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    Post [ROM][11.0][davinci] Aicp Os [AOSP]

    hello guys i love aicp rom but now i cant add the card to google pay am i alone or is it a rom bug?
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    I really like the codeworks TWRP to install the other ROM Pie
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    I have the original last TWRP without problems install AICP 14 Pie but ine ROM like nitrogen, lineage, AOSiP Pie will not install when trying to install fails right away at the beginning can you tell me somebody where can be a problem? I also downloaded the firmware before installing anything
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    I have the last TWRP with the official TWRP application there would not be a problem but as a letter other than AICP 14 I can not install any ROM android 9 ani AOSiP nor OMNI nor Lineage
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    pardon really not but yes it does TWRP and can not install except AICP 14 none iny rom android 9
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    hi can not you tell me why I do not know any ROM android 9 installed via TWRP except AICP14? When I try to install, I will always notify you of the problem with the zip installation. I would have liked to install AOSiP n without installing it with me
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    Post AOSP EXTENDED 4.6 for LEX722 compiled from source

    please help me if the rom works ok but does anyone have a problem like myself from the application contacts can not call phone contacts with sim cards? justify my english google translator