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  1. rahuliyer95

    Thread [APP][2.3.3+][v1.1] SvS - Share via SMS

    Welcome, XDA Developers! AVR Apps brings to you: What is it? SvS - Share via SMS is an application that makes contact sharing smart, easy and fun! Share your contacts easily via SMS using SvS - Share via SMS. Features Share contacts using Messaging, Hangouts or any other SMS-enabled...
  2. rahuliyer95

    Thread [Q] Cannot connect to camera

    Hi, I used flashlight for about 10 mins and after i stopped it I am unable to start the flashlight or the camera app. I tried rebooting, clearing cache, dalvik cache, data but still its not working. Please help, Thanks
  3. rahuliyer95

    Thread [APP][4+][v2.1] Chorus - Share your music freely

    Welcome, XDA Developers! AVR Apps brings to you: What does Chorus do ? Chorus syncs your music across your Android and iOS devices using your WiFi connection or by creating a mobile hotspot. Chorus converts your smartphone into a pocket music stereo system! Eliminate music docks, pods...
  4. rahuliyer95


    My First Ever Application Developed. So please support if it is worth AiO•TooLBoX Features :- Bootloader Unlock Supports HTC & Sony Devices. Unlocks your Bootloader At a Click. Root/Unroot your device. Flashes a Custom Recovery/Kernel. Multiple Device Support. How to Use :- Download...
  5. rahuliyer95

    Thread [Q][MINI] Phone Malfunctioning

    I have a Xperia Mini with FXP-119-GingerBread Installed and I have FXP Kernel. Recently I found that my phone starts malfunctioning. When I open any application it automatically gets closed. Both the back and menu button commands are being operated continuously. When I removed the battery I...
  6. rahuliyer95

    Thread [Q] BootManager Support

    I want to use both ICS and Gingerbread.. I tried the BootManager app, but it says that the device is not supported and it shows me a screen for manual settings. If someone has used it then please tell the proper way to manually configure it. PLEASE HELP THANKS IN ADVANCE
  7. rahuliyer95

    Thread [Q] BootManager Support?

    Does Xperia Mini Support Boot Manager? If Yes.. Then how do i configure it? Please Help!! Thanks
  8. rahuliyer95

    Thread Flashing Roms From PC

    Hi I wanted to know how how can I flash roms from pc using adb or fastboot. Please Help Thanks in Advance
  9. rahuliyer95

    Thread [GUIDE] Reverse Tethering Wildfire --> Internet Pass Through

    My First Guide. Hope it Helps.. HOW TO REVERSE TETHER YOUR PHONE / INTERNET PASS THROUGH Reverse Tethering / Internet Pass through is the method in which you can make your android phone use the internet connection of your computer without a WIFI and by using a usb cable. It is helpful for...
  10. rahuliyer95

    Thread [Q] Battery Problem

    Any way to increase my battery life... My Drains out very fast... Please Help
  11. rahuliyer95

    Thread [Q] Is it safe to S-ON again

    Is it safe to S-ON after S-OFF with AlphaRev X Beta for warantty purposes?
  12. rahuliyer95

    Thread [Q] Wildfire Not Supporting GDE Themes

    My HTC Wildfire Supports GDE But Not Allows me to install its themes from market. please Help!! Regards
  13. rahuliyer95

    Thread [Q] Flashing Roms with Update.zip

    I have got a rom's Update.zip. Can I use to install the rom from the recovery scene. HTC WILDFIRE BUZZ S-ON HBOOT 1.01 Regards
  14. rahuliyer95

    Thread [Q] HTC Wildfire - Downgrade Error

    I followed guide from http ://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=768256 this link and I got stuck when it started to check wether it is rooted. PLEASE HELP!!! HTC WIDLFIRE BUZZ S-ON HBOOT 1.01 ANDROID 2.2.1 Regards
  15. rahuliyer95

    Thread [Q] Downgrading the HBooT 1.01 to any version

    I was searching the net for method to downgrade the HBoot version to root the device and I found this link http : / / htcpedia.com/forum/htc-desire/2934-%5Bhow-%5D-downgrade-hboot.html. Can anyone tell if it actually works please. REGARDS
  16. rahuliyer95

    Thread [Q] Rooting Error in Wildfire

    Hi I am trying to root my wildfire. I am getting an error saying.. "Waiting for root"... after 5-10 mins it say "Unable to get root please restart" I have tried this a lot of times but still it is not working. Please Help REGARDS