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    Post New 950

    Help, now works fine, thanks
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    Post New 950

    How to update, Windows update tels OS is updated to last version. True is that version is 1607 which is not last. Any suggestion?
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    Post New 950

    Are you connected via WiFi or SIM Card? Is SIM Card inserted?
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    Thread New 950

    Hi. Have Microsoft 950 and trying to make phone running. When reset, I can not login via my MS Account, so used local account. After setup done, I cannot install any app (store is inaccessible, or app crash, or "something wrong" I cannot install even a browser. Just able to make calls, read...
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    Post ALL ABOUT Android 7.0 FOR S7 & S7 EDGE

    BTW: beta programme for UK reopen...
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    Post [Q] Forwarding e-mail problems

    Hi. I have same problem with Lotus Notes Traveler over ActiveSync. Seems like mail app expect server will manage original mail and attachment. Only solution I found is: when forwarding, clict to "edit previous message info" button and edit at least one character, it helps send complete mail...