    Post All GLOBAL STABLE MIUI ROMs - Latest Q (11/23/20)

    Because I responded to the person saying they couldn't get it? :confused: I already have it as an OTA. :)
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    Post All GLOBAL STABLE MIUI ROMs - Latest Q (11/23/20)

    My phone was bought direct from mi.com - but I'm in the UK.
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    Post Mi 10 Lite overnight battery drain on MIUI 12

    MIUI 12 was released within a few days of me getting the handset - I don't remember doing a hard reset, but it is possible. Definitely didn't after the newest update to 12.0.3 though.
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    Post Mi 10 Lite overnight battery drain on MIUI 12

    Mine has lost 30% in 36 hours, everything turned on except 5G as I'm nowhere near a 5G signal. Which seems about right for my normal usage.
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    Post Mi 10 Lite overnight battery drain on MIUI 12

    Mine has lost 9% since it turned on at 7am this morning - so 8 1/2 hours. I'll leave it on overnight tonight, but your loss does seem excessive. I'm also on 12.0.3 Global.
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    Post Is Mi 8 still worth buying at the end of 2020?

    Maybe I'm not typical - but at the moment, I can get three days between charges. Even when I'm away to the office, I could get 2 days.
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    Post Will there be anymore security updates now?

    I'm no lover of Samsung tablets - but the current S range are significantly more expensive than the M5 was. Though I believe Samsung have promised more updates for certain parts of their range than they did in the past.
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    Post EMUI 10 for our beloved M5 might be coming soon?

    I wouldn't say they've disappeared - but they are now using an AOSP build and have no access to Google Services out of the box. Which in turn reduces the practicality for many people, depending on the apps available in the App Gallery.
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    Post EMUI 10 for our beloved M5 might be coming soon?

    It's also not what Huawei promised - in theory, it was one major OS update, 2 years feature updates, and 3 years security patches. However, given the Huawei/China vs Trump thing I can understand that going out the window. However, as I keep asking, who else does supported, decent Android...
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    Post EMUI 10 for our beloved M5 might be coming soon?

    It's now dropped off the support list completely - so don't expect any more updates. Still, at least in the UK/EU it's had more support than most Android providing manufacturers. https://consumer.huawei.com/en/support/bulletin/ Now what other reasonably priced, higher spec android tablets are...
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    Post Will there be anymore security updates now?

    I agree - and it's nigh on impossible to get a branded tablet of the similar modern spec at a sensible price. Or one that gets updates.
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    Post Will there be anymore security updates now?

    I'm not sure you can the blame on either Huawei or Google on that one....
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    Post Will there be anymore security updates now?

    According to https://consumer.huawei.com/en/support/bulletin/ it is no more on the list. Has only just been removed, as it was there last month. So there might be one last patch left (optimistic me...)
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    Thread FireOS Versions - Fire HD 10 2017

    Quick question - a friend and I both bought some Fire HD 10 2017 models on teh recent Amazon price reduction. Been doing the system updates, and both got OS updates to an earlier version. Anyone got an idea why this has happened? Amazon say current version is
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    Post Mediapad M5 - 8.4" updated 25th April -

    Just got the May security update. 335
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    Post EMUI 10 Roadmap - M5 not present

    If anything, I've found Huawei better than most for updates. We've had a lot of discussion about the situation with Google and the US, at which point I changed to a Xiaomi phone, but still pleasantly surprised to get updates on my M5. A colleague on the other hand, had hardly had any updates...
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    Post All GLOBAL STABLE MIUI ROMs - Latest Q (11/23/20)

    OTA - and not done any formats, cache clearing, etc. Only the stuff from the security and cleaning system apps.
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    Post All GLOBAL STABLE MIUI ROMs - Latest Q (11/23/20)

    My handset was updated to 11.0.3 on Android 10 last week, and to be honest, I can't say I've noticed any real difference battery wise.
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    Post Mediapad M5 and Play Protect

    Fair enough - cleared the data, and it's back to certified. Thanks.
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    Thread Mediapad M5 and Play Protect

    Quick quesion - I saw an article this morning on The Verge - https://www.theverge.com/2020/2/21/21147919/google-addresses-huawei-services-ban-android-trump-sideload-apps - where Google discuss Huawei devices and sideloading. There is mention in the article about Play Protect, and how to ensure...
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    Post All GLOBAL STABLE MIUI ROMs - Latest Q (11/23/20)

    UK 3 (well Sky moblle, rather than 3UK). :)
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    Post System settings update available [25/10/2019]

    Just happened to me for my Mediapad M5 (8.4").
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    Post So does thing have Android 9 or not???

    Just updated ot - September updates for the 8.4" UK version.
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    Post EMUI 9.1 for MediaPad M5 is coming soon

    My 8.4" has just gone 9.1. In the UK. Model SHT-W09, Build
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    Post Huawei MediaPad M6 - Worthy of an upgrade?

