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    Post Q7+ on metro pcs

    Roflmao, theres always a try, since i paid full price, and also i didnt said its rootable or whatsoever, i just post cuz i didnt have the oem unlock option , after i uodate and fac reset, seem u r on your period, and since u r seem to be impolite just to me nor called disrespect, to be honest i...
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    Post Q7+ on metro pcs

    Just a heads up, since i got it, i check the dev option didnt see the oem unlock, but after few update, i decided to do cache wipe, but its factory reset, maybe theres no recovery mode or i press yes twice, after everything up, unlock the dev option again just want to change the anination, but...
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    Post k20 plus stock rom file?

    Ugh... Google is your friend Keyword: t-mobile k20 plus firmware All of those custom roms all buggy and unstable, esp its same dev's port, from the 1st day i already knew it, and wont bother it, stock rooted and bloat remove its the best for all low end phone. Some minors tweak with init.d...
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    Post Volume boost

    You welcome, now i can able to hear while walking too.;)
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    Thread Volume boost

    Speaker volune boost for k20plus Trying to mod the earpiece too, i dont know its work or not already included. -Will test more for earpiece or if you know let me know. Replace to system/etc Permission 0644 Backup always recommend. Best with SAURON Audio Mod ( plus addon if you want)...
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    Post [MOD] Gov Tuner Project (November 10th 2018)

    I still prefer script over an app, lightweight and less process then app.
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    Post Boost Net_speed by Network Tuning on nexus 5

    Good job bro, its does improve alots of speed, i cant barely watch youtube on 240p now i able to watch 360p, tyvm for the mod, and worest metro plus tmobile service ever, been almost 20 years no improvement, i dont see any benefit join em after this month contract end.
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    Post SM-J327T & SM-J327T1 forgotten by Samsung

    This is a bussiness that how they do, they are on market ranking, they have more then its product, if lg wasnt lock their bootlader mean they need more tech/or peoples like you and us here to use the phone more, i did mentioned about price range for its product, if you spend ( grind up ) your...
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    Post SM-J327T & SM-J327T1 forgotten by Samsung

    How many time have to repeat that this wasnt samsung fault, its carrier, if you want an unlock bootlooder try get another company phone which is same price, or grind up your price for another samsung device.
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    Post [ROOT GUIDE] SamPWNED32 - Samsung J3 prime SM-J327T/SM-J327T1

    Yep, there is another update, ima ignore it for now, i really need root for this device, even though isnt my daily used and screen cracked. But i alrdy updated to ar1 Edit: i think the only way to root for now is use box, but i dont have the latest box.
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    Post [ROOT GUIDE] SamPWNED32 - Samsung J3 prime SM-J327T/SM-J327T1

    for the main time peoples who have updated their phone, i think we need to wait for the eng r2 system img/fix from dev, right now i'm downloading the latest J327W firmware now, gona try to flash the files after it done.
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    Post Water test? any one did ? how much it bears

    I have fell myself down the fishing shoe ( salt water ) which is standing on slippery rock, phone fell under water deep 4f for 30 sec in my pocket, the screen still function, so i power off, clean with fresh water, let it try on my car with heat on, then turn phone on, the speaker didnt work, it...
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    Post [Update 06/11/17] [UNOFFICIAL] List of modules which work with Nougat Xposed

    NavBar / StatusBar media visualizer [L-M] : work
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    Post [Update 06/11/17] [UNOFFICIAL] List of modules which work with Nougat Xposed

    Force Immersive Mode* bug with some game, touch is offsets.
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    Post [XPOSED] [NOUGAT] [CAN UNSTABLE] Xposed SDK25/24 for all arch

    Congratulations, very stable on honor 8, thank very much :good:
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    Post Init.D tweak ( honor 8 )

    I think you missed my point here. 1: im not fan of these app because i dont like it running in my background ( minimum as much as background process i could ) ( i do like lspeed init.D script, till dev change to an app ) also i do have the paid app named : Boosters Plus batterysaver i think...
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    Thread Init.D tweak ( honor 8 )

    Hello! Here is a few init.d scripts that have download around google and over xda, im not take any credit at all, all the script should go to their own respective owner/creator. Im not a fan of app tweaking, such as lspeed/hebf. I've try some other init.d script, but most of em unstable...
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    Post Help - my honor 8 was block - No access Fastboot Mode or Debugging Mode

    Similar to me, only way is go into bootloader mode, then charge the phone for awhile, you cant do nothing cuz of 0% battery, flash stock recovery, update via dload or direct wifi recovery.
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    Post Please Help with Honor 8 in Cricket wireless !

    Do the speed test, if above 6mbps then youre fine. Im in some area with low signal right now. Edit. Add pic.
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    Post Honor 8 FRD-L04 B385 update?

