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  1. TheDudestPriest504

    Thread Purchased a Scratch & Dent LG V40 Thinq from Woot.com

    Hello all, I purchased a LG V40 Scratch & Dent from Woot.com that is supposed to be unlocked, but it doesn't read my sim card and when I boot it up, I get a Sprint logo screen during the boot process and when I go to settings > status at the bottom it says "Brand" with Sprint below it. Anyone...
  2. TheDudestPriest504

    Thread After flashing custom rom, my Motorola One Action has bluetooth problems

    Hello everyone, hope all is well today. Here is my issue, anytime I flash a custom rom to my Motorola One Action (XT2013-4) everything will work fine, except for my Bluetooth. While, it will connect, when trying to play music via Bluetooth via my portable Bluetooth speaker and my Samsung...