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  1. Pecata

    Thread [Q] Facebook notifications do not work

    Anyone else having issue with Facebook notifications? Every other app works fine - Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn..etc. I checked my app settings and notification settings within Android and everything seems to be in order. Even re-installed the Facebook app and still no dice. When I open the...
  2. Pecata

    Thread In case you did not know...

    You can hide the 'running in the background' notification without a third-party app - http://www.androidpolice.com/2017/10/26/android-8-1-feature-spotlight-can-hide-running-background-notification-without-third-party-app/
  3. Pecata

    Thread Oreo Colorizer

    Hello, this is an amazing little app that solves the dull color problem of the Pixel 2 XL. If that bothered you, download and install this little app-in my experience it works great! You can read all about it here -...
  4. Pecata

    Thread Gboard v6.0

    Hello, here is the article about the Google Keyboard update 6.0, which makes it Gboard - http://www.androidpolice.com/2016/12/12/google-keyboard-now-gboard-v6-0-update-includes-integrated-search-dedicated-number-row-multiple-active-languages-apk-download/ You can download it from here...
  5. Pecata

    Thread No app shorcuts on Google Now Launcher?

    I thought we were suppose to have app shortcuts after updating to 7.1.1 on Nexus 6P. Mine aren't there...it just moves the icon, it doesn't even give me the option for a shortcut. Anyone else having this issue?:eek:
  6. Pecata

    Thread [Q] Sustem UI stopped working...

    Never Mind, please delete post
  7. Pecata

    Thread How much is the total ram in your Nexus 6P?

    I just noticed that on my 6P the total ram the os reporting is 2.6Gb. Is that normal? I can't remember but I am pretty sure on my nexus 6 was more. Anyone else noticed this?
  8. Pecata

    Thread [Q] Does anyone know is the difference in the latest builds?

    Sorry if this has been answered already-I couldn't find it... What is the difference between MDB08L and MDB08M build? I just got my Nexus 6P yesterday and it was on the initial build MDA89D. Today I got an OTA to MDB08L... Does anyone know what the difference between L and M build is? I am on...
  9. Pecata

    Thread Does anyone know is the difference in the latest builds?

    Please delete-duplicate post
  10. Pecata

    Thread Factory Images for 6P are up!

    https://developers.google.com/android/nexus/images?hl=en Now all we need is to get our hands on our devices....
  11. Pecata

    Thread Chrome bug...I think

    Something I have noticed today-when I load a page in chrome on my nexus 6, along the right edge there are images that are almost like a mirror image to whatever is on the screen-but it's not clickable or scrollable... Its really weird-has anyone seen this? Just look to the right-where the scroll...
  12. Pecata

    Thread Does anyone know what Over-Counted is?

    I have been seeing this in my battery stats and I have no clue what it represents. It just says over-counted...does anyone know what this is? Thank you.
  13. Pecata

    Thread I did something extremely dumb!!!

    Hopefully there is a way to fix it... I recently installed M and I attmpted to root it but got the root partially somehow-I was able to install busybox and delete app from the system folder, however I did not have rights to write to the system folder for some reason-I was attempting to edit...
  14. Pecata

    Thread Root partition almost full?

    I have flashed marshmallow and I attempted to root but for some reason system partition still isn't writeable... Anyway-now my root partition show I only have 4kb of free space..I am worried that would create an issue? Any idea why that happened? How can I fix it? Thank you
  15. Pecata

    Thread Android Marshmallow Boot Animation

    Check out the new Android boot animation-I personally like it a lot. http://www.androidpolice.com/2015/08/17/the-latest-android-marshmallow-preview-comes-with-a-spiffy-new-boot-animation/ If someone installs the dev preview 3 and is willing-please share the boot animation here. Thanks in...
  16. Pecata

    Thread Monthly OTA updates from Google

    This is new: http://www.androidpolice.com/2015/08/05/google-announces-new-update-policy-for-nexus-devices-including-monthly-security-patches-for-3-years-and-major-otas-for-2-years-from-release/ That would be a real pain for us rooted users....but I guess the security patches are a good thing
  17. Pecata

    Thread Google + stopped working???

    I have no idea why but just within the last hour my Google + app keeps force closing the second I launch it! I tried clearing app data, even uninstalled and reinstalled all the updates and the app still doesn't work...anyone else having this issue? Edit: So I tried running the app after...
  18. Pecata

    Thread Android 5.1.1 around the corner

    It looks like android 5.1.1 will be coming soon... http://www.androidpolice.com/2015/04/02/android-5-1-1-spotted-in-sdk-manager-suggests-new-lollipop-update-is-right-around-the-corner/ I hope this update combines all the fixes from the previously released builds.
  19. Pecata

    Thread Has anyone experienced this notification bar glitch?

    This happens sometimes...it's completely random and it only happens on the lock screen. I have tried 3 different builds of 5.1 and all of them have this bug. I can't figure out what is causing it. Never had this issue on 5.0.1. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
  20. Pecata

    Thread Anyone tried the 47I build on T-Mobile?

