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    Thread Miui 11 Debloater

    Hi can i request a flashable zip tru twrp that can debloat the unnecessary apps on latest miui. currently im using miui 11 eu android 10 version.. also can i request to include the stock app for phone, contact & message . I would like to use the google phone, contact & message.. thanks in advance.
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    Thread Back Panel Size for DIY Sticker

    Does anyone has a exact dimension of back panel of our phone? I would like to create a DIY sticker for my phone, is there a psd file? or docs file ? any1 would like to share it? thanks in advance. There is a sticker available but it worth a lot of money though its not expensive but I would...
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    Thread MHL support / HDMi out in USB type C port

    Guys does anyone tried to connect the phone to any smart tv using mhl to hdmi cable? does it work? does this a hardware issue? software? if software does this can be solved by future update or by custom rom? thanks
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    Thread Xiaomi EU Global Beta Flashing Problem [Can't Pass Google Sign-in]Don't copy data

    Hi Guys, Need help on this, Scenario: Wipe data, calvik, cache, internal storage, and format data flash the EU rom ( 9.3.7) after flashing zip file, wipe calvik cache Phone rebooted, connect to wifi, unclock the phone in miui account, and in dont copy data, it won't pass through, i dont know...
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    Thread Xiaomi Mi Max 2 internal audio recording

    Hi anybody know how to record internal audio? thanks