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    Post No enhanced LTE mode on Moto G5Splus

    There is no option for volte and i did try *#*#4636#*#* there volte was toggled on , my phone is from UAE is it the reason i am not getting volte , I am new to this so if you have time please give me instructions to flash the stock rom Build version is NPSS26.116-26-8
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    Thread No enhanced LTE mode on Moto G5Splus

    Hey guys i just got a Moto G5s+ and i cant find an enhaced LTE mode on the device and Volte /HD is not shown and i am unable to call using a Reliance Jio Sim . I have tried both slots and multiple factory resets and Network Resets . I havent even rooted the device i Hope you guys can help me .
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    Post [Q&A] [ROM] [OFFICIAL] [JB 4.2.1] Hisense HS-U980 [MT6589]

    help i have the stock rom installed and not rooted my u980 but my sim is not being detected at some times and i thought flashing a rom would help but i dont know a thing about it if someone can explain this stuff it would be a great help