    Me too, on the 8" wifi version.
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    Post Update EMUI 9 on Honor 9

    3 handsets are sold unlocked - my wife has the same model as mine, and hers is definitely running Pie. Not sure of the exact build though. I'm fairly sure she gets updates about the same time as me though.
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    Post Update EMUI 9 on Honor 9

    Model STF-L09 - Build (C432E2R1P5) - it's UK SIM-free model purchased Feb last year. I've never had to push hicare for an update either.
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    Post Update EMUI 9 on Honor 9

    When I got 175 it had the May patch - I got 179 this week with the June patch.
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    Post US SHT-W09 (C567) - E-Mail from Huawei Support (Updated July 13th)

    The ban hasn't officially been lifted. Either way, Google had a 3 month licence to continue trading with Huawei until end of August iirc.
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    Post VoLte question

    Iirc, 3 UK used to say that the Honor 9 supported volte if purchased from them - handsets bought sim-free from elsewhere wouldn't. Which would suggest carrier firmware to enable it. However, 3 have only sold sim-free handsets for a few years now...
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    Post Hauwei and Google

    That depends on where you are - I'm guessing US - as 9 is certainly available in the EU.
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    Post EMUI 9 B182 -> no more Netflix

    I'm on 182 on my SHT-W09 model. Netflix works fine for me - current app version is 7.9.0 build 21 (code 34223)
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    Post Magazine unlock pictures update

    On my Honor 9 there's a setting under Home Screen & Wallpapers - seems to be missing on my MediaPad though. ---------- Post added at 03:02 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:00 PM ---------- It's the system that rotates lock screen pictures - on the Honor/Huawei phones they download...
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    Post Emui 9.0/Android 9 Pie available on UK Mediapad 10.8

    Possibly that quote doesn't work in the UK - over here it's "Where's Wally?". For some reason the name was changed to Waldo when they started selling it abroad.
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    Post Android pie is out!

    My wife has the same phone, bought through 3 - so SIM free, but 3 supplied. She can't see an update yet either. Was a 3.35GB download, and took about 50 mins to download and install.
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    Post Android pie is out!

    Got my update this morning - not rooted or unlocked, bought SIM free, and on 3 network.
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    Post Update EMUI 9 on Honor 9

    Got it in the UK this morning.
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    Post EMUI 9 Stable is now available for M5

    I didn't do a reset after installing Emui 9, but I did get an update to Netflix last night.
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    Post 5Ghz WiFi not working after updating to EMUI 9 (Pie)

    I've a wifi only M5 8 - both 2.4 and 5GHz wifi is fine for me on Emui 9.
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    Post Finally EMUi9 and Pie

    Nope - never rooted or unlocked it. Model SHT-W09, and version is
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    Post Finally EMUi9 and Pie

    Got EMUI 9 on my UK m5 8 (wifi) last night.
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    Post Update 385

    Over the past year, I must have had 8 or 9 updates to my Honor 9 - bought Feb 2018, sim-free. This is also my third? update (B385) this year, as I has 2 updates earlier, both with the January 2019 patches.
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    Post Update EMUI 9 on Honor 9

    Sorry if you felt I'd insulted you. I personally don't feel saying your comment is daft is an insult. More that is was a silly or daft comment. Huawei historically were bad at doing updates, but nowadays they are certainly better than a lot of other companies. As I said I think I've had at...
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    Post Update EMUI 9 on Honor 9

    Silly Don't be daft - my Honor 9 has had quite a few updates in the last year, and so has my MediaPad M5. I'm certainly happier than I was on my previous handset manufacturer, which was Motorola.
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    Post Update 385

    UK - only updated to 379 last week - no sign yet of anything newer.
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    Post Google News

    No ideas, but I get the same. My phone, an honor 9, is fine though.
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    Post USB-C - 3.5mm headphone adapter

    The one I bought for my M5 8.4 was https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/USB-C-Type-C-To-3-5mm-Audio-Cable-Adapter-Aux-Headphone-Jack-For-Google-Huawei/192602678891?hash=item2cd803a66b:m:mTROBXmtYcyehHK4G3vWF6A:rk:1:pf:0 Only used it a couple of times, but seems solid enough.
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    Post No marketplace in tablet "Themes" app (SHT-W09)

    I've got At the bottom of the app, you have a "me" button, then scroll down to get the location option. App was updated from within itself, possibly after a firmware update.
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    Post No marketplace in tablet "Themes" app (SHT-W09)

    If you open the most up to date version of the themes app, under settings somewhere you can change locale to other countries - when you do that the themes start appearing in vast quantities depending on the setting. Both paid and free themes and wallpapers. Seems the UK locale has nothing...