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    Post MAGISK MODULE ❯ Universal SafetyNet Fix 1.1.0

    Unrelated to this thread, but yeah a few days ago both my OnePlus 7 Pro suddenly starting failing SafetyNet. One is Android 10 and the other is Android 11. Updated to latest version of Riru/EdXposed and still failed. Pretty sure something happened on the back-end. Can't seem to find many talking...
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    Post Is it possible to force 120hz?

    Would be great if you could... =(
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    Post [XPOSED][APP][5.0+] AllTrans - Completely Translate Apps

    Tried with latest version and used some other apps. It worked. It's possible I only specifically tried apps where it wasn't compatible, earlier. Great job making this tool, it's much appreciated! :cool:
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    Post [XPOSED][APP][5.0+] AllTrans - Completely Translate Apps

    Still haven't had any luck getting this working. Following the instructions yields the global error, and AllTrans doesn't seem to be working with the key generated with the workaround.
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    Post [XPOSED][APP][5.0+] AllTrans - Completely Translate Apps

    If SafetyNet is broken, make sure you are using the latest version of Riru Core and EdXposed 4.5.7 or newer (try the Alpha version if necessary). You should also be using both MagiskHide and the Application List on EdXposed. Hide Root from all Google applications. ---------- Post added at 02:11...
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    Post SafetyNet (Magisk/EdXposed) Tests Failing After Supposed Server-Side Changes

    I don't strictly need Amplify. It's a nice tool but not as helpful on the latest versions of Android. DisableFlagSecure is actually pretty helpful for taking screenshots in apps that don't allow them. Maybe there is a Magisk equivalent by now, but not aware. MinMinGuard for some ad-blocking. You...
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    Post SafetyNet (Magisk/EdXposed) Tests Failing After Supposed Server-Side Changes

    The Storage Isolation doesn't help for this issue, though it is an excellent concept that can fix certain problems with some applications. Making sure that Riru Core was updated to V21.1 (April 28) fixed the latest crackdown from Google. SafetyNet passed immediately after installing the latest...
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    Post SafetyNet (Magisk/EdXposed) Tests Failing After Supposed Server-Side Changes

    What Magisk module are you using? You have the 7 Pro with both Magisk and EdXposed, right? Yes. I always have the annoying apps hidden in Magisk and EdXposed. It has been fine since January/February. Google pushed some update on the back-end and/or some Google apps silently updated. Even...
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    Post SafetyNet (Magisk/EdXposed) Tests Failing After Supposed Server-Side Changes

    This failure to pass SafetyNet is for EdXposed users. Neither any Magisk module nor any Xposed module (i.e. HiddenCore) will resolve the issue. You can get the SafetyNet test seemingly passed in Magisk at best, but Google Pay and Pokémon GO would not work. Updating to the newer EdXposed builds...
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    Post SafetyNet (Magisk/EdXposed) Tests Failing After Supposed Server-Side Changes

    Thanks! I can confirm that switching to the current Canary Build (4542) fixed the SafetyNet issue. Whatever Google silently pushed has been resolved. Marvelous. Now I can play Pokémon GO :cool: ---------- Post added at 03:54 AM ---------- Previous post was at 03:53 AM ---------- Just...
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    Post SafetyNet (Magisk/EdXposed) Tests Failing After Supposed Server-Side Changes

    I have the same issue on the 7 Pro. SafetyNet is suddenly being tripped, and it stops being tripped if the EdXposed module is disabled/removed. This happened on Saturday, and I hadn't even rebooted. Something has definitely changed on Google's end. I have had no issues with Magisk + EdXposed for...
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    Post Ram management

    If you use Magisk, make sure to flash Ainur Sauron. That's an absolute game-changer for audio quality. I can't say the audio will quite compare to the Note 9 (I own it), but it should be fairly comparable to the S10+ (Have two in the family). The Note 9 has the advantage of actual front-facing...
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    Post [MAGISK][MOD][EOL] [v8]Stereo Speaker Mod For Oneplus 6 *AML COMPATIBLE*

    Awesome! Glad it's working for you. Enjoy the far superior sound quality :cool: ---------- Post added at 01:40 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:33 PM ---------- acervenky Appreciate the excellent work on this Mod. It was a huge help back when I had the 6T, and it works wonders for my...
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    Post [MAGISK][MOD][EOL] [v8]Stereo Speaker Mod For Oneplus 6 *AML COMPATIBLE*

    Tried V8, and using Ainor Sauron with the Stereo Speaker Mod results in no working audio after AML. Went back and tried the previous versions, but as expected, the versions pre-AML only left one mod working (Ainor) with no Dual Speakers (since AML simply didn't patch the files). Finally, it...
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    Post [Root] Get vertical recent apps view (must use custom launcher)

