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    Thread Saygus dead?

    Can anyone confirm this rumour? Skickat från min ONEPLUS A5010 via Tapatalk
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    Post Androud doesn't support call recording

    Yes, it dies. What Androud version are you using?
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    Thread Snapdragon 835 and Android >8.1?

    When the V² was announced, it had the 801 processor. Years later, someone steely-eyed tweeted that Snapdragon wouldn't supposed the next Android version (was it 7 Nougat?) on the 801 chip. Saygus acted and upgraded to the 835 chip. Now, even newer chips have been released. Is there any...
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    Post OnePlus 6T

    Do you mean the 5T?
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    Post [MOD][ROOT][LM-G710EM][MAGISK]v16

    Same thing occurred om v10b. When I rooted, hotspot didn't work. I live in Sweden, if that matters ..
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    Post [MOD][ROOT][LM-G710EM][MAGISK]v16

    I believe not. Hotspot works before root. Skickat från min LM-G710 via Tapatalk
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    Post [MOD][ROOT][LM-G710EM][MAGISK]v16

    With the tremendous help from you guys, I have My v10f rooted now. The only bug I've notices is that hot spot doesn't work. Is there anything I can try? Skickat från min LM-G710 via Tapatalk
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    Post Working GCam apks (normal/wide). Be proud of having the best camera ever.

    I can't get slowmotion recording to work. Either app just closes. Skickat från min LM-G710 via Tapatalk
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    Post LM-G710EM v10f KDZ by Kedge

    I have same phone and firmware. But what should we do with the KDZ file? Any way to root it? (Newbie) Skickat från min LM-G710 via Tapatalk
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    Post LM-G710EM v10d KDZ

    Swedish newbie here..... I was on v10b and rooted it. Now upgraded to v10f through computer as FOTA failed. Root is of course gone. Is there any root for v10f yet? Skickat från min LM-G710 via Tapatalk
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    Post Software updates

    is root preserved if updating to v10f? or can I reapply root afterwards?
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    Thread v10f root?

    I'm on v10b now and it's rooted. Now the phone alerts me that fw v10f is available. Will I loose root if I update? And if so, can I re-root it? Skickat från min LM-G710 via Tapatalk
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    Post [MOD][ROOT][LM-G710EM][MAGISK]v16

    I cannot get any device to connect to my rooted G7. I suspect that root caused this. Should I try a static IP? If so, in what range? Skickat från min LM-G710 via Tapatalk
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    Post Advanced Charging Controller (acc)

    It IS open source. Just download the Tasker stuff! I have no clue about various hardware support. Just built the app with the help of Tasker's app factory. If your processor supports Tasker, this should be no problem.
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    Post Good Wireless Charger?

    I use a few of these throughout the house. Nice to have by the computer or sofa :) http://naztech.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=370&product_id=639
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    Post Advanced Charging Controller (acc)

    Thank you so much for this spendid Magisk module! I used half this weekend to try to figure out how I personally wanted to use this great feature. It turned out to be a nifty and f'ugly UI "app". Try it for your self, either with the attached apk or Tasker project! So instead of making tons of...
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    Post [VOLVO SCT] Volvo Sensus Connected Touch (car - navi - audio)

    is this method valid also for the 2018 version of Sensus (for example on the new XC60)?
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    Post Android Head Unit GPS apps??

    With the app "Here WeGo" you can install maps offline and run it with no data connection
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    Post vaporware?

    no final-version is built and sent yet. Saygus just recently got enough parts from subcontractors to finalize the FIRST phones. As of yet - NOTHING official statement from the Slayguys yet.
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    Post [Discussion] SAYGUS V2

    I make that to a yearly rate at 5,5392%. That's good. I got 0 interest when I cancelled mine. I even got LESS money back, because I didn't pay in USD. Lost money both on the transfer to and from USD. :(
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    Post [Discussion] SAYGUS V2

    how much is the interest? any fixed, yearly percentage?
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    Post [Discussion] SAYGUS V2

