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    Post [v8] Aidan's ROM [S905X] [Android TV 9] [Netflix TV] [Disney+] [Google Play Certified] [ROOT]

    I have t95m box 2g 8g s905x works perfect with v7.5 android 7.1.2 with universal 7.5 firmware with bluetooth 4.1 patch i have wifi and bluetooth working. with v8 android 9 i installed firmware #3 wifi works but no bluetooth. is there a way to make the 4.1 bluetooth patch from v7.5 work with v8...
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    Post [v8] Aidan's ROM [S905X] [Android TV 9] [Netflix TV] [Disney+] [Google Play Certified] [ROOT]

    to answer my own question, i tried to dirty flash it was stuck on boot screen. clean install worked. Update: i forgot to uncheck erase boot, only unchecked erase flash thats why dirty flash didn't work.
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    Post [v8] Aidan's ROM [S905X] [Android TV 9] [Netflix TV] [Disney+] [Google Play Certified] [ROOT]

    can v8 be dirty flashed onto v7 of this rom to save apps and settings?
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    Post [v7.5] Aidan's ROM [S905X] [ATV 7.1.2] (Lag & Bloat Free, Pre Rooted, Samba & Miracast) [TV NETFLIIX] 2021 Update!

    just installed 7.5 universal along with bluetooth 4.1 fix on my t95m s905x 2g 8g (S/N: 905X0915JA, Mac: C42AFE). works good except the clock display. which clock patch would work for this device? also any way of getting peacock app to work? nbc app works but not peacock. excellent rom thanks
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    Post [v8] Aidan's ROM [S905X] [Android TV 9] [Netflix TV] [Disney+] [Google Play Certified] [ROOT]

    Tryed my zidoo x6 pro ir remote on 9.0 firmware on sammix r95. It works purfectly if anybody is looking for ir remote.
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    Post [v7.5] Aidan's ROM [S905X] [ATV 7.1.2] (Lag & Bloat Free, Pre Rooted, Samba & Miracast) [TV NETFLIIX] 2021 Update!

    i have leelbox q2 s905x 2gb 8gb 7.5 rom wifi works but on 9 rom wifi not working. how can i fix ? thanks
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    Post [v7.5] Aidan's ROM [S905X] [ATV 7.1.2] (Lag & Bloat Free, Pre Rooted, Samba & Miracast) [TV NETFLIIX] 2021 Update!

    hi. is ther a way to get Peacock tv working? it exits to launcher after Peacock splash screen. thanks
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    Post [v7.5] Aidan's ROM [S905X] [ATV 7.1.2] (Lag & Bloat Free, Pre Rooted, Samba & Miracast) [TV NETFLIIX] 2021 Update!

    Just installed 7.5 on leelbox q2. Works perfect but version shows 7.4. Is version number not changed to 7.5?
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    Post Q18 SmartWatch looks good!

    You are missing INT_BOOTLOADER in your backup. do you have rom backup file unextracted ?
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    Post Universal ReadBack Extractor for mtk feature watchphones

    DZ09 Clone mt6260da firmware readback extractor Help hi. I backed up 4mb firmware from DZ09 mt6260da but every version of readback extractor keeps failing (binary data is not compatible with mtk). Thanks in advance for any help. Zipped rom file below. Thanks
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    Post Wi-Fi Calling

    I had same problem but before adress it showed something about disabling blocklist. I logged in online sprint.com and removed call and text blocklist and tried wifi calling again and it connected no errors.
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    Post [ROM] [MM 6.0.1] KatshMallow v29 [TF201]

    Flickering black line gone I had same problem but using recommended settings on first page all problems gone. Best Performance: - 1600mhz with Bfq schedular - Settings/MediaScanner Filters --> uncheck Scan - Developer options --> force GPU rendering
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    Post Nobis NB07 and DA-741QHD rooting and ROM thread

    Nobis NB07 Radioshack root I just rooted my nobis nb07 bought from RadioShack android 4.2.2 ( I notice they now have same model with android 4.4 if anyone one can backup and upload if you have that version). I had to use both iroot and kingo root. At first I tryed to root with Kingo but no go...
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    Post [Q] Root S4 unable to use Screen Mirror or Allshare?

    Fix forr Hdcp error screen mirroring not working Just purchased ematic MDB114. after a day of trying to get screen mirroring to work on sprint Samsung s4 l720 and searching the net I found on xda forum easy fix that worked. One line has to be change from 1 to 0 . I used es file explorer to...
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    Post Milaq CM11 kernel 3.0 auto updater not working

    I us autoupater to download update and install with cwm recovery manually.
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    Post Best Rome with HP Touchstone

    I've been on milaqs cm11 3.0 kernel for couple weeks now. I have no problems using the touchstone charger as its my primary charger. I previously had milaqs cm10.2 running and also official cm9 with no problems charging with touchstone charger. I've used the hptp recently till it shut its self...
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    Post ROM] [NIGHTLY] [KitKat] [4.4] CyanogenMod 11.0 nightlies [3.0 kernel]

    This happened to me as well. You can some what fix this in the latest update by long press on desktop then click on little arrow on bottom middle of screen just above widget and change grid to 5x7. Then you'll be able to use the full screen for icons on desktop. But the bottom row you can only...
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    Post [Q] anybody else having issues on milaqs cm11 build?

    milaq cm11 4.4.4 latest update Running Milaq cm11 4.4.4 latest update. Everything seems to be working fine. Solid ROM.
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    Post CM11 Video Issue

    milaq cm11 3.0 kernel I've been on milaqs cm11 3.0 kernel kitkat 4.4.4 for a couple weeks now and I have no problems with youtube video and no problems with Netflix latest update ( you still have to Waite 15 to 20 seconds for Netflix video to clear up but it works perfect after that). Very...
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    Milaq CM11 I've been using Milaqs cm10.2 ROM. Very solid ROM except the bluetooth problem. Today I updated to milaq cm11 and Bluetooth seems to be working perfect. Big thanks to milaq and everyone else who keeps the HP touchpad alive. I am now able to use both my ipega Bluetooth gamepad and...