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    Thread Is possible to create a clean Bootlogo after unlock BL for Snapdragon?

    Can someone create a clean Bootlogo after unlock BL for Snapdragon S20+ 5G? Is possible for the Exynos but I don't know is ok for the Snap version, someone tested it? thanks
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    Thread Help - Locked phone by another google account

    Someone knows how to resume a phone from a locked google account, not my account. Tried to reflash the firmware from Odin, but nothing, on setup screen the phone asked me for another account
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    Thread Knox restore

    hI to all, is there any way to restore Knox after the Bootloader unlock relock?
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    Thread Change Firmware Asia to EU

    Hi to all I bought an S20+5G asia (snapdragon), is possible to install the firmware S20+5G eu (exynos)? Thanks
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    Thread Safe debloat with XiaomiADBFastbootTools

    For a better battery life, it's a useful Java app for Uninstall/Reinstall, Deactivate/Activate apps and services for every Miui Rom, tested on Miui 12. Without root works only Debug Usb via Developer options and Fastboot. For Mac, Linux and Windows Modules: App Manager -...
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    Thread Problems installing EU rom

    Hi everyone, on MI 10 EEA, global, after the BL unlocked I can't install EU rom. Installed 2 Twrp's, formatted data, installed the EU rom and rebooted, the phone is stuck on the 5G logo. Same thing with the factory reset. Someone has installed successfully the EU rom?
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    Thread MIUI 11 EU 9.9.26 & Android Auto, hate or love?

    updated to Miui 11 EU and also MI GLOBE but android auto does'nt function. Someone has the same problem?
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    Thread MI 9T soft bricked, how to go back to Global Stable

    After install to EU dev. 9.7.18 NO recovery more and no access to the System, only bootloop, just Soft bricked my phone. So I decided to install into fastboot mode the global stable 10.3.6 tgz and modified the anti rollback error. here the rom https://mifirm.net/model/davinci.ttt#fb-mif here...
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    Thread MI 9 fastboot problem

    Hi everyone, I'm having some problems with fastboot mode, 2 computers don't recognize my MI9 in fastboot mode. I tried to install and reinstall adb & fastboot drivers but nothing, I cannot unlock the bootloader. Someone has a solution? Thanks in advance
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    Thread Poosibility to revert stock Global Rom from EU Rom on Mi Mix 3 GLOBAL Version

    Hi everyone, I have a Mix 3 Global, unlocked with custom TWRP, rooted and happy with EU rom, but I unsuccessfully tried to revert to Global stock rom .zip from TWRP with error Someone has a solution? Thanks in advance
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    Thread Sim Cards loops On /Off when 4G LTE option is On

    Hello everyone, I bought 2 months ago a Mi Mix2 and I’m very happy with it but since 2 days ago my 2 sim cards goes loop on 4G/lte option, either switches on and off without any connection (mobile data and WIFI). Now the phone works good only in 3G data I’m an expert user and I have tried many...