    Thanks for your input. You're probably right. I believe we both can agree that Saygus sucks at informing their customers. Trying to be sneaky while doing it is even worse.
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    Post [Discussion] SAYGUS V2

    So, on Saygus' Twitter page, they claim to be done with development, and has begun production. source! I hope that means that the water-proofing is up to par with the standards, and that multi-boot works as promised. The latter could of course be resolved with a software update later on, but...
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    Post [Q] Solved Help - Baseband version - unknown

    tried asking the person you bought it from? I've heard that installing a firmware/rom twice in a row can help things. try that! good luck!
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    Post [Discussion] SAYGUS V2

    Their support has quit! Due to an unforseen issue with my order, I contacted Saygus support. The issue needs to be resolved before deadline today, or I'm cancelling it. The support e-mailed me back (quite quickly, I must admit!) with some questions. That was 2 days ago. They were very fast...
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    Post [ROM][I9295][5.0.1] Super WizCyan [debloated, deodexed, rooted + Addon Package]

    I edited my hosts file myself, and deleted 2 lines. The app works as it should now. Thanks for the tip, and I'm sorry I blamed your rom. :)
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    Post [ROM][I9295][5.0.1] Super WizCyan [debloated, deodexed, rooted + Addon Package]

    News-app doesn't work. Link to app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=se.expressen.launcher It's a Swedish newspaper. Its homepage is www.expressen.se App opens, but nothing happens when I click on an article or any other link in the app. It has been like this at least from update...
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    Post [ROM][I9295][5.0.1] Super WizCyan [debloated, deodexed, rooted + Addon Package]

    Youtube broken? When using the Youtube app, video is corrupt. Am I missing some addons?
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    Post [ROM][I9295][5.0.1] Super WizCyan [debloated, deodexed, rooted + Addon Package]

    For any others who have problems installing this rom (like black screen on boot), this worked for me: 1. Download and install this firmware: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0ByY8uLVuRKD2NDZYYVBaamlrMkk/edit 2. Download and install (through Odin) CWM 6.0.5...
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    Post [ROM][I9295][5.0.1] Super WizCyan [debloated, deodexed, rooted + Addon Package]

    Black screen on boot (after Samsung logo) Hey! I tried installing your rom on full wipe (on CWM 6.0.5 and other alternatives). All of them result in black screen on reboot after installing rom zip (even if I'm trying installing SU.zip afterwards). I live in Sweden and am using the...
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    Post softbricked (i think) i537

    can you get into download mode? if so, just reflash the lot with odin.
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    Post [Rom] [Unofficial] BeanStalk 4.4.4 based on CM11.0 [14.07.14]

    Same issue here. I'm in Sweden on a 4G-network.
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    Post [Discussion] What's your next smartphone / What should I buy

    I'm not sure what to get next. I'm having a SGS4 Active right now. I'm very satisfied with it, but the large display of 5" is sometimes too big for my hand. A smaller smartphone, with great battery performance is what I'm looking for. And of course, good custom rom support.
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    Post Three word story

    underneath his cloak
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    Post Root in 30 seconds - GT-I9295

    usaftl ah, you mean for the USA-only, AT&T proprietary, locked bootloader-version (i537)?
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    Post [Q] S4 Active vs Xperia Z1

    I have a S4 Active and am more than satisfied with its water-resistance capabilities. Haven't you considered another water-resistant phone, like the Galaxy S5 or Xperia Z2?
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    Post Bean Stalk 4.4.2 for I9295 = Awesome

    which version are you using?
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    Post External Battery Review: Lepow Moonstone

    Any price on this? This is something my girlfriend wants!!
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    Post VIDONN X5: The low cost sport bracelet (40$)

    will look further on this accessory :D
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    Post [Q] Actually considering trading my S4 Active for a SIII. Should I or shouldnt I?

    see if the international version can work in the USA. It doesn't have the bootloader locked, neither is it bound with any carrier.