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    Thread [Q] List of TouchWiz ROMS?

    I was looking for a list of ROMS that was sorted by being AOKP, AOSP, TouchWiz, and the sort to kind of get an idea on what software options that I have. I'm mostly interested in the TouchWiz ROMS but I'm sure such a list would be good for other users interested in other bases. It seems like...
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    Thread [APP] Titanium Backup and Froyo - What settings can I restore without issue?

    If I restore all the settings labeled green I can't get a location fix with the Genie widget and I can't move apps to the SD card.
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    Thread Aldiko + Cyanogen 5.0.2-5.0.5

    Anyone else use Aldiko with one of those CM releases? I'm noticing that when you exit the book and return it returns to the beginning of the chapter which isn't normal behavior here. I don't know if it did this with the stock N1 or not but I know it isn't supposed to reset to chapter beginning...
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    Thread App data storage question

    Is there a particular place apps store data? The reason for this question is as follows: Awhile back before the cupcake releases I was using the JF RC33 build I flashed to one of Haykuro's builds (an H build I think but I don't remember). It never synced my contacts so I reverted back to RC33...