    Just uploaded a Titanium Backup with my settings for Xposed Edge. You can restore just the data from the back-up, and you'll have the same settings as me. I played around with all the settings a long time ago, and they are optimized to my liking in terms of sensitivity and travel distance as...
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    Post [Root] Get vertical recent apps view (must use custom launcher)

    No problem! I'm glad it helped, and apologies for the late response. You'll want to keep gestures enabled under settings but freeze the OnePlus Launcher. This will get rid of stock gestures while allowing you to use Xposed Edge on a clean full UI without conflict. If you don't disable stock...
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    Post [Root] Get vertical recent apps view (must use custom launcher)

    Yeah you need to use the newer EdXposed which works on Pie. Instructions for installation are in that thread, but you basically just need the Riru Core and EdXposed Magisk modules as well as the EdXposed Installer APK. The thread also lists all the modules that either work or have been updated...
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    Post [KERNEL] [February 4] OnePlus 7 Pro ElementalX 2.11 (Android 10)

    That's really great news. DC Dimming is the only thing I felt was missing with this (or any) custom kernel. Can confirm it's working perfectly with V1.11 and OOS 9.5.8.
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    Post Oneplus 7 Pro Screen Protectors

    I purchased this kit with LOCA Glue (UV Hardening) for $3.08. They have since raised the price to $3.74, but most sellers sell basically the same product in the $3-5 range. Also ordered from another seller as well just in case there were any issues. You can search up "OnePlus 7 Pro UV Glass" to...
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    Post Oneplus 7 Pro Screen Protectors

    You should just buy the $3 kits off Aliexpress. Even if you mess up the installation, you don't lose much money. If there's something actually wrong with the kit, you can ask for a refund or reimbursement. Takes time to arrive, so you can live with this compromise until then.
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    Post Oneplus 7 Pro Screen Protectors

    Woah you're like me! I also upgrade every generation :cool: ---------- Post added at 08:49 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:47 PM ---------- In general, you do not want to use the "full coverage" protectors with black borders where there is not full adhesive. They also often have a dot...
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    Post [Root] Get vertical recent apps view (must use custom launcher)

    I personally froze the launcher, and I use Xposed Edge for better gestures. I love this set-up, and it's much faster than stock.
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    Post Oneplus 7 Pro Screen Protectors

    OnePlus 7 Pro is roughly the same size as the Note 9. Maybe I'll be able to use that applicator tray when the UV curved glass protectors arrive from Aliexpress.
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    Post [APP][4.0.3+ & GB][XPOSED] LightningWall

    True yeah this module was amazing back in the day. Hope it gets updated, and the dev is incredible.
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    Post S10 or S10+?

    You can always adjust the DPI. I find the default to be way too large, so I do the opposite and reduce it on any device I use. You can also independently adjust the font size if you wish. Between those two settings, you should be able to get the right balance for yourself.
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    Post S10 or S10+?

    The Note 9 is much bigger (wider) than the 6T. I know what you mean, as the 6T does feel more comfortable in the hand since it is a smaller device. The S10+ has slightly smaller side bezels, so it is marginally less physically wide than the 6T despite having a larger (wider) display. The 6T has...
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    Post Phone speaker is AMAZING. Potential is hidden.

    The sound quality is greatly increased with this configuration versus just the AML Stereo Speaker Mod. However, the maximum volume is a little too loud with some unnecessary quality loss. It gets very loud. I ended up setting the Output Gain under Master Gate to -14.0dB. I also set the Earpiece...
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    Post No Android P For the Pixel C

    I ended up side-grading to the Tab S4 primarily for the excellent display. Snagged pretty reasonable prices as well and sold the Pixel-C at a profit.
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    Post Lg g7 thinq (lg710pm) to (g710ulm10g)

    Tried this on a whole bunch of converted G710PM running V10b-LAO-COM and claiming ULM with empty S/N under settings. On almost every unit, it gets stuck at 4% and gives an error: skip write protected lun Some units also do not have the "Refurbish" option in LGUp.
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    Post Google Fi Carrier Switching?

