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  1. snow


    INFO: In this topic I will share with you my DorimanX personal builds. This is compatibile JB/KK, not LP (yet)!!! I will support only KK versions, because I'm using KK. JB should work but I cannot maintain 4.3/4.2 If you have problems or if anything goes wrong, you can flash latest build (v008)...
  2. snow

    Thread [Q] Can I flash efs backup with ODIN?

    Hi people! My phone is bricked and I found a backup of my efs (efs.rfs), but I can't flash because I only get crash in ODIN. What can I do? What's wrong with ODIN? Best Regards, Cristian Silaghi
  3. snow

    Thread [ H E L P ] EFS folder and files needed!!! Phone bricked!!!

    Hi! Anyone can upload EFS folder (:\efs) ? You can attach as zip file. Doesn't matter, it's important to be there all files. :( I bricked my phone and I want to unbrick. :) Please, anyone who is experimented, please help me! :( Best Regards, Cristian Silaghi
  4. snow

    Thread [MOD] Improve your battery life tenfold (modded version for SGM) v2.7.1 [03/12/13]

    Improve your battery life tenfold by Hero Original thread can be found here _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ *** Use at your own risk, may conflict with some ROMs or mods (like Adrenaline Engine) *** This mod was created specially to achieve a good-battery life, by...
  5. snow

    Thread Battery drains very fast (~6-7 hours)

    Hi! I have a Galaxy Mini and every time when I flash a new ROM my battery drains very quickly. First cycle of the battery it's ok, can resist at most 1.5 - 2.5 days, but after first cycle of the battery, my battery run wild, even if I calibrate with Battery Calibration or I charge many times...
  6. snow

    Thread [REQUEST] Red Bull X-Fighters - accelerometer version

    Hi! I want the game called "Red Bull X-Fighters" with accelerometer support. What I found on the internet it's not with accelerometer support. I had this game and I don't know where to get again this. :) Can you help me, please? Someone can upload/attach the game? Thanks in advance, guys! ;)