    Stock wifi tether able to turned on 385 but no conection transmit, after added dun to apn type, it work perfectly fine with fresh installed firmware.
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    Post Frd l14-385

    Yep, firmware finder is approved, downloading now. Edited: need stock recovery, can someone pull the 360 stock recovery here?
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    Thread Request incallui and dialer from lo4 6.0

    Hi, can someonr upload the incall and dialer? Thank you
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    Post [ROM][N910C][6.0.1] Ditto Note 7 ROM v0.1 from Electron Team - 11/17/2016

    As someone mentioned, after ultra battery saving then to medium saving, the phone stuck on zoomed samsung logo, the rest is very stable!.
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    Post RENOVATE NOTE 2.0 | Galaxy Note 7 Port | N930FXXU2BPI7

    Nice rom, sometime freeze few seconds then kick back to lockscreen ( redraw lockscreen )
  25. Q

    Post RENOVATE NOTE 2.0 | Galaxy Note 7 Port | N930FXXU2BPI7

    Is there any way to enable handwrite pad?
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    Post [KERNEL] [SM-G93XF/FD] [3.18.44] [30.10] [4.2] VoLTaqe Kernel

    I think the wifi tethering problem cause by an ip related. After no connection from wifi tethering i try to use the main phone to connect to my home wifi, keep connecting and then failed Obtaining IP address. But after restart it work perfectly and no problem if i dont turn on the wifi tethering.
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    Post [KERNEL] [SM-G93XF/FD] [3.18.44] [30.10] [4.2] VoLTaqe Kernel

    Test on King rom, Jesse rom, and now running RENOVATE rom, without synapse install because i like default kernel setting. Model: g930fd Bootloader: APD1 Thank you!
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    Post [KERNEL] [SM-G93XF/FD] [3.18.44] [30.10] [4.2] VoLTaqe Kernel

    Great kernel but the wifi tethering still stop connection after few minutes.
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    Post [KERNEL][G935F/G930F][Dec 27] Prometheus 2.2.0 | TW 6.0 MM | Aroma | Synapse

    On note port 1.6.2 dont show aod at all. Btw nice kernel.
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    Post [ROM] Project Alice 2.0 [AQG5] [full S8+ Port] [Fast] [Tweaks] [Debloated] [Magisk]

    Nice release but that not officially kernel released from Votage isn't? http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=68779003&postcount=322
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    Post [KERNEL][G935F/G930F][Dec 27] Prometheus 2.2.0 | TW 6.0 MM | Aroma | Synapse

    Try regular on note port on screen display work but no camera mode.
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    Post [ROM] Project Alice 2.0 [AQG5] [full S8+ Port] [Fast] [Tweaks] [Debloated] [Magisk]

    Actually it broke with jesse kernel!. But voltaqe kernel broke wifi tethering.
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    Post [ROM] Project Alice 2.0 [AQG5] [full S8+ Port] [Fast] [Tweaks] [Debloated] [Magisk]

    Nice rom! Seem like we have bluetooth bug, everytime i reboot the phone it keep ask for bluetooth connection again.
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    Post [KERNEL] [SM-G93XF/FD] [3.18.44] [30.10] [4.2] VoLTaqe Kernel

    I know, able to connect for maybe few minutes, then no connaction from other device.
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    Post [KERNEL] [SM-G93XF/FD] [3.18.44] [30.10] [4.2] VoLTaqe Kernel

    Yup, awsome kernel, just broke wifi tethering after idle.
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    Post [KERNEL] [SM-G93XF/FD] [3.18.44] [30.10] [4.2] VoLTaqe Kernel

    Best kernel overall, save tons of battery, just some network freeze problem.
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    Post [4.1+] L Speed main discussion thread

    Oh why an app? This is the end of mod, thanks any way.
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    Post [TWEAK][MOD][arm/x86][PROJECT DARK BOOSTER] ABS Tweaks V5.0 {2.3-6.0}(23-01-2016)

    Even if not copied, atleast fix the folder dir instead leave it default dude. That a shame. Please. Ps i can just do the same and ask your for bla bla permission and renamed to whitebooster dude. Edit; Look at the file 21pdbbal Code; LS=/system/etc/L_SPEED/00L_STUFF/LOGS/Ram_manager.log...
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    Post [TWEAK][MOD][arm/x86][PROJECT DARK BOOSTER] ABS Tweaks V5.0 {2.3-6.0}(23-01-2016)

    Dude! All your init.d script all copy from lspeed even though lspeed is collection of other tweak. But look at each init.d script it said lspeed in it..thats a shame.
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    Post [KERNEL][5.1.1][TW][N910C/H/U]Suemax-kernel-Lite-v1.7.8[FINAL][CUSTOM]

    Try busybox on rails app ( clean up n install option with latest v1.24.1 ) if you have issues with synapse, also i can confirm that xposed v75 from wanam work flawless on erobotrom 5.1.1. Its new year, lets dev have the party up lol.
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    Post [KERNEL][5.1.1][TW][N910C/H/U]Suemax-kernel-Lite-v1.7.8[FINAL][CUSTOM]

    Download stock firmware n forget xda dev web.