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  1. BritSwedeGuy

    Thread Question Debloating

    I don't want to unlock the bootloader but I would like to get rid of some of the bloat - what would you get rid of and how would you do it (e.g. adb pm uninstall) Thanks.
  2. BritSwedeGuy

    Thread Very high radiation levels

    Xiaomi’s Mi Ai is highest with 1.73 (value in watts per KG) closely followed by OnePlus 5T at 1.63. The old Mi Max 3 holds number three spot with 1.58 and the OnePlus 6T comes at fourth position surprisingly at 1.55. The German certification for environmental friendliness only permits phones...
  3. BritSwedeGuy

    Thread Signal messages being sent from wrong SIM

    I have a UK SIM in slot 1, a Portuguese SIM in slot 2, and SIM 1 as the default for everything. Yet when I send a message via Signal to a non-Signal user it is sometimes sent using SIM 2 - has anyone else experienced this? I'm wondering if it's a bug in OxygenOS or a bug/feature in Signal. I am...
  4. BritSwedeGuy

    Thread 8.1 OTA reset my tablet

    This morning I received the Android 8.1 OTA, it took over an hour to process and when it had finished my tablet had been wiped. Not happy!
  5. BritSwedeGuy

    Thread Daydream compatible?

    I understand that the other HTC U11 variants aren't Daydream compatible - will the Plus be? a) does it meet the requirements and b) do HTC want it to?
  6. BritSwedeGuy

    Thread "Foreign ZTE workers banned from UK"

    http://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/03/09/exclusive_home_office_freezes_zte/ The UK has suspended ZTE from the immigration scheme used by foreign companies to allow foreign nationals to work locally, The Register can exclusively reveal. The Home Office has suspended the Tier 2 visa sponsor...
  7. BritSwedeGuy

    Thread Test Android 7 on the Axon 7

    USA only - of course! :rolleyes: http://phandroid.com/2016/12/09/zte-axon-7-us-nougat-beta/
  8. BritSwedeGuy

    Thread Daydream View now or ZTE VR headset whenever?

    Nougat is supposedly arriving on the Axon 7 sometime in January 2017 - will the promised ZTE VR headset emerge at the same time? How will it compare cost/performance wise with the Google headset which is available right now? https://www.reddit.com/r/Axon7/comments/55uq2q/daydream_for_axon_7/
  9. BritSwedeGuy

    Thread "NOT Daydream ready" (!)

    So, neither the Axon 7 or the ZTE VR headset are actually Daydream ready, which is not what I was led to believe! https://community.zteusa.com/thread/1544 You are correct. The ZTE VR headset is not Daydream ready. At launch of Daydream, only the Google headset will be Daydream ready. We...
  10. BritSwedeGuy

    Thread Alarm not waking powered off phone

    Until recently an alarm set in the ZTE Clock app would cause the phone to power up a couple of minutes before the alarm's due time, and then the alarm would sound. A couple of times it didn't work and recently it hardly ever seems to work. Are others experiencing this problem? If you want it...
  11. BritSwedeGuy

    Thread Unlocked bootloader delay, wifi reception and Nougat

    My Pixel C is due to be delivered in the next couple of hours and I have a few questions for you seasoned owners: Is it worth unlocking the bootloader given the 30 second delay and any problems this might cause getting Nougat? Just how bad is wifi for you now? (This could be a major issue for me...
  12. BritSwedeGuy

    Thread Battery level incorrect, calibration not fixing it

    When the battery reaches an indicated 50%, the tablet shuts down. Charging then shows 0%, which I think is correct. I've followed the standard calibration techniques a few times (wipe stats, discharge, recharge) twice and get the same result. Is there a better approach or do I just have to learn...
  13. BritSwedeGuy

    Thread European launch

    ZTE UK have mistimed the launch, the Amazon pro-order listing that went up yesterday was the official one even though the countdown only ended today - so there's a one month wait plus 2-3 weeks for delivery! And it's still not listed on ZTE UK's website. The Quartz Grey should be launched...
  14. BritSwedeGuy

    Thread Virtually no SMS or calls when wifi connected

    Since yesterday morning I receive very few SMSs or calls when wifi is connected. I installed 4.4.4 a few days before that so I doubt it's that (although I supposed it's possible) I've reflashed the radio, reflashed 4.4.4 in its entirety, flashed CM11 - all with the same result - when wifi's...
  15. BritSwedeGuy

    Thread [Q] UK English with CM10

    There's a whole host of languages available for the physical keyboard but bafflingly no UK English - is there a work around?
  16. BritSwedeGuy

    Thread [Q] Won't turn on, no LED when charging

    I've taken the battery out, pressed all the relevant keys but no LED when plugged in makes me think I've got an fatal problem here :crying: It doesn't feel warm when plugged in. This does not bode well. The last thing I did what to put it into airplane mode overnight - it was at around 97% then.
  17. BritSwedeGuy