    Has anyone tried the latest 47I build on Tmobile? Is it working properly? I am running the 47E build and when VoLTE is enabled and I have no bars in LTE and attempt to make a call my dialer freezes saying Dialing and can't hang up or dial anymore until I reboot. I wonder if that has been fixed...
  21. Pecata

    Thread Dialer Hangs if LTE signal is weak.

    I have updated to the 47E build and I do have a better signal with the 98R radio, however ever since upgrading to 5.1 with VoLTE enabled on Tmobile if I have a weak LTE signal sometimes when I dial a number the dialer hangs and it just says dialing, if I attempt to hang up it gets stuck on...
  22. Pecata

    Thread Anyone getting Marmalade error?

    I am running stock, rooted. I have disabled the navigation buttons(to prevent burn in) using LMT Pie Controls and now when I launch Plasma Sky and attempt to connect to Play Games I get the errors below. Once I dismiss the second pop-up the game closes. Does anyone else have issues like that...
  23. Pecata

    Thread Google Now Not Displaying Cards After Awhile

    Does anyone have this issue? After about 60hrs of reboot Google Now just stops to display any cards and it is just blank with the google searchbar on top... I have Google Now enabled and never had this issue before. Tried clearing cache and app data and that doesn't fix the issue. Only reboot...
  24. Pecata

    Thread 4.2 Fixed Clock Widget

    I didn't see this posted unless I have missed it-If I did I am sorry. This fixes the font of the clock widget-you can chose it to be all bold or normal...and it's free. Here it is: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.alamoapps.unboldedclockwidget Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using...
  25. Pecata

    Thread [Q] Battery Not Discharging...?

    I just got my TP 4 days ago and installed all the latest updates. Something I've noticed is that my battery was showing 87% for 2 days straight. I just realized that and when I went to battery stats it was showing ''Battery 87%-Unknown''. Rebooted and my Prime showed me 4% battery. I am charging...
  26. Pecata

    Thread Just received Google Play udate

    Just got it...it looks exactly the same as the previous market except the icon is different and the version of the app is now 3.4.6 here are some screen-shots
  27. Pecata

    Thread [Q] Phone Lagging Terribly when using Wi-Fi

    Every time when I connect to a Wi-Fi network my phone starts to lag really bad. I've tried different Rom's and it seems to be a problem on all of them. Anyone know a fix for that? Thanks.
  28. Pecata

    Thread Nexus Prime Boot Animation

    Hi guys. I found this cool animation from the upcoming Nexus Prime and I thought I will share it with you. Tested it and it works fine! Looks pretty nice too. Here is the link to the post...
  29. Pecata

    Thread Skype or Gtalk video calling?

    Guys, I really want to use the video call feature in gtalk or skype but neither works on our phones. Has anyone managed to make either work? I am running xboarder56's latest gingerbread OTA Rom 1.2.1. Thanks in advance. Sent from my LG-P999 using XDA App
  30. Pecata

    Thread Wi-Fi issues still present after the Gingerbread update:-(

    Wi-Fi issues remain after the Gingerbread update...:-( When I connect to a wireless network and try to stream or upload something my phone starts to lag. Now I cannot connect to a Wi-Fi network and have to reboot my phone. This is the exact behavior before the update...nothing has been fixed in...
  31. Pecata

    Thread Google Shopper keeps disappearing after reboot after Gingerbread update.

    Have you guys noticed that the google shopper app keeps disappearing every time you reboot you phone and have reinstall it so you can use it again? Pretty strange! Sent from my LG-P999 using XDA App
  32. Pecata

    Thread [Q] How to officially update P999DWP phone?

    I tried updating my phone trought the LG update tool and keeps saying that my phone has the latest software. I don't why LG would release an update and not make it so it will fit all the G2X's. Doens't make sense!!! Is there a way around it? I don't really want to root my phone. Any help is...
  33. Pecata

    Thread So no Updates for us with LGP999DWP?

    It says that there is no update available for my phone. Is anyone else having the same issue? Re installed the drivers and tried multiple times to reconnect phone-no success. Has anyone with LGP999DWP updated to the gingerbread yet?
  34. Pecata

    Thread Software Update

    According to LG software update should be available. When I go to Mobile support page and select T-Mobile G2x and click on phone software update it has LGP999DW software upgrade available. I've tried t connect the phone with the phone app and check for update and it says no update available...
  35. Pecata

    Thread [Q] Gingerbread Keyboard

    Hey Guys, I was not able to find a good Gingerbread Keyboard for G2x. It is either too small looking or weird looking. Do you guys know where can I get one of those? Thanks.
  36. Pecata

    Thread No Audiable Notifications and/or Vibrate from time to time

    Hi Guys I have the T-mobile G2 running stock software-hasn't been rooted or anything. I've noticed that the phone will stop audiable notifiations and vibrate on then for unknown reason. It does that eventually every time after reboot, the only way to fix it is to reboot the phone or if I receive...
  37. Pecata

    Thread No Audible notifications from time to time....

    Once in awhile the phone will stop vibrating and it won't ring if I get email, text message or IM. Changed My SIM Card, even factory restored the phone and it still does it from time to time. Do you guys have a similar issue? After rebooting the phone the problem is fixed-but it's only...