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  1. kamikaze1336

    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][11.0][Crystal] LineageOS 18.1 [2021/08/18]

    I don't think Raghu will be updating this Rom anymore since he's already posted his latest project (AOSP extended android 12) so you might as well go ask him there or message him.
  2. kamikaze1336

    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][11.0][Crystal] LineageOS 18.1 [2021/08/18]

    I messaged you with the russina site, that has the roms (Nusantara, Nitrogen and a bunch of others), they're totally safe as I've tried them myself
  3. kamikaze1336

    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][12.0][Crystal] AospExtended [2021/11/12]

    So here's my experience after a couple of hours with your port. I'll start with the bad and then the good stuff. Bad: 1- there are frame drops when opening settings and when opening notification panel 2- When rotating, the animation seems to be too fast so it needs to be tweaked. 3- The haptic...
  4. kamikaze1336

    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][12.0][Crystal] AospExtended [2021/11/12]

    You're among the very first developers to port android 12 so thank you very much for your efforts ,also are there any bugs I should be aware of before installing this rom?
  5. kamikaze1336

    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][11.0][Crystal] LineageOS 18.1 [2021/08/18]

    You need to download the repartition tool that raghu varma provided us with and repartition your phone to 3.5 gb system and 1gb vendor https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/tool-8-1-0-9-0-10-0-nokia-repartition-tool-drg-2020-11-21.4193039/ and the rom installing will work perfectly fine after that.
  6. kamikaze1336

    Post Nokia 7.1 stock rom flasher (Windows and Linux support)

    https://www.techmesto.com/guide-unlock-bootloader-nokia-android-phones/ Follow this link as it has a guide to unlock the bootloader for free, I tried it myself this morning. Note: you will need an OTP to unlock the phone, if you go to the link of OTPs it will tell you "you have reached the...
  7. kamikaze1336

    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][mido] Pixel Experience [AOSP][11.0]

    I can't thank you enough, the probs go where it's due. No bugs found yet, Works perfectly fine.