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    Post Android 10 for MI A2 has arrived :)

    I'm tempted :laugh: :laugh::laugh:
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    Post Android 10 for MI A2 has arrived :)

    Can anybody confirm this? I hate having lost lock/unlock sounds...:D
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    Post Unable to create APN with "dun" type

    I had the same problem with Ho.mobile, solved with this guide: https://talk.sonymobile.com/t5/Xperia-Z5-Z5-Compact-Z5-Premium/Hotspot-not-working-after-update-to-Android-7-0-Xperia-Z5/td-p/1208290#gref Basically you need to open a shell via ADB on the phone (a PC is required...) and give this...
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    Post Top 5 Xiaomi Mi A1 Back Cover, Cases, and Tempered Glasses

    Yes! After lots of trial & error, this is the first that has adhesive on all the surface, and looks great: there is no rainbow effect and when the display is off it looks black and not gray. Thank for sharing :good::good::good:
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    Post Miui. please respond to the developers

    Here we go, again!
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    Post [TOOL] Google Camera without root/magisk (Enable Camera2Api, EIS)

    The two methods are almost identical, the main difference being that Aridane created a tool to automate the process. From a technical point of view, Aridane sets the required properties while the phone is temporary booted in TWRP, while flex sets the properties while the phone is temporary...
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    Post [GUIDE] How to enable Camera2 API persistently and keep bootloader locked

    I installed it to handle the root authorization dialog, I'm not sure it's really necessary. AW it doesn't do any harm, it's just an apk :)
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    Post [GUIDE] How to enable Camera2 API persistently and keep bootloader locked

    Yes, you are right! I just enabled HAL3 & EIS by unlocking the bootloader, booting from patched_boot.img with Magisk Manager installed, setting the persistent properties and relocking the bootloader. Great work!
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    Post [GUIDE] How to enable Camera2 API persistently and keep bootloader locked

    Could this method be used also for enabling EIS? TIA
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    Post January 1, 2018 security update has been released, build OPR1.170623.

    Same here, no tricks, just received regular OTA a few minutes ago.
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    Post [APP] [8.0+] Fingerprint Scroll (auto scroll by fingerprint gestures) *PROMO CODES*

    Nice idea, can I have a code too, please? TIA
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    Post Turn A1 into Mi 5X or not?

    Not going to work... You could brick the device..
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    Post [APP][8.0+]Fingerprint Action Pro – Use Fingerprint Gestures to control your device

    Same here: works great on Mi A1 Oreo Stable, and I would appreciate very much those new actions... Another one: would it be possible to add support for Single and Double Tap? I would love the ability to send a Home action on a double tap... Great app! ---------- Post added at 09:51 AM...
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    Post MiUi for a1?

    I guess it has been said an uncountable number of times: A1 and Mi 5x ARE NOT IDENTICAL in terms of hardware. Have a look at this https://www.gsmarena.com/compare.php3?idPhone1=8776&idPhone2=8776#global,mi-5x,* (Hint, pay particular attention at 4G Network bands...)
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    Post Pouch cases which will fit the nexus 5?

    Hi, I recently fitted an Ultraslim Sena case for the HTC One to my Nexus 5. I shaped a piece of balsa wood to resemble the shape of the Nexus, split it in two pieces and then used a pencil to stretch the leather of the case. To achieve a better result, I also soaked the case with water. After...
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    Post Nillkin LG Nexus 5 Anti-Explosion Tempered Glass Screen Protector

    I applied my Nillkin with the hinge method and got two spiderweb lines across the screen, which wouldn't go away. After 6/8 days from the installation I was able to remove the webs by pressing hard on them with my fingers for 30-60 secs! I'm really happy of this screen protector!:good:
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    Post Pouch cases which will fit the nexus 5?

    It is quite slim, actually it is even slimmer than Sena Ultraslim. As for the overall quality and experience, Sena cases are in a different category. Let's say that it is a good temporary case while I wait for Sena to release their Ultraslim for the Nexus 5 :) Inviato dal mio iPad con Tapatalk HD
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    Post Pouch cases which will fit the nexus 5?

    Yes, nearly zero-bulk. Today the sleeve has gotten a bit loose and it's now easy to insert and extract the phone. Here you'll find a couple of photos.. Inviato dal mio iPad con Tapatalk HD
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    Post Pouch cases which will fit the nexus 5?

    I just received this sleeve. It is very tight, but I hope it will get more loose with time. The height of the sleeve is a perfect match for the Nexus 5. The leather is fine, perhaps a little too thin. Overall quality is good for the price. Inviato dal mio iPad con Tapatalk HD
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    Post (observation thread) 4.2.2 discussion

    This must be related to Google enforcing RSA authentication with ADB: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2144709
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    Post [Resolved] ADB No Longer Working on Android 4.2.2? - Update your ADB!

