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    Thread Stuck in Fastboot Mode after flashing stock ROM

    Hey, I got a real problem with my OP8 Pro. I was running Android 11 Beta on my OP8 Pro, with an unlocked bootloader. For some reason, I would liked to go back to stable Android version. So, I download this ROM...
  2. J

    Post [LIVE][USB][T100] Asus T100-TA Magic Stick

    Thanks for your topic! I just install Android using the Magic Stick 1.5 on my Asus T100. Installation works fine but I have an issue. After installation, I tried to reboot and run Android X86. But after text message "Android found at....", screen freeze with the Android logo screen (I think...
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    Post What Hardware Do You Run Remix on?

    Config : ASUS T100TA Intel® Atom™ Processor Z3775 Intel® HD Graphics Works in guest mode from USB. Not after HDD installation (booting stop on logo "remixOS" lightning). Searching for a solution.
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    Post How to install Remix OS in VirtualBox (or to harddisk)

    Yes ! I used "remisox-installation-tool" and start Remix OS beta from USB stick and it works. I don't understand why it works from USB and not from HDD.... I ve just tried to boot in debug mode and after waiting few minutes I have a prompt. Maybe I could try anything with?
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    Post How to install Remix OS in VirtualBox (or to harddisk)

    Thanks for this how to! I just install RemixOS using your method. Installation is Ok, but when I choose "Run Android-x86" at the end of installation my ASUS T100TA reboot, I have "Remix OS" screen but nothing more happen (I have waiting for 2 or 3 hours). I have tries to reboot, same thing. If...