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    Post Phone Contacts Vanished(?) LG Stylo 4

    so....I guess ill take the lack of any replies as there is no non-root method of restoring her contacts bar sending her phone to its respective manufacturer/dealer kinda disappointed ngl
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    Thread Phone Contacts Vanished(?) LG Stylo 4

    My next door neighbor is a sweet old lady who we occasionally invite over for dinner and take care of stuff for her (lawn mowing/weeding/spraying, etc....), and she has this LG Stylo 4 phone and her carrier is metro by t-mobile. Now I forgot exactly when this happened, but she had all of her...
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    Thread Question(s) about android x86

    We can install custom roms of android to unlock certain features, install custom recoveries, custom anything at the cost of product support linked to the manufacture of said phone, but im a bit curious of android x86 and what modding capabilities we have with it. Can we modify it like we have...
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    Post [HOW-TO] Install Android x86 on any media ! [OPTIMA-TEAM]

    My computer doesn't have a BOIS setup, but it does have a BIOS setup; regardless, I should've mentioned that my windows is running in UEFI mode, secure boot is off (not supported in the first place), and windows is on a GPT partition style, so it shows up on BIOS as windows boot loader; when I...
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    Post [HOW-TO] Install Android x86 on any media ! [OPTIMA-TEAM]

    I got 2 HDD's on my computer, one is for windows, and one I plan on installing android x86; I installed it on the 2nd HDD, said yes to everything, rebooted, and it went straight to windows 10 I tried using EasyBCD, but no dice, so how do I set it so I can choose to boot from either the 1st HDD...
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    Thread Can it be done? (samsung tv question)

    This forum is the most active one regarding android phone hacks/root/firmware packages and etc.., but my question regards hacking something else; I have a samsung smart tv I got from newegg, and its been treating me good, but it keeps installing tv apps like spotify, fandango, and others without...
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    Thread Not many choices for themes?

    I run a samsung galaxy s7 (qualcomm), and I run the nova launcher as a replacement for the default touchwiz home launcher. I have only one theme downloaded to my phone (Purple Tech by prapas chantavali, from the samsung theme store/app), and I like it, mostly for the purple color. Most themes I...
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    Post Wi-fi Keeps shutting off

    In the end I uninstalled McAfee for my phone, and when I went to set my phone to max power saving mode, instead of 10 hours of battery life, it jumped up to about 3 days worth of battery and the Wi-Fi stopped turning itself off. Means that McAfee's new update is eating more power than it has...
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    Thread Lock Screen shows icon vomit

    I don't know how my mom did it, but her lockscreen isn't set to just a simple wallpaper. Instead, she has it so every icon that can show in the top right activated, making it impossible to see the battery meter when unplugged. Here is a picture to show what i mean Unlocking the phone fixes...
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    Thread Wi-fi Keeps shutting off

    My phone is running the android oreo update, and for some reason the wifi keeps turning off (not just a connection loss) without my permission after a set amount of time, forcing me to re-activate it. I checked the wifi control history, and its saying the McAfee Security app is doing it (im a...
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    Post Can't Downgrade samsung system app

    To sum it all up, you're saying that I have to get an exynos/international version of any Android phone if I want to root and or flash a custom ROM, correct? And if I do, could I still use it with a US phone carrier, like AT&T or MetroPCS afterwards? And even if I could use it with a US phone...
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    Post Can't Downgrade samsung system app

    So at this point, my only option is to switch to a new phone that can be used by Odin, or just standard root my phone and flash a custom rom of a different type, right?
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    Post Can't Downgrade samsung system app

    im using the default Android OS (7.1 nougat), no custom ROMs, and this android phone was bought at an AT&T retailer; if the right chance comes, I would be willing to flash a custom rom (probably LineageOS) after I get it unlocked (doubt ill be updating to a newer phone unless there's an actual...
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    Post Can't Downgrade samsung system app

    what would I have to do to diagnose this if possible, and if it can't be, am I pretty much at a dead end?
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    Thread Can't Downgrade samsung system app

    the samsung device maintenance system app worked alright in the past, but I've been seeing a few people not liking the new update since it apparently targets more than what it should; I aimed to not update it at all, but while I was updating apps before I went to sleep yesterday, that app...