    Thread 4.0.4 is out

    http://www.theverge.com/2012/3/30/2913323/asus-transformer-prime-update-missing-face-unlock Apologies, too quick to click! This is still 4.0.3 - well, at least it's something...
  18. BritSwedeGuy

    Thread The first official nightly is here!

    http://get.cm/?device=tf201 The download finally works - but is the first official CM9 nightly any good? Read on... EDIT: the second nightly is a big improvement...
  19. BritSwedeGuy

    Thread [Q] Custom recovery

    This is the 6th device I've "customised" but none of them has been as difficult as this. It's certainly put me off ever buying an HTC device. Here is its status: UNLOCKED SAGA PVT SHIP S-ON RL HBOOT - 2.00.0002 RADIO - 3822.10.08.04_M eMMC-boot I have permroot from adp (it doesn't go straight to...
  20. BritSwedeGuy

    Thread [Q] Gmail 'static'

    A few times I've had a blank right-hand pane but a couple of times the entire screen has turned to a mass of coloured lines, like an untuned TV - worrying! Pressing home would return it to normal. Anyone else?
  21. BritSwedeGuy

    Thread [Q] Calendar visibility

    Under settings are which calendars to sync but nowhere is the screen that I've read about to select which calendars are visible. I can see my girlfriend's calendar but not mine meaning I cannot add any events. Trying to add an account gives an error saying to make it visible - but where?!
  22. BritSwedeGuy

    Thread Problem with SwiftKey Tablet X

    I have the UK tablet and dock. When SwiftKey Tablet X is selected the dock keyboard is mapped as US not UK, meaning I have to either live with it and sometimes press the wrong keys or switch input methods every time I dock or undock. EDIT: Apparently Google will have to get involved to fix...
  23. BritSwedeGuy

    Thread [Q] ext4 to ext3 [SOLVED]

    I want to convert from ext4 to ext3 so that I can try out the Flair ROM. I currently have the latest CM7 kang installed. If I run "mount|grep ext4" in the terminal app it shows system data and cache as ext4 - /dev/block/mmcblk0p1, 8 and 2 respectively. I've tried various things including a...
  24. BritSwedeGuy

    Thread First pictures of Ice-Cream Sandwich

    Maybe slightly off-topic but I don't know where else to put it.... http://rootzwiki.com/content.php?r=221-Ice-Cream-Sandwich-Pics-RootzWiki-Exclusive More: http://www.androidpolice.com/2011/08/11/exclusive-leak-first-android-ice-cream-sandwich-screenshots-plus-more-ics-details/ Builld IRK36B...
  25. BritSwedeGuy

    Thread [Q] Music 3

    I have Music from the Market and Music 3.0 installed, would I be causing problems if I removed the older version? Presumably I'd have to do this via adb after mounting /system... I'm running CM nightlies.
  26. BritSwedeGuy

    Thread Review in The Register

    http://www.reghardware.com/2011/04/13/review_lg_optimus_2x_android_smartphone/ "It’s at most only a little quicker than, say, the HTC Desire S or the Samsung Galaxy S" - you might want to add a comment putting them straight :cool:
  27. BritSwedeGuy

    Thread MD5 and moving downloads

    I've noticed a couple of oddities: 1) Astro's MD5s suppress the leading zero 2) Moving files from downloads to the external SD card results in an error - copying and then deleting is okay though (using Astro - I haven't tested using other tools) Anybody else noticed these?
  28. BritSwedeGuy

    Thread Fancy Widget

    Like a lot of people I found the LG widget garish and wanted something that looked nicer and had more functionality. "Fancy Widget" (a rip-off of HTC's widget) used to be perfect for me until that functionality was moved to the paid version - attached is the version before that happened ;)...
  29. BritSwedeGuy

    Thread [Q] US Atrix 4G in the UK

    The Atrix is coming to the UK in May at £475 ($775) Would the US model be usable in the UK? I've looked in other threads and cannot find a definitive answer.
  30. BritSwedeGuy

    Thread [Q] a2sd seems to have screwed my phone

    I've been using a number of ROMs without any major problems but DT's apps2sd has lead to my phone being stuck in a bootloop (it could well be my fault, I'm not blaming anyone!) Here's the history: a2sd wasn't found after going into adb shell when in recovery :confused: a2sd could be found from...
  31. BritSwedeGuy

    Thread Gingerbread ROMs not playing nicely with Dark Tremors apps2sd?

    SOLVED. Used another SD card that wasn't partitioned and everything works fine. MM Gingerbread and PhoenRom both cause me to not be able to install/update/restore apps due to insufficient storage even though there is plenty of space. If I go back to CyanogenMod everything works fine. My SD card...
  32. BritSwedeGuy

    Thread [Q] MM Gingerbread "Insufficient storage" - even though there is plenty.

    SOLVED - Moved to Q&A section: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=896514 I had this problem with an earlier version, have gone back to CM where it was fine and now, when trying v.16 (after a FULL WIPE), have the exact same problem. Settings show I have plenty of storage but when I...