    OnePlus 6T has full support for T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, and US Cellular. For Verizon and US Cellular, it also supports every CDMA Band. For Sprint, it has every LTE Band and is missing one CDMA Band. Sprint doesn't allow unapproved devices on their network, and activation is tied to the...
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    Post OnePlus 6T stucked at unlocked bootloader screen

    Yeah just hold down Volume Up+Power for 15+ Seconds. That's it.
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    Post OnePlus 6T stucked at unlocked bootloader screen

    Had the exact same issue. Found this thread and this worked. I guess I didn't specifically try Volume Up and only did just Power or Power+Volume Down. Shrugs.
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    Post Root android pie 9.0

    Awesome I'm in TWRP. I wasn't even trying to flash Magisk (though it was previously installed before I updated to Pie yesterday). I'm shipping out the OP6 and just wanted to backup my stuff. However I first tried doing "fastboot boot recovery.img" with the latest TWRP. Didn't even want to...
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    Post Case included with phone

    Yep that's indeed the case ;) Didn't realize it until I checked the box when I selling the 5T. Then I realized I had one with the 6 as well. Definitely great that both a pre-applied protector and a case are included in the box. ---------- Post added at 10:13 PM ---------- Previous post was...
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    Post No Android P For the Pixel C

    I would have gotten a Tab S4 if it had a Snapdragon 845 :eek: I might stick with the Pixel-C for now. I'll see. I could probably sell it for more than purchase cost as re-sale value remains strong. Not so sure I'd want a Tab S4 since price depreciation is annoying.
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    Post No Android P For the Pixel C

    Which still makes it sad. Even the just newly released flagship Galaxy Tab S4 from Samsung has a year-old Snapdragon 835 with a weaker GPU than the Pixel-C. Tablets sadly aren't even being released with more firepower.
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    Post Dual 4G Dual VOLTE

    OnePlus added a Dual-4G option in the latest update for the OnePlus 6, so now it is definitely supported.
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    Post Best OnePlus 6 Screen Protectors

    The Nilken is full coverage? I'm fairly sure it isn't. In my experience, the non-adhesive dot matrix protectors are terrible and all other normal glass protectors (Like the Nillkin or any glass protector you can pick up for even $1-2) omit the sides of the device and do not cover the whole...
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    Post Why didn't Huawei use an AMOLED screen vs IPS?

    Not in Gaming/PC Mode on the most recent models. On the 2017 OLED the input lag is 21ms in virtually all situations. For pricing, you just have to wait until Black Friday for deals on the current year's models. That's the best time to buy a TV that will last you many years. Picked up the LG...
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    Post Nillkin tempered glass Oneplus 6

    I wish someone made a curved glass protector for OnePlus.
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    Post Rounded Corners : The best mod for OP5T screen

    Or a OnePlus 6. I don't understand the point of these rounded corners.
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    Post LG G5 (LS992) Getting No Data On T-Mobile

    You could sell this one and pick up one with older firmware off Swappa. I recently got a near-mint G5 for $100 flat.
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    Post Will there be a OnePlus with full Verizon US LTE support?

    That's actually incorrect. OnePlus has supported CDMA (Band 0) since the OnePlus 3. Sprint uses Band 1 and Band 10. Verizon uses Band 0 in almost all markets but there are quite a few major cities where they instead use Band 1 which OnePlus is still missing. Service on Verizon is tied to the...
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    Post Has anybody managed to buy a replacement power brick?

    Purchase receipt is not an issue, and they only asked for an invoice when I opened up a chat yesterday. I got an invoice from Amazon and uploaded that for them. Not sure if they actually would check the serial number. They might. Otherwise you could try a picture from another forum member...
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    Post So are you getting it ?

    Already purchased early today within a few hours from open sales. Trying to sell my OP5 as quickly as possible. Yes I upgrade pretty much every time OnePlus releases a new phone. They also tend to have very high resale value, so it's well worth it especially if I sell ahead of time. Also I...
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    Post [XPOSED] [NOUGAT] [CAN UNSTABLE] Xposed SDK25/24 for all arch

    So on the clean install, I wanted to try something. I did a Nandroid and restored it afterwards, and the same bootloop and automatic factory reset happened again. For some reason, Nandroids don't work. EDIT: Figured out why the Nandroids don't work. Updated to the K3 Build of TWRP and no...
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    Post [XPOSED] [NOUGAT] [CAN UNSTABLE] Xposed SDK25/24 for all arch

    Alright so it seems that if I let it wipe my data, it will boot fine now. However restoring my Nandroid (even if only the data portion) causes it to bootloop again and wipe itself. Not sure why.
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    Post [XPOSED] [NOUGAT] [CAN UNSTABLE] Xposed SDK25/24 for all arch

    Reflashing ROM, wiping the system partition, restoring Nandroid, repairing System partition all did absolutely nothing. Flashing the Full ROM also flashes the boot.
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    Post [XPOSED] [NOUGAT] [CAN UNSTABLE] Xposed SDK25/24 for all arch

    Flashing the last-working Nandroid failed as did flashing an older version of Magisk. And not sure why the device keeps factory resetting.