    I also had this problem. Then I deleted some spare copy of adb.exe and its dlls that where installed under \windows\ by some "do-it-all" tool and updated the adb tools with SDK-Manager. After connecting to the PC, my GNexus asked for confirmation before allowing USB debugging and since then...
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    Post Galaxy nexus Yakju users waiting OTA waiting room

    I downloaded the 4.1.2 factory images for both takju and yakju and searched for diffs. Turns out the factory images differ only in system.img and recovery.img. Since I am rooted and have CWM, I ignored recovery.img and concentrated on system.imgs. I extracted the contents of both system images...
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    Post [LINK] Official OTA file for Android 4.2 for GSM Galaxy Nexus

    If you have a rooted 4.1.2 stock yakju and don't want to flash a stock system image (in order not to loose root and have to re-root), you can easily change yakju to takju: the only changes from takju to yakju are these files: /system/build.prop /system/app/Videos.apk /system/app/Wallet.apk...
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    Post [ROM] CyanogenMod 10 Nightly Builds for Nook Color

    Thanks for all this great work! Do you plan to re-enable overclock at some time? I guess that also zram could introduce its share of kernel bugs... :p
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    Post Nillkin (Synthetic) Leather smart case

    Ach! To me this is a show stopper. Too bad, I was hoping to have found the right case foe me :(
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    Post Nillkin (Synthetic) Leather smart case

    WOW! Tracking from China! I'm impressed :laugh: (In Italy we are left alone, waiting in the dark till the postman - eventually - rings...;))
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    Post Nexus 7 and S3. NFC and tethering using Tasker.

    There's an app for that: NFC Hotspot on Google Play ;)
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    Post Nillkin (Synthetic) Leather smart case

    I've updated the title with this info, waiting for some in depth review.
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    Post Nillkin (Synthetic) Leather smart case

    Sigh! They don't ship to Italy...:crying: Thanks anyway... @Troute: I also noticed the similarities with the Poetic portfolio case (see post #3), but they are definitely not the same case.
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    Post Nillkin (Synthetic) Leather smart case

    I still don't understand: if you are referring to this case (I ordered one of these myself from SunSky for 6$ and am waiting for it...) http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1840085 the one I found is rather different (e.g. it doesn't close with an overlapping flap...) and, IMO...
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    Post Nillkin (Synthetic) Leather smart case

    ??? I've read/searched most of the threads in this section and never saw this case before. This is not the TPU Nillkin case, is much more similar to the Poetic Portfolio...
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    Thread Nillkin (Synthetic) Leather smart case

    Hi, I've stumbled on this http://www.nillkin.com/En/NewsView.asp?ID=1820 and it looks interesting... I found it on AliExpress http://www.aliexpress.com/item/MTK6575-3G-Phone-B79M-Android-Smart-phone-4-3-inch-capacitive-multi-touch-Screen-new-MTK6575/493024469.html but they are sold in...
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    Post [ROM][NC] Unofficial CM9 Nightly builds - with/without OpenGL

    FN works fine on my Nook with the latest nightly. It takes ages to launch but runs fine after.
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    Post [ROM][NC] Unofficial CM9 Nightly builds - with/without OpenGL

    Thanks! I also had frequent lockups and reboots but after installing apex, my Nook seems much more stable. Edit: this was with a clean install in internal flash, didn't restore backup from google nor TB. I had a lot of freeze and reboot with my first try's then I let it rest while completing...
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    Post [ROM] UnOfficial CyanogenMod10 Nightlies

    That should be the Frame Buffer, AFAIK....
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    Post [DEV] CM11 Work-In-Progress

    Will this eventually lead to a CM9.1 release? (OC I'm not asking an ETA :) )
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    Post [ROM] UnOfficial CyanogenMod10 Nightlies

    Sorry for the dumb question, I have tried with search but wasn't able to find anything: does this work as is on a Telus DHD or it needs some add-on for sound? TIA /met
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    Post Fixing shelving for books on SD Cards.

    I can confirm this. As long as you send the book to your device (I use a folder on Dropbox :) ), Calibre updates the epub's metadata. Alse note that Calibre holds its information in a SQLite 'metadata.db' file in the root of the library folder and in a '.metadata.calibre' file in the device...
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    Post Nook Touch With Glow back removal.

    Errr.... No! http://www.techrepublic.com/photos/cracking-open-the-2011-barnes-noble-nook-e-book-reader-wi-fi/6243892
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    Post Flash Player?

    In the original post on Flash, it says that it doesn't work on opera...
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    Post NoRefresh enabler

    Look Ma, I'm on Engadget! :) http://www.engadget.com/2012/02/23/hack-enables-fast-refresh-mode-on-nook-simple-touch-video/#continued (Sorry, couldn't resist)
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    Post [Solved] On the problem of broken bookmarks

    That zip would be the update zip, inside which you should put the modified updater script and the sqlite executable... There are no DBs inside the update zip.
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    Post [Solved] On the problem of broken bookmarks

    There are no DBs in the update zip (actually there is nothing there that belongs to /data partition...) so it is not possible. You could add the sqlite3 binary and modify the updater-script to add the triggers, but I believe that the NST check the zip signature before updating, so it still...
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    Post [Solved] On the problem of broken bookmarks

    No, don't worry, they are recreated only if you delete them :)
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    Post [Solved] On the problem of broken bookmarks

    I don't think so, the SQLite DBs are not included in the firmware and are created by B&N software when needed (at least this is what it looks like: if you delete the DBs and reboot, most of them are immediatly recreated on next boot, but not all of them). So I think you need root for this.
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    Post [Solved] On the problem of broken bookmarks

    I have added step by step instruction on OP, you will still need to mess with command lines, though.
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    Post [Solved] On the problem of broken bookmarks

    I'll try to put together something, but you will need ADB access and some basic command line skills...
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    Post [Solved] On the problem of broken bookmarks

    Android apps are launched through Intents, so you won't find any command line :) See this thread for info on launching the Reader app: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1379037
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    Post [Solved] On the problem of broken bookmarks

    I have been using this fix on my NST and on my wife's and I had no more problems with bookmarks and annotations. Have anyone tried this